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Mnemonic induction of lucid dreams

Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dream (MILD) is one of the first techniques for lucid dreaming that has used scientific research. In MILD you make the intention to remember what you are dreaming. Follow these steps for the MILD technique:

Think of a recent dream as you fall asleep.

Identify a “dream sign” or something that is strange in your dream. For example, your ability to fly.

Think about returning to the dream and acknowledge that the dream sign only happens when you are dreaming.

Tell yourself, “The next time I dream, I want to remember that I am dreaming.” Recite this phrase in your head.

Use an Anchoring Phase

Anchoring phrases means grounding yourself to your current scenario. It goes something like, “My name is XX. I live in New York, USA. Today is Thursday, Feb 5. It's 5:53 in the room. I am sitting at my desk writing “The Best Ways To Distract Yourself.” You get the drill, right?

Drink Water

Water is the healthiest beverage and is essential for your body’s optimal performance. To get rid of stress and tiredness or avoid them, drink a glass of water every hour. Thirsty or not, drinking water throughout the day can improve digestion and aid in several other important body functions. Keep a water bottle handy and sip water frequently. 

Drink Water

Evaporated milk

If you're really strapped for ingredients, it's possible to make mac and cheese with only three ingredients. You'll need a can of evaporated milk, cheese, and pasta.

Cook your pasta to the desired doneness. Then, in a saucepan, heat up a can of evaporated milk. Add in your cheese and stir until melted and fully combined. Season to taste, mustard, paprika, and garlic powder make great additions.

This works only with evaporated milk, as opposed to regular milk, because of the higher concentration of proteins once the milk has been evaporated. Do not attempt this with regular milk, or you will end up with a gloppy, separated mess.

Add your macaroni and from there it's ready to serve or be baked with breadcrumbs if desired.

Do not DIY

If we are talking about the best way to bind, we also need to talk about the worst ways to bind.

Chest binding is something that, while it may seem like an easy and cheap thing to DIY, should not be attempted. The binder needs to be a perfect fit and made with the correct materials so as not to cause any irreparable damage to the breast tissue or to your lungs. A binder made incorrectly can restrict your breathing and cause you to suffocate. It is also inadvisable to bind your chest using bandages, as most bandages are manufactured to treat swelling. As such, if you wrap your chest with them, they will constrict and get tighter as you breathe throughout the day and pose a major health risk.

Video mementos and wishes

Making video compiling pictures of you guys together would be a good way to wish someone Happy Birthday. It shows that you care for the person and made time for doing something special. Also, looking at the pictures would be a nice walk through the memory lane and might strengthen your bond. Make sure to put a beautiful song in the background. You could also put nice birthday messages on top of the pictures or write a letter that would run through the video.

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