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Put up fliers

Fliers are an effective and very common method of finding a missing cat. People can then keep an eye out and report back to you if they've seen or have managed to retrieve your tabby.

You can put fliers up in grocery stores, telephone poles, and community billboards to help you to get the word out.

It is recommended that you put a reward on the flier to incentivize people to go searching for it. Just ensure that it is realistic and something that you can actually pay should somebody locate your kitty.

Why not this trip?

If driving from Blackstone to Colebrookdale Township first visit Stop & Shop for shopping. Next stop by Long Ridge Village Historic District. It's a nice stop! Lastly visit Mendham Golf and tennis courts to break some sweat.

Stop & Shop
Wells Avenue, East Hampton, CT 06424
Long Ridge Village Historic District
Rock Rimmon Road, Stamford, CT 06903
Mendham Golf and tennis courts
Kennaday Road, Mendham Township, NJ 07945
Colebrookdale Township
The best route to Colebrookdale Township from Blackstone

From Harper to Loganville

If going to Loganville from Harper first visit Fuel for a cup or two! Finally stop at Amy's Hallmark for getting yourself some small treats :-).

103 1st Street East, Mount Vernon, IA 52314
Amy's Hallmark
555 John F Kennedy Road, Dubuque, IA 52002
Methodist Church
East Main Street, Montfort, WI 53569
The best route to Loganville from Harper

My stops going to Aurora

When going from Rancho Viejo to Aurora this is a good way.

Rancho Viejo
Rancho Viejo, NM 87508
Car charger
Lane 9 N, Alamosa County, CO 81146
Cuchara Inn
Cuchara Avenue, Cuchara, CO
Pikes Peak Chocolate & Ice Cream
805 Manitou Avenue, Manitou Springs, CO 80829
The best route to Aurora from Rancho Viejo

From Shell Rock to La Crosse with a stop for some food

If driving from Shell Rock to La Crosse I suggest you first make a stop at Hopkinton Municipal Pool for a nice experience! Next hit Dairy Queen for a some food. Next stop by McDonald's for a quick bite.

Shell Rock
Hopkinton Municipal Pool
Cascade Street Southeast, Hopkinton, IA 52237
Dairy Queen
East Benton Street, Mount Carroll, IL 61053
Oswego Road, Oswego, IL 60543
La Crosse
The best route to La Crosse from Shell Rock

Use the OS installation disk

Insert the installation disk into the CD-ROM tray and reboot your computer. Be prepared to press a certain key when the screen flashes a message that asks you to press a key for entering the Setup mode. Generally, you’ll need to press either the F2, F8, or F11 key. On the next screen, you’ll have several options to boot from – choose to boot from CD/DVD.

Now what you do next may vary based on which OS disk you’re using. But here’s the gist of what you need to do:

- Locate the tab from where you can view your disk partitions.

- When you find it, choose the one from which you want to wipe the off data. (FYI: If you format the disk on which your OS is installed, you’ll need to reinstall the OS)

- Upon choosing the disk, you’ll see options on the screen to format, delete, etc.

- Select the format option, and when prompted, choose to format using the NTFS file system (assuming you’re using Windows).

- If there’s an option for choosing a quick vs normal format, go with the one that fits your purpose. If you want to thoroughly erase the data, choose normal.

… and you’re done!

A nicer way to Four Corners

If going from Columbus to Four Corners I suggest you first of all visit Burger King for a little something to eat! Then visit Janesville baseball feild for a leg stretcher and some pulse. After that stop at Auntie Anne's for a nice meal. Next stop by Gateway Flower and Gift Shop for some hit and run shopping.

PA 16405
Burger King
212 Allegheny Boulevard, Brookville, PA 15825
Janesville baseball feild
Walnut Street, Gulich Township, PA 16616
Auntie Anne's
Sideling Hill Service Plaza, Taylor Township, PA 16689
Gateway Flower and Gift Shop
East Main Street, Thurmont, MD 21788
Four Corners
MD 20901
The best route to Four Corners from Columbus

My stops going to Uniontown

Ok!, Driving to Uniontown from Alexander make sure to visit Eureka Springs Historic District!

Eureka Springs Historic District
Center, Eureka Springs, AR 72632
The best route to Uniontown from Alexander

To Fayette with a place worth some time added

When going from Middlebury to Fayette this is an alternative.

5801 North Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60645
Veterans' Memorial
Church Street, Lena, IL 61048
The best route to Fayette from Middlebury

The best route to Horatio

Last time I went from Blue Mountain to Horatio this was the way I went.

Blue Mountain
Oakland Avenue, Helena-West Helena, AR 72342
The Pines
Auto Drive, Pine Bluff, AR 71601
Charles Dunn Student Recreation Center
1018 Huddleston Street, Arkadelphia, AR 71923
The best route to Horatio from Blue Mountain

A good trip to Eustis from Bath

When going to Eustis from Bath I suggest you hit Horse Riding. It's good!

