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A nicer route from Coyle to Keo

When driving to Keo from Coyle I suggest first of all stop by Robbers Cave Stables, it is a nice stop. Next visit Sonic for something handy to eat!

Robbers Cave Stables
Robbers Cave Stables, OK
East Main Street, Booneville, AR 72927
AR 72083
The best route to Keo from Coyle

These were my stops to Leroy from Batavia

Going to Leroy from Batavia make sure to first of all make a stop at Filling Station for some yummy gelato. Next visit Hummingbird Cafe for a some food!

Filling Station
North Shore Road, ON N0R 1M0
Hummingbird Cafe
123 Main Street, Tidioute, PA 16351
PA 16926
The best route to Leroy from Batavia

Protect your gear

Lightning brings rain and it is better to shoot from a safe place, but it is not always possible. You have to protect your lenses and camera from the rain to not mess with the mechanics of the camera. Always use a lens filter to protect the lens and wipe away rain droplets from the lens with a soft lint-free cloth. Use a protective plastic case that will protect the lens, camera, and top half of the tripod. Avoid changing your lens in the rain and keep all your camera accessories in a closed bag.

These were my stops going to Union Grove

If going to Union Grove from Bray this is my preferred way: look in on Gated road locked, it is a nice stop!

A better route.

Main Street, Frisco, TX 75034
Gated road locked
Lakeside Drive, Rockwall, TX 75087
Union Grove
The best route to Union Grove from Bray

To Marlborough with a stay added

Going to Marlborough from Hallstead first stop by Beaverkill Valley Inn for a night! After that visit Waterfall observation deck. It is a nice stop. Next look in on James Ramage House. It's great.

PA 18822
Beaverkill Valley Inn
7 Barnhart Road, Town of Andes, NY 12758
Waterfall observation deck
former Long Path route, Gilboa, NY 12131
Tesla Supercharger
Wolf Road, Colonie, NY 12205
James Ramage House
7 School Street, Monroe, MA 01350
NH 03455
The best route to Marlborough from Hallstead

Let me suggest this!

Ok!, Driving to Chester from Antigo make sure to stop by Black River Falls Coffee Shop for a cup of coffee and something to nibble on.

I went this way last time. I am curious to get other suggestions though.

WI 54409
Black River Falls Coffee Shop
W9010 State Highway 54, Brockway, WI 54615
The best route to Chester from Antigo

Why not this trip?

Last time I went to Pittsfield from North Caldwell this was the way.

North Caldwell
Main Street, New Hartford, CT 06057
Merrimack Premium Outlets
80 Premium Outlets Boulevard, Merrimack, NH 03054
The Village Gift Barn
955 Meadow Road, Casco, ME 04015
ME 04967
The best route to Pittsfield from North Caldwell

A nice way to Kalamo

Ok!, Going from Norton to Kalamo make sure to first of all visit Daddy Yos for some awesome gelato! Then stop by Grocery Outlet for good shopping. Then stop at Buffalo Wild Wings for a little something to eat.

VA 24273
Daddy Yos
Interstate Drive, Grayson, KY 41143
Grocery Outlet
North Detroit Street, Xenia, OH 45385
Buffalo Wild Wings
Hotel Drive, Defiance, OH 43512
The best route to Kalamo from Norton

Going to Cohoke with a stop for something to eat

Going to Cohoke from Bluffton make sure to first stop by Pizza Hut to fill up some energy. After that visit Ballentine Farms, it is good!

SC 29910
Pizza Hut
Longstreet Street, Kingstree, SC 29556
Ballentine Farms
6921 Sunset Lake Road, Five Points, NC 27526
Pine Chapel Baptist Church
NC 561, Essex, NC 27844
The best route to Cohoke from Bluffton

My stops from Aloha to Lindina

When going from Aloha to Lindina I suggest you visit Sav-Half Greeting Cards for a leg stretcher and some shopping!

Traverse City Supercharger
3955 North US-31 South, Traverse City, MI 49684
Sav-Half Greeting Cards
W3192 Calumet Street, Village of Harrison, WI 54136
The best route to Lindina from Aloha

I suggest this!

When driving to Brandonville from DeWitt first stop at Middle Bass General Store for getting yourself some small treats :-). Lastly visit Sleep Inn for some food!


