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From Romancoke to Blain with some a stay added

While driving to Blain from Romancoke I suggest you first visit sweetFrog for some delightful ice cream. Then stop at Hyatt Regency for a small treat! Next stop at Jubilee for getting yourself some small treats :-).

Y.M.M.V. Though

VA 23181
Crain Highway, La Plata, MD 20646
Hyatt Regency
7901 Tysons One Place, Tysons, VA 22102
East Main Street, Emmitsburg, MD
The best route to Blain from Romancoke

A good way to Groveland from Iliff

Going to Groveland from Iliff this is a good way: make a stop at Municipal Swimming Pool for a nice experience.

CO 80736
Municipal Swimming Pool
Sheridan Avenue, Hoxie, KS 67740
The best route to Groveland from Iliff

Video mementos and wishes

Making video compiling pictures of you guys together would be a good way to wish someone Happy Birthday. It shows that you care for the person and made time for doing something special. Also, looking at the pictures would be a nice walk through the memory lane and might strengthen your bond. Make sure to put a beautiful song in the background. You could also put nice birthday messages on top of the pictures or write a letter that would run through the video.

I suggest this!

Driving from Hartland to Suffolk a way would be to look in on Atlantic County Firearms Training Facility for a nice experience!

Atlantic County Firearms Training Facility
Scull Landing, Egg Harbor Township, NJ
The best route to Suffolk from Hartland

A good trip to Uvalde from Gilmer

Going to Uvalde from Gilmer this is a good way: first stop at Adams Park for a nice experience. Next stop by Planet Fitness! After that visit Blanco County Inn & Guesthouses for a night!

Adams Park
West 30th Street, Austin, TX 78705
Planet Fitness
525 North Main Street, Belton, TX 76513
Blanco County Inn & Guesthouses
902 Main Street, Blanco, TX 78606
TX 78801
The best route to Uvalde from Gilmer

To Fort Benton from Philipsburg

When driving to Fort Benton from Philipsburg I suggest first of all look in on Crossroads Fitness Club for a leg stretcher and some pulse. Then make a stop at Tiny's Gym for some training! After that stop at Bob's Big Cup Coffee for something handy to eat! Next stop at Cold Stone Creamery for a cone of super smooth ice cream. Finally visit Malmstrom Inns & Suites for a night.

Crossroads Fitness Club
Euclid Avenue, Helena, MT 59601
Tiny's Gym
West Custer Avenue, Helena, MT 59602-1217
Bob's Big Cup Coffee
Coffee & Fuel Shack West Lincoln Road, Helena Valley Northwest, MT
Cold Stone Creamery
14th Street Southwest, Great Falls, MT 59404
Malmstrom Inns & Suites
4th Avenue North, Cascade County, MT 59402
Fort Benton
MT 59442
The best route to Fort Benton from Philipsburg

From Mount Vernon to Blue Springs

While going to Blue Springs from Mount Vernon I suggest look in on Los Sauces for a delicious meal!

Mount Vernon
Los Sauces
117 North Centennial Boulevard, Nevada, MO 64772
Blue Springs
NE 68318
The best route to Blue Springs from Mount Vernon

The best way to Penelope

While driving to Penelope from Alvin visit Brookshire Brothers for a leg stretcher.

First Baptist Church
18525 Farm-to-Market Road 1488, Magnolia, TX 77354
Brookshire Brothers
209 Main Street, Normangee, TX 77871
TX 76676
The best route to Penelope from Alvin

To Town of Conquest with a stop for some coffee

Ok!, Going from Northumberland to Town of Conquest make sure to first visit Royal Oak Coffee for a quick bite! Next stop by Northern Lights Ice Cream for some awesome ice cream.

Northumberland, NH 05905
Royal Oak Coffee
30 Seymour Street, Middlebury, VT 05753
Northern Lights Ice Cream
162 State Highway 28, Inlet, NY 13360
Town of Conquest
The best route to Town of Conquest from Northumberland

Going to Carlton with some some shopping added

While going to Carlton from Winneconne first of all stop by Taylor Heights for a leg stretcher! After that stop by Waters Edge Fitness for some training.

WI 54986
Taylor Heights
North Taylor Frontage Road, Sheboygan, WI 53081
Waters Edge Fitness
Lake Shore Drive, Muskegon, MI 49441
The best route to Carlton from Winneconne

From Bath to Brooklet

If going to Brooklet from Bath I suggest hit Sissy's Gift Shop for some shopping!

Bolton United Methodist Church
Cedar Avenue, Bolton, NC 28423
Sissy's Gift Shop
South Mill Street, Manning, SC 29102
The best route to Brooklet from Bath

All the way to Pikeville

Going from Fairmont to Pikeville make sure to stop at Tye River Overlook. It's great.