Horse Riding
Bloodroot Trail, Dixon County, NE
NE 69028
The best route to Eustis from Bath

The way to Maury City

If driving to Maury City from Forest View I suggest first stop by Orangetheory Fitness for some training! Then hit Hope Lives Rescue Ranch. It's a nice stop.

Forest View
IL 60638
Orangetheory Fitness
2035 South Neil Street, Champaign, IL 61820
Hope Lives Rescue Ranch
East 2250 North Road, Lodge, IL 61856
Maury City
TN 38050
The best route to Maury City from Forest View

My stops going to Fletcher

If driving to Fletcher from Belmont I suggest you first of all visit Walmart Supercenter for getting yourself some small treats :-)! Lastly stop at Camp Pine Knot for a leg stretcher with extras :).

Walmart Supercenter
5399 West Genesee Street, Town of Camillus, NY 13031
Camp Pine Knot
Town of Long Lake, NY 13436
VT 05448
The best route to Fletcher from Belmont

These were my stops to Morse from Boswell

While driving from Boswell to Morse I suggest you first stop at Brookshire's for good shopping! Finally visit The Derby at the Mineola Nature Preserve for some horses.

There you go!

OK 74724
102 North Greer Boulevard, Pittsburg, TX 75686
The Derby at the Mineola Nature Preserve
4429 Southeast Loop 564, Skinnerville, TX 75773
First Baptist Church
Stanton Street, New Llano, LA 71461
LA 70559
The best route to Morse from Boswell

I suggest this!

If driving from Osseo to Thorntown a way would be to first of all visit Sav-U-More for some hit and run shopping! Next look in on My Pizza My Way for an awesome meal.

South Mulberry Street, Churubusco, IN 46723
My Pizza My Way
647 East Main Street, Peru, IN 46970
The best route to Thorntown from Osseo

The best way to Wood River Junction

When going from Shelburne to Wood River Junction a way would be to first look in on Rutland Courthouse Historic District. It's great! After that stop at Carpenter's Rocks. I liked it a lot.

VT 05482
Rutland Courthouse Historic District
Court Street, Rutland City, VT 05701
Saint Michaels Church
Walnut Street, Brattleboro, VT 05304
Carpenter's Rocks
Carpenter's Rock Trail (yellow), Sturbridge, MA 01566
Wood River Junction
RI 02894
The best route to Wood River Junction from Shelburne

Call a Friend

Call your friend and tell them everything you have been doing lately. Ask them about their day and what’s up in their life. Crack some jokes and remember the old days. Tell them you miss them and plan to hang out someday. It can also help improve your mood and destress.

The best way from Wellsville to Barton

Going from Wellsville to Barton first of all pay a visit to Mill Stream Inn for some rest! Secondly stop at Allport Little League Field for training. Next make a stop at Next Level Horsemanship for a nice experience! Then visit Sheetz for some sodas.

Mill Stream Inn
East Second Street, Coudersport, PA 16915
Allport Little League Field
Allport Cutoff, Graham Township, PA 16881
Next Level Horsemanship
Shady Dell Road, Flat Rock, PA
Midway Avenue, Windber, PA 15963
The best route to Barton from Wellsville

A nicer way to Suffolk from Ewing

If going from Ewing to Suffolk this is my preferred way: first of all visit Madison Little League for some exercise. Then stop by KFC for a lunch or dinner! Lastly visit Towers Shopping Center for getting yourself some small treats :-).

Madison Little League
75 Back Alley Drive, Madison, WV 25130
South Craig Avenue, Covington, VA 24426
Towers Shopping Center
23rd Street Southwest, Roanoke, VA 24015
The best route to Suffolk from Ewing

Going to Portland with some some shopping added

When going from Saratoga to Portland I suggest first hit Piggly Wiggly for a leg stretcher! After that look in on Cimino's Pizza Restaurant for a some food. Then stop by Den Viewing Area, it is great. After that visit Starbucks to fill up some energy.

Y.M.M.V. Though

Piggly Wiggly
West Bluff Street, Boscobel, WI 53805
Cimino's Pizza Restaurant
407 South Center Street, Durand, IL 61024
Den Viewing Area
8400 31st Street, Brookfield, IL 60513
3640 North Western Avenue, Lake View Township, IL 60618
The best route to Portland from Saratoga

A good route from Copemish to Frankenmuth Township

When going to Frankenmuth Township from Copemish this is my suggestion.

Ebaugh's Whistle Stop
Garfield Street, Garfield Township, MI 48632
Frankenmuth Township
The best route to Frankenmuth Township from Copemish

To Winchester with some swimming added

If going to Winchester from Hubbard I suggest you first make a stop at Sumner Municipal Pool. It's a nice stop! Then stop at Gays Mills Municipal Pool, it is a nice stop. Next stop by Captain Scoopy's Ice Cream for some delicious frozen yoghurt!