Middle Bass General Store
Runkel Road, Put-in-Bay Township, OH 43446
Sleep Inn
North Orchard Road Northeast, Sandyville, OH 44612
The best route to Brandonville from DeWitt

Going to Wellington with a stop for some food

While driving from Holden to Wellington first visit IHOP for a quick bite. After that visit Bonney Park for a leg stretcher!

160 Washington Street, Rochester, NH 03867
Bonney Park
Riverwalk, Auburn, ME 04210
The best route to Wellington from Holden

Going to Covington with a stop for some sporting

If driving to Covington from Stites this is my preferred way: first of all make a stop at Dayton Swimming Pool for some training. Then stop at El Jato for a little something to eat!

Dayton Swimming Pool
East Oak Street, Dayton, WA 99328
El Jato
Government Road, Mattawa, WA 99349
WA 98042
The best route to Covington from Stites

A nicer route to Maurice River Township from Catawissa

Driving to Maurice River Township from Catawissa I suggest first visit Microtel Inn & Suites for a pause. Next visit Brandywine YMCA. It's good! After that stop by Sisters for a leg stretcher!

I welcome feedback.

Microtel Inn & Suites
50 Industrial Drive, Tilden Township, PA 19526
Brandywine YMCA
South Hawthorne Road, West Brandywine Township, PA 19320
South Main Street, Historic Mullica Hill, NJ 08062
Maurice River Township
NJ 08349
The best route to Maurice River Township from Catawissa

Experiment with Inclines

Sometimes speeding up the treadmill may not be as effective as jogging on an inclined treadmill. Inclines can help you burn more calories and eventually decrease body fat when you push your body upon an inclined treadmill. Changing your workout method and routine from time to time is essential to not only just find the right routine but increase your chances of burning more fat. Some people shed more fat when they diet strictly while others achieve weight loss goals with exercise. However, a combination of the two takes the uncertainty out of the equation because whatever suits your body will help you lose weight. Similarly, some weight loss routines will be more effective for your body type, and experimenting with different routines will allow you to try everything and benefit from the types of workouts that burn more body fat.

A good route from Danville to Donaldsonville

While going from Danville to Donaldsonville this is a nice way: look in on The Wellness Center for a leg stretcher and some pulse.

AR 72833
Reader First Baptist Church
Main, Reader, AR 71772
The Wellness Center
3215 Cypress Street, West Monroe, LA 71291
Tesla Supercharger
Jackson Street, Alexandria, LA 71303
The best route to Donaldsonville from Danville

I suggest this!

Driving to Guthrie from Mount Crawford first visit Vesuvius Furnace, it is a nice stop! Then stop by Pendleton Hills for getting yourself some small treats :-).

Mount Crawford
Gassaway Baptist Church
Beall Drive, Bison, WV 26624
Vesuvius Furnace
Ellisonville-Paddle Creek Road, Aid Township, OH 45645
Pendleton Hills
Highway 27 North, Boston, KY 41006
The best route to Guthrie from Mount Crawford

To Friendship with a stop for something to eat

Going to Friendship from Bridgeton this is a nice way: first pay a visit to Beef 'O' Brady's to have some snacks and something to drink. Next hit Sikeston Factory Outlet Mall for getting yourself some small treats :-)!

Go for it.

MO 63044
Beef 'O' Brady's
Progress Drive, Perryville, MO 63775
Sikeston Factory Outlet Mall
Matthews Lane, Miner, MO 63801
The best route to Friendship from Bridgeton

Let me suggest this!

Going to Crompton from Hunlock make sure to first of all hit Days Inn for a night! Finally visit The Little Art Shop for getting yourself some small treats :-).

PA 18617
Days Inn
Greenville Turnpike, Greenville, NY 10940
The Little Art Shop
Flanders Road, Bethlehem, CT 06798
RI 02893
The best route to Crompton from Hunlock

Go short on the top

Obviously the current stock price of GameStop is not really a reflection of the actual company value (i.e. in terms of its ability to return / generate money as an entity). When this unnatural social media astroturfing is fading the stock will fall as quickly and as hard as it did rise. If you have the guts (it is not at all without risks (well nothing is when trading)) you could chose to short it now.

My fav stops from Tellico Plains to Cadwell

While going to Cadwell from Tellico Plains this is my preferred way: first of all visit Bessie Mae's for shopping! After that visit Smith's Coastal Grill for a quick bite.

Try it.

Tellico Plains
Bessie Mae's
5256 GA 52;GA 115, Lumpkin County, GA 30533
Smith's Coastal Grill
North Jefferson Street, Eatonton, GA 31024
The best route to Cadwell from Tellico Plains

Why not this trip?

