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Make the first bid

Sellers refrain from making the first bid in a negotiation fearing they stand to lose on a potentially higher quote that the buyer would have offered, had he not gone first.

The problem is, the buyer is thinking on the same lines.

But this is hardly ever true because a prudent businessperson will normally have a reasonable understanding of value.

In fact, research suggests that a seller is likely to come out with a higher price if he goes first rather than the buyer. Why? Because the buyer will set a low anchor.

What’s an anchor? Well, an anchor is the first number that’s coined in a negotiation. An anchor is a starting point for the negotiation, and it can greatly influence the remainder of the negotiation.

If you’re a seller, make the first bid and set a high anchor. If you’re a buyer, make the first bid and set a low anchor. 

Use and Customize the App Dock

The easiest way to open an application on your watch, or a commonly used application, in any case, is by using the base, which came with the watchOS 3 updates. This quick-start application selector is accessed by pressing the button side. Not the Digital Crown dial, but the button next to it.

Any application can live in the dock, regardless of whether it is pre-installed or created by a third party. The apps you put there are constantly being updated, so you can see a live preview when you swipe from side to side on the dock. Tapping an app from its live preview will launch it instantly (or almost instantly).


This is going to sound like the worst possible thing you could do for yourself, but trust me, it works. You need to get out of bed and move around. Engaging in some moderate exercise can be extremely helpful when you're dealing with period cramps. I have definitely noticed a difference in my own cramps since I incorporated exercise into my daily routine. Aside from helping your body feel better, exercise also gives your mind something else to focus on for a while. Exercise

Exit the Rhythm

Stress and anxiety make their way into our lives when we are not feeling happy about each passing day. You might hate your job, have a health problem, or a regret that might be stressing you from time to time. 

Irritating routine activities such as waiting in traffic and delayed processing of a payment can trigger anxiety and make what’s going on inside you even worse. 

The best way to get rid of anxiety is to break the rhythm of life that could be responsible for anxiety. If you cannot break the rhythm and change everything, exit it for a while. If you feel stressed and have anxiety because your partner is abusive, you don’t like your job or you are bored, get away from the situation for a few days. 

It will help you calm your mind, think better, and relax. If the cause of anxiety is a serious one, think of ways to get rid of the cause of anxiety. If you feel you need mental therapy, arrange at least one session with a therapist. 

Exit the Rhythm

Build an outline

Okay, so you've got an idea. Writing a book is still an incredibly daunting task, but there is a way to make it easier to manage. All you have to do is break it into manageable chunks. Creating an outline for your story can help you find your way through the story. You can structure this outline in many ways. You can base it off of your characters, key events or the 3-step exposition, climax, resolution. Choose whatever works for you and get to building your story.

Clean Everything that Comes in Contact with the Skin

If you have blackheads, it’s because your face is getting dirty and the dirt is clogging your skin's pores. It could be getting dirty because of the items that come in contact with the skin, such as your pillow sheets, face mask, hands, and towel.

Keep your hands clean and avoid touching your face. Wash the sheets and pillow covers regularly and if you wear a face mask, change it every day. 

Clean Everything that Comes in Contact with the Skin

Enough Storage

Couples who don’t invite many guests at their house can go for fewer cabinets and more windows or empty walls in kitchen. But if you are a family of five, you need a lot of storage space-cabinets and drawers. You need a lot of space for your silverware, crockery, cutlery, and tons of food.

People who like to hoard beautiful crockery should go for additional glass door cabinets to showcase the marvelous dinner sets. But those who like to conceal the messy and unorganized cabinets usually go for wooden door cabinets.

Ideally, you should have a mix and match of the glass door and wooden door cabinets to showcase beautiful crockery nicely arranged on shelves and hide the unorganized spices in the wooden door cabinets.

Play Tug of War

A word of caution: if you haven’t trained your dog or he hasn’t himself learned the basic bite inhibition; he’s probably going to have a hard time sticking to the rules of the game. So make sure you teach your puppy to not bite before you go grab yourself a tug toy.

Tug is an excellent game to exercise your dog indoors. It provides physical as well as mental stimulation for your dog, it’s fun, and it's easy! If you don’t happen to have invested in a store-bought tug toy, you can always DIY a tug toy. Use an old T-shirt or a rope that’s lying around your house.

Happy Tugging!

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