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Experiment with Inclines

Sometimes speeding up the treadmill may not be as effective as jogging on an inclined treadmill. Inclines can help you burn more calories and eventually decrease body fat when you push your body upon an inclined treadmill. Changing your workout method and routine from time to time is essential to not only just find the right routine but increase your chances of burning more fat. Some people shed more fat when they diet strictly while others achieve weight loss goals with exercise. However, a combination of the two takes the uncertainty out of the equation because whatever suits your body will help you lose weight. Similarly, some weight loss routines will be more effective for your body type, and experimenting with different routines will allow you to try everything and benefit from the types of workouts that burn more body fat.

Go short on the top

Obviously the current stock price of GameStop is not really a reflection of the actual company value (i.e. in terms of its ability to return / generate money as an entity). When this unnatural social media astroturfing is fading the stock will fall as quickly and as hard as it did rise. If you have the guts (it is not at all without risks (well nothing is when trading)) you could chose to short it now.

Protect your gear

Lightning brings rain and it is better to shoot from a safe place, but it is not always possible. You have to protect your lenses and camera from the rain to not mess with the mechanics of the camera. Always use a lens filter to protect the lens and wipe away rain droplets from the lens with a soft lint-free cloth. Use a protective plastic case that will protect the lens, camera, and top half of the tripod. Avoid changing your lens in the rain and keep all your camera accessories in a closed bag.

Fast Walking

Fast walking can help increase your heartbeat and anything that helps you increase your heartbeat is cardio. Make friends at the local park to motivate you for exercising daily. If the weather is always bad, get a treadmill. Running in a park is great for your body because the environment cheers you up and you can also intake a lot of oxygen that is good for your body.


A massage can easily change your husband's mood and make him feel loved and cared for. To surprise your husband, start massaging him when he is sitting or lying down but awake. Use his favorite essential oils to make the room smell good and relax him. Make sure that you use the one he likes, if you used the wrong essential oil for a massage you might ruin it.

You can also do this on a day when he is tired and restless because if he’s not tired, he’s not going to enjoy it enough. 

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