Best Ways to Hide a camera


Inside or Behind the Flower Vase

If you have a flower vase lying in a dim corner of the room you can use it as your camera hiding spot. Place the camera behind the flowers. Arrange the flowers in such a way that they cover the camera except for the lens. If there is a switch behind the vase, it can also make it the perfect place to keep the camera on charging and shoot. Make sure that the camera does not fall inside the vase or come in contact with water. You can also use some sticky tape to adjust the flowers and balance the camera.

Written by Adrian Walters
1 month ago

Toys and Stuffed Animals

Hiding a camera in stuffed animals and toys can be a great disguise. No one cares about the toys and notices them either. Toys in a corner of your house simply blend in and don’t attract attention which makes them one of the best places to hide the camera. If you are willing to tear a stuffed toy and place the camera inside, do it. Or you can just position the camera and place the stuffed toys around in such a way that most of the camera’s body is hidden.

Written by Percy Torres
2 years ago


Hiding a camera inside a pile of books is easy. Books can be placed on racks and higher shelves which also gives the camera a good angle and covers the room. Choose a book inside which you want to place your camera. If the camera is small and thin, a medium-sized book would do but if it’s large, you might have to use two to three books to make space for it. Stick the books together and cut the inside to fit the camera. Punch a small hole that is enough for the lens to record easily. Place the book or books on the shelves just like you normally would and let it record.


Written by Eugene Powell
2 months ago

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