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Know your limits

I’ll just go ahead and say it, the best way to drink coffee is to avoid drinking too much. While coffee is healthy, but only when the intake is in moderate amounts. Health experts recommend not exceeding 1.1 mg of coffee for each pound of your body weight per day. Also, if you’re struggling with getting proper sleep, it’s likely that untimely intake of caffeine will have an adverse effect on you. In that case, avoid coffee with caffeine after 2 PM.

Get a good night’s, or even day's, sleep

Sleep is a natural medication mechanism for your body. While fighting the flu, it’s critical that you allow yourself to rest properly and get enough sleep. The more you sleep, the better.

Feel free to nap even during day time if you feel like it. Resting and sleeping will also reduce the risk of further flu-related complications like pneumonia. 

Get a good night’s, or even day's, sleep


Read a novel, or a magazine, oh and newspapers – if you remember what those are. I know people who tell me that they are not into reading, and yet they gladly read a ton of text on their smartphones.

If you have some time to kill, read a little something. Not only will you pass time, but you’ll also learn something new. And who knows, you might end up loving it!


Switch to Public Transport

If you're looking to curb climate change on a more personal level, the best thing you can probably do is stop taking your own car to work every day. If your city has a decent infrastructure of public transports, you should definitely make use of it. It's one less car emitting carbon into the atmosphere. One car might not make a world of difference, but if the few dozen people are reading this answer and make use of the suggestion, a difference could definitely be made.

Vitamin C

While recovering from an infectious disease like pneumonia, the body’s immunity takes the central role in fast-tracking the recovery process. vitamin C is known to boost immunity naturally and aid the recovery efforts of your body. It’s best to intake vitamin C through citrus fruits and vegetables, but oral ingestion of vitamin C is also helpful.

Vitamin C

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