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Including exercise in your day to day can be really helpful with managing anxiety. It gives you a time and place to work on yourself and commit to being healthy. Exercising regularly also helps you sleep better at night and manage stress in healthier ways. Anxiety can be draining and debilitating. Incorporating exercise in your routine can be extremely beneficial. Find a physical activity that you enjoy doing (or recruit a friend to join you!) to make exercise more appealing to you. Exercise

Wear a mask

When going out, especially in crowded spaces and places with poor ventilation, it is important to wear a mask so that airborne particles have a harder time making it into your system.

A sneeze, a cough, or even talking to someone in a close proximity can pose a huge risk if you are not wearing a mask.

Ensure that your mask is fastened snugly, but not tightly, around your mouth and nose. Wear the mask when around any group of people and ensure it covers the entire lower half of your face for it to be most effective.


Books and newspapers are the best source of words for building vocabulary. Reading gives you exposure to so many previously unknown words. Mostly the meaning of words can be guessed but a guess is a guess. When reading, keep a small paper and pencil to write the words that you don’t understand.

Reading helps you build better vocabulary because you don’t have to remember them by reading a list, you remember them when they are used in a situation to describe something. Our subconscious mind stores such words along with how they were used, and they make their way into our conversations at the right time when the situation is similar.


Come Home Early

When you have special plans for her birthday or just want to go out on a date with her, come home earlier than usual (if she’ll be home). Surprise her with a gift, her favorite food, or flowers. Take her to a fancy date, to a park, or sea view. Make her feel special and loved the entire day. Women only need attention from guys, if you can make her feel like the only woman in the world, her love for you will keep growing.

Come Home Early


Toothpastes find another use external to the human mouth, way down on the shoes. Find an old toothbrush and add some white-gel toothpaste on it. Sprinkle some water and begin to scrub the dirty areas of your canvas, mesh, or leather shoes. When you’ve reasonably cleaned them, wipe the excess paste off the shoes using a damp cloth. 

Soothing Music

Feeling overwhelmed by stressful situations, try to take a break and listen to soothing music. Playing soothing music has a positive effect on the brain and body. It lowers blood pressure and lowers cortisol, a hormone associated with stress.

Taking Turns

English Style

The English style will require you to turn the reins to make the horse turn. Start with gently pulling the horse’s reins towards the side you want the horse to turn to. If the horse doesn’t turn, pull a little harder. Don’t pull too hard as it might hurt the horse’s mouth. 

Western Style

The commands depend on how the horse is trained. Some horses are trained to take a turn in the direction of a pulled rein while others are trained to understand the riders signals. A well trained horse can understand the slightest signals of the rider. To turn a horse, you will have to turn your shoulders to the direction you want to turn. If you want to turn the horse to the right direction, move your right leg away from the horse’s body and squeeze in your left leg towards the horse’s body.

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