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Try one healthy recipe every week

Deciding what to prepare for dinner, lunch or breakfast can be really frustrating and overwhelming, especially if you have children. This is why many people use the same recipes over and over again and do not get out of their cooking bubble. This way, you will end up eating the same food for as long as you are alive.

Whether for dinner or lunch, try at least one healthy recipe per week. This will improve your nutrient intake and will change your diet a bit. Try one healthy recipe every week

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin wax is great for lubrication and can be easily found at a hardware store. Melt the wax in a microwave-safe bowl in your microwave.

To effectively reduce the creaking of the door, you’ll have to invest some more time in fixing it. Using a nail and a hammer, loosen the door hinges and remove them. Secure the door against the wall to avoid hurting yourself from a falling door.

Coat the hinges in paraffin wax and wait for the wax to cool. It should take around 5-10 minutes to dry off completely. Put the hinge pins back to attach the door. If the door still creaks then you need to lubricate it weekly or bimonthly. 

Paraffin Wax

File your nails

When you use a nail clipper, it cuts the toenail but leaves sharp and jagged edges. File your nails after clipping them for a smooth and soft finish. It is better if your filer has different sides and textures to shape and polish off unevenness.

File your nails


Hiding a camera inside a pile of books is easy. Books can be placed on racks and higher shelves which also gives the camera a good angle and covers the room. Choose a book inside which you want to place your camera. If the camera is small and thin, a medium-sized book would do but if it’s large, you might have to use two to three books to make space for it. Stick the books together and cut the inside to fit the camera. Punch a small hole that is enough for the lens to record easily. Place the book or books on the shelves just like you normally would and let it record.



Forcing a candid can make your expressions look fake sometimes especially when you are trying to smile. To get the perfect candid photo, do something just like you normally would and laugh at a joke. Let the photographer take random pictures from different angles. Talk, look around and just be yourself. Look at the pictures and you will surely love some of the clicks.



Breathing, as simple as it may sound, can make you feel energized.

1.      Inhale slowly, and let your abdomen rise to the count of 4

2.      Hold the air lightly as you count to 4

3.      Exhale slowly as you count to 6, and allow your abdomen to contract

4.      Do this at least 4 times, or as many more times as desired.

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