While driving to East Syracuse from North Hornell I suggest visit Captain Bill's for getting yourself some small treats :-)!

See what you think.

North Hornell
Captain Bill's
1 North Franklin Street, Watkins Glen, NY 14845
Owasco Reformed Church
5105 East Lake Road, Owasco, NY 13021
East Syracuse
NY 13057
The best route to East Syracuse from North Hornell

A nicer way to Martinsville

While driving from Cairo to Martinsville I suggest you first visit Miller's Chicken for a great dinner. Finally pay a visit to Tim Hortons to fill up with some energy!

Let me know what you think.

Miller's Chicken
235 West State Street, Athens, OH 45701
Tim Hortons
SR 48, The Shoppes at Grandin, OH 45065
First Corpus Christi Chapel
Pearl Street, Oldenburg, IN 47036
The best route to Martinsville from Cairo


A massage can easily change your husband's mood and make him feel loved and cared for. To surprise your husband, start massaging him when he is sitting or lying down but awake. Use his favorite essential oils to make the room smell good and relax him. Make sure that you use the one he likes, if you used the wrong essential oil for a massage you might ruin it.

You can also do this on a day when he is tired and restless because if he’s not tired, he’s not going to enjoy it enough. 

The best way to Camanche

While driving to Camanche from Parchment I suggest you first of all stop at Ice Station for some delicious frozen yoghurt! Next visit Caribou Coffee for a caffeine boost.

MI 49004
Ice Station
1130 West Argyle Street, Lake View Township, IL 60640
Caribou Coffee
2700 Dekalb Avenue, DeKalb, IL 60178
IA 52730
The best route to Camanche from Parchment

To Hamlet with a stop for some shopping

Driving to Hamlet from Morton make sure to first of all hit The Western Mall for great shopping. Finally make a stop at Subway for a meal!

MN 56270
The Western Mall
2101 West 41st Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57105
West 11th Street, Neligh, NE 68756
The best route to Hamlet from Morton

The way to Newark

While driving from Dallas Plantation to Newark this is a nice way: first stop by Gifts Souvenirs Memories for picking up a few things. Then look in on Four Main Street Bar & Grill for a something delicious to eat!

Dallas Plantation
Gifts Souvenirs Memories
Central Square Street, Bristol, NH 03222
Four Main Street Bar & Grill
4 Main Street, Huntington, MA 01050
The best route to Newark from Dallas Plantation

From El Dorado to Morganville with some some training added

While going from El Dorado to Morganville a way would be to first visit Coach Pitch Baseball Field for some sweating. After that visit Baskin-Robbins for some yummy gelato!

What do you think about that?

El Dorado
Coach Pitch Baseball Field
Tenth Avenue, Cleveland, MS 38732
Woodland Baptist Church
Pontocola Road, Woodland, MS 38863:38868
Harmony Lane, Tupelo, MS 38801
GA 30757
The best route to Morganville from El Dorado

A nice route to Saugerties from Cameron

Going to Saugerties from Cameron make sure to first of all stop by Old In-town Altoona airstrip for a great experience! After that visit Kingston Pool for swimming.

WV 26033
Old In-town Altoona airstrip
Lower Riggles Gap Road, Antis Township, PA 16617
Kingston Pool
Hamilton Avenue, Kingston, PA 18764
The best route to Saugerties from Cameron

Fast Walking

Fast walking can help increase your heartbeat and anything that helps you increase your heartbeat is cardio. Make friends at the local park to motivate you for exercising daily. If the weather is always bad, get a treadmill. Running in a park is great for your body because the environment cheers you up and you can also intake a lot of oxygen that is good for your body.

My fav stops going to Olustee

When going to Olustee from Wellfleet first visit Gray County Fairgrounds for training. After that stop at wind turbine. I liked it a lot!

Gray County Fairgrounds
Gray County, KS
wind turbine
US 183, Buffalo, OK 73834
OK 73560
The best route to Olustee from Wellfleet

The best route to Groveland from Iliff

While driving from Iliff to Groveland I suggest first of all stop by Southwind Crossfit for some sweating! Lastly visit Walmart Supercenter for a leg stretcher.

CO 80736
Southwind Crossfit
West 10th Street, Hays, KS 67601
Walmart Supercenter
4301 North Vine Street, Hays, KS 67601
The best route to Groveland from Iliff

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