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Don't use cotton swabs

Unless you have a major earwax blockage, earwax doesn't need to be removed at all. If you do, you will need to see a doctor to get it removed properly.

The main cause of earwax blockages in the first place is overuse of cotton swabs, making your body produce more ear wax.

Ear wax plays an important role in one's hearing and prevents dirt, debris, and, god forbid, bugs from getting into your ears. Cotton swabs not only disrupt your ear's delicate balance, but can also introduce dirt and debris into your ears. The pressure put on your ears can also cause permanent hearing damage. Do not use cotton swabs, and do not remove ear wax from your ears.

Eat more fiber

Eating fiber is always good for health. It is also a good treatment for constipation and hard stools. Fiber, the soluble fibers suck moisture. As a result stools get enough water and automatically soften itself. And the lubricants, generated by drinking water, allow the stools to move easily in the colon and thus eliminating constipation. Also fiber is very effective in reducing weight. Regular consumption of fiber can help in quick weight loss. Average men should consume 35 gram fibers and women should consume 25 gram fibers per day.


Flies hate the smell of mint, lavender, lemongrass, and basil. To cast off the flies, invest in small pots of basil, and lemongrass. Place them near the windows or doors where the plant can find some air and sunlight as well. The flies will stay away from them and your house. You can also enjoy fresh basil on pasta and lemongrass tea from time to time. 


Plan the Move

If you are moving to another house in the same city, you might not have to take packing too seriously. Some newspapers, towels, and bubble wrap inside the crockery and decoration pieces will keep them safe. But if you are moving to another city and your furniture and the boxes will be traveling on the road for more than 4 hours, you will have to pack everything carefully or hire professionals to safely deliver everything to your new house.

Eat sustainably

Food production is responsible for wildlife extinction as well. What we eat has a huge effect on greenhouse gas emissions. We are responsible for 60% biodiversity loss when it comes to our eating habits. Producing dairy products and meat requires the use of large spaces, machines, and unlimited inputs of feed and water. Producing meat emits more carbon dioxide gas than growing plants fruits and vegetables. Adopting a plant-based diet and restraining from maintaining a meat-based diet can lower the impact on the environment. 

Leave a Treat for Her in the Fridge

Get her favorite cake, food, dessert, or drink and put it in the fridge where she can find it. Leave a love note to make her feel special when you leave. Make sure that she’s not on a diet and avoiding what you are planning to buy.

Leave a Treat for Her in the Fridge

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