IA 50122
Sumner Municipal Pool
East 12th Street, Sumner, IA 50674
Gays Mills Municipal Pool
Railroad Street, Gays Mills, WI 54631
Captain Scoopy's Ice Cream
Stand Rock Road, Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
WI 54947
The best route to Winchester from Hubbard

Going to Cannon Township with some some exercising added

When going to Cannon Township from Oak Park Heights I suggest first stop by Anytime Fitness for some sweating. Then stop by Scoop de Ville for a cone of yummy ice cream!

Oak Park Heights
Anytime Fitness
Plover Road, Village of Plover, WI 54406
Scoop de Ville
North Main Street, Hartford, WI 53027
Cannon Township
The best route to Cannon Township from Oak Park Heights

Let me suggest this!

When driving from Yucatan to Arcola this is a good way: first stop by suburban pool #1 to get that body going! After that visit MC Supermarket for a leg stretcher and some shopping.

Simpson Chapel
5265 County Highway YZ, Iowa County, WI 53533
suburban pool #1
suburban estates ingress/egress, DeKalb, IL 60115
MC Supermarket
South Carroll Avenue, Michigan City, IN 46360
IN 46704
The best route to Arcola from Yucatan

A nicer trip to Buckeystown from Northampton

If going from Northampton to Buckeystown I suggest you first visit Mesier Homestead, it is good. Then stop by Quentin Riding Club. It's good!

That's the one.

Mesier Homestead
2 Spring Street, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
Ann Street, Stroudsburg, PA 18360
Quentin Riding Club
Maple Lane, Quentin, PA 17083
MD 21717
The best route to Buckeystown from Northampton

A good route to Brockton

When going to Brockton from Grafton first of all visit Elliott Bridge for a leg stretcher with extras :)! Next stop by Country Inn & Suites for a night.

Elliott Bridge
Railroad Road, McHenry County, ND
Country Inn & Suites
1900 22nd Avenue Southwest, Minot, ND 58701
The best route to Brockton from Grafton

To Wapanucka from Falls City

When going from Falls City to Wapanucka this is my preferred way.

Falls City
NE 68355
Ane Mae's
325 North Pennsylvania Avenue, Independence, KS 67301
Walmart Supercenter
121 Peter Pan Road, Independence, KS 67301
Lodge Pool
South 58th West Avenue, Creek County, OK 74050
The best route to Wapanucka from Falls City

Be Confident

Even the confidence of the most confident person would shake when asking someone out. The fear of rejection can make it very difficult for men to put their ego aside and ask someone out. Asking someone out is a healthy risk that you should be willing to take. If you find yourself overthinking when you are trying to ask someone out for a date, relax and take the risk. Your mind may trick you into thinking, you don’t look very good today or they are out of your league, calm your mind, and get ready to take a chance.

Be Confident

A nice trip from Baylis to Remsen

If driving to Remsen from Baylis I suggest you hit Guthrie County Historical Village. It is a nice stop.

Tesla Supercharger
1st Avenue North, Altoona, IA 50009
Guthrie County Historical Village
West South Street, Panora, IA 50216
The best route to Remsen from Baylis


Scrambled eggs are the staple breakfast food around the world often spiced with black pepper and salt only. But do you know that numerous herbs and spices can make the eggs taste so much better? It is easy to get bored of eating eggs every day for breakfast. When you beat the eggs, add some salt, and paprika for some change. The paprika gives the eggs a hint of hotness. You can also sprinkle fresh parsley or basil on cooked eggs for flavor.


To Clark with a stop for some sporting

When driving from New Midway to Clark I suggest you first of all look in on Garret Field for some training. After that stop by High Jump Area!

New Midway
MD 21775
Garret Field
East Penn Grant Road, Willow Street, PA 17584
High Jump Area
Orvilla, Hatfield Township, PA
NJ 07066
The best route to Clark from New Midway

Vanilla Frosting

With the right ingredient and some minutes of effort, you can make your frosting. Mix powdered sugar and butter with a spoon or using a low-speed electric mixer. Then stir in the vanilla and a tablespoon of milk. Slowly beat in the remaining milk to smoothen the frosting. Once you are done, and you noticed the frosting is very thick, add more milk; however, add little powdered sugar if it is too thin.

Make sure you get the timing right

While having sex at random times during your menstrual cycle can lead to pregnancy, there is a more accurate way of determining the dates you are more likely to get pregnant. Having sex during your ovulation window can greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant. For people with regular cycles, ovulation should occur around 14 days before your period. If you're unsure about the timing, ovulation predicting kits are available at many pharmacies and drugstores.

Stay hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated is the best way to keep your body functioning at its best, and also optimizes your metabolism. In fact, it could also help lose weight.

A study revealed that increasing daily water consumption by 1.5 liters for a group of overweight women between 18-23 years of age reduced their average weight and body mass index. 

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