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Do what makes you happy

This one sounds like an easy one, but it can be a lot harder than you think. Oftentimes, we find ourselves doing things because it will make other people happy. If you’re a people pleaser, it can be extremely hard to re-center that thought process back towards pleasing yourself. However, it’s something that you have to do in order to put your happiness first. Do things that will contribute to your happiness and your growth.

Put Up Fancy Magazine

Put Up Fancy MagazineNewspaper is the go-to piece of paper article that people like to put up on their windows but it gives off a really serial killery vibe from your house. But, if you really want to mix things up a bit and make your windows look elegant, fancy magazines could do a great job. They'll cover your windows and look really cool in the process. This picture shows some pretty cool magazines you could use. Spice things up by throwing in a Vogue somewhere in there too.

Use an arm strap

One of the most common ways to run with your phone is by purchasing an arm strap to carry your phone. There are a variety of models and colors available. You can opt for a thin, lightweight sleeve or a bulkier, more protective strap. One of the only downsides is that you may begin to nice that weight on your arm on longer runs. It may also not be the best option if you are running in bad weather.

Split By Space

If you have a big apartment or house and space is rented unevenly, asking the person using lesser space for 50% isn't really justified. So, if you are using two rooms while your roommate is using one, it's ethical to pay 66% and ask your roommate for 33%.

Use your savings

When it comes to renovation and improvements of your house, there is no other best way to pay for it than your own savings. Also there is a sensation of satisfaction in it. Now the question here is, will my savings be enough? Why not? Save a portion of your income every month and also put your bonuses in your bank account. Try not to spend them on vacation. Spend smartly to save more and when it's time, you will have more than enough needed for your house improvements.


Tension headaches are the pain in your scalp and forehead. They can occur at any time due to a number of reasons such as unhealthy diet, dehydration, sleeplessness, or eye strain. To treat tension headaches, it is necessary to figure out what is the cause of a tension headache. If dehydration is the reason then to treat the headache, hydrate your body with plenty of water. 

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