Tye River Overlook
Cabell Trail, Buckingham County, VA 24581
The best route to Pikeville from Fairmont

My stops going to Palestine

Going from Goliad to Palestine I suggest pay a visit to Veterans Plaza. I liked it a lot!

TX 77967
Veterans Plaza
North Park Street, Brenham, TX 77833
The best route to Palestine from Goliad

All the way to Gettysburg

Going from Wilber to Gettysburg I suggest look in on City of Albion Aquatic Center. It's a nice stop.

Give it a try!

NE 68465
City of Albion Aquatic Center
South Street, Albion, NE 68620
Mount Olive Evangelical Lutheran Church
West Main Street, Woonsocket, SD 57385
SD 57442
The best route to Gettysburg from Wilber

Why not this trip?

While going to Willisville from Port Sulphur this is a good way: make a stop at Collapsed Observarion Deck. It is a great stop.

Port Sulphur
LA 70083
Collapsed Observarion Deck
Cane Bayou Trail, Castine Point, LA 70448
Tesla Supercharger
Jackson Street, Alexandria, LA 71303
LA Tech Wesley Foundation
College Street, Ruston, LA 71272
AR 71864
The best route to Willisville from Port Sulphur

Going to Cooperstown with some some ice cream added

Driving from Pulteney to Cooperstown this is a good way: first of all make a stop at Hometown Cafe and Cream for some tasty sorbet! After that visit Kinzua Town Historical Location. It's great.

NY 14874
Hometown Cafe and Cream
5429 NY 19, Belmont, NY 14813
Kinzua Town Historical Location
Kinzua Point, Kinzua Heights, PA
The best route to Cooperstown from Pulteney

All the way to Winter Harbor

When going to Winter Harbor from Sloatsburg this is a nice way: first of all stop by Purple Onion for a leg stretcher and some shopping. Finally make a stop at Bradbury's Market for shopping!

I went this way last time. I am curious to get other suggestions though.

NY 10974
Purple Onion
105 North Main Street, West Brookfield, MA 01585
Bradbury's Market
Main Street, Kennebunkport, ME 04046
Winter Harbor
The best route to Winter Harbor from Sloatsburg

Do not DIY

If we are talking about the best way to bind, we also need to talk about the worst ways to bind.

Chest binding is something that, while it may seem like an easy and cheap thing to DIY, should not be attempted. The binder needs to be a perfect fit and made with the correct materials so as not to cause any irreparable damage to the breast tissue or to your lungs. A binder made incorrectly can restrict your breathing and cause you to suffocate. It is also inadvisable to bind your chest using bandages, as most bandages are manufactured to treat swelling. As such, if you wrap your chest with them, they will constrict and get tighter as you breathe throughout the day and pose a major health risk.

Use an Anchoring Phase

Anchoring phrases means grounding yourself to your current scenario. It goes something like, “My name is XX. I live in New York, USA. Today is Thursday, Feb 5. It's 5:53 in the room. I am sitting at my desk writing “The Best Ways To Distract Yourself.” You get the drill, right?

Evaporated milk

If you're really strapped for ingredients, it's possible to make mac and cheese with only three ingredients. You'll need a can of evaporated milk, cheese, and pasta.

Cook your pasta to the desired doneness. Then, in a saucepan, heat up a can of evaporated milk. Add in your cheese and stir until melted and fully combined. Season to taste, mustard, paprika, and garlic powder make great additions.

This works only with evaporated milk, as opposed to regular milk, because of the higher concentration of proteins once the milk has been evaporated. Do not attempt this with regular milk, or you will end up with a gloppy, separated mess.

Add your macaroni and from there it's ready to serve or be baked with breadcrumbs if desired.

Mnemonic induction of lucid dreams

Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dream (MILD) is one of the first techniques for lucid dreaming that has used scientific research. In MILD you make the intention to remember what you are dreaming. Follow these steps for the MILD technique:

Think of a recent dream as you fall asleep.

Identify a “dream sign” or something that is strange in your dream. For example, your ability to fly.

Think about returning to the dream and acknowledge that the dream sign only happens when you are dreaming.

Tell yourself, “The next time I dream, I want to remember that I am dreaming.” Recite this phrase in your head.

Drink Water

Water is the healthiest beverage and is essential for your body’s optimal performance. To get rid of stress and tiredness or avoid them, drink a glass of water every hour. Thirsty or not, drinking water throughout the day can improve digestion and aid in several other important body functions. Keep a water bottle handy and sip water frequently. 

Drink Water

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