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Protect your face

During bike rides in colder temperatures, your face can suffer from the wind and the chilly weather. To protect the delicate skin on your face, make sure to apply a thick moisturizer and sunscreen before your ride. Don't forget about the tips of your ears, your nose, and your lips! Take a small bottle of Aquaphor with you to reapply as needed during your ride. It will be a relief to keep chapped skin at bay in the cold.

Ask a Question

When you succeed at getting her number, the next step is sending her a text. Say hi, or hey to let her know it’s you. But don’t just hi, because it looks very uninteresting. The best way to start a conversation is to ask an open-ended question so that even if she tries hard enough to answer it with a yes or no, she has to add some detail, which starts the conversation. Ask a Question

Get your technique right

When approaching a cat, no matter your level of familiarity, always start slow and watch for cues. Start at the head and run your hand from the top of its head down to the back of its neck. If it leans into your touch or start purring, you know it's alright to keep going.

Keep petting in the same motion, eventually going until you're petting all the way down to its back. Always go with the grain of the fur, not against. Most cats like being stroked and scratched on their head, chin, and behind their ears. Experiment and see what this particular cat likes. Don't get offended if it runs away, cats are fickle creatures and will come back for more pretty soon.

Eat More Fiber

Foods high in refined carbohydrates and sugar don't really control hunger, so you end up looking for more. Instead, eat more fibrous foods like whole-grain bread, oatmeal, vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, and chia seeds. They fill you up as fiber helps slow digestion.

Declutter the Cabinets Often

Decluttering the cabinets often is necessary to keep the cabinets clean and organized. No matter how hard you try to keep everything in its place, you will end up cluttering the cabinets in a few weeks.

To avoid a full day of deep cleaning and organizing the kitchen cabinets, organize them as soon as you feel the cabinet is cluttered.Declutter the Cabinets Often

Wash with baking soda

Mix 1tbsp of baking soda with ½ tbsp of water and ½ tbsp of hydrogen peroxide – this should give you a smooth paste. Grab an old toothbrush and brush the mixture onto the shoe’s surface – apply enough pressure to work the paste in and remove any loose dirt. When you’re done, brush on a 2nd coat with the same paste. Dip and stir the shoelaces in what’s left of the paste. Place your shoes and laces under the sun for a few hours until the paste dries up and begins to crack off. A brighter sun and a hotter weather are helpful to make your shoes whiter and brighter. Brush off the leftover paste and you’ll now have a much cleaner, whiter pair of shoes.

Wash with baking soda

Cream cheese frosting

Cream cheese frosting is a great alternative to classic buttercream, as the cream cheese provides an extra depth of flavour without being cloyingly sweet.

To make cream cheese frosting, cream together one part butter with two parts cream cheese. Using an electric mixer, mix until creamy. Beat in three parts powdered sugar until everything’s completely mixed in. Adjust the consistency to your liking, adding in a little bit more powdered sugar at a time to make it thicker. Beat in a splash of vanilla and a pinch of salt. Use to frost any cakes, cupcakes, or sweets of your choosing.

Cream cheese frosting


Granite countertops can stay shiny and good as new for years if taken care of, the right way. To clean the countertops, use a wet washcloth or towel. Avoid using knives or steel scrubber brushes on the granite countertop. If there is grime or grease, use a grease-cutting cleaner.

If the granite is stained or damaged, it might need resealing or replacement which can only be done by professionals.


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