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Dress for Sucess

Dress for the type of job you want, not for the job you have. You do not need to get out of your comfort zone, but while pitching the idea to the investor, you should be formally dressed in clean clothes. It gives an overall presentable look. There are various types of dress codes depending on your industry. Do your research and dress accordingly.

The Circular Method

There are tons of benefits of applying bio-oil to your face and body. If you've been suggested bio-oil by a health professional, the best way to apply them is in a circular motion. Massage the oil in the area that you need to until the oil gets completely absorbed in your skin. It's recommended to use the bio-oil for at least three months to see some proper effects. There's no side effect of bio-oil. However, you should never apply it to an open wound.

Reduce alcohol intake

Avoid too much alcohol. They cause storage of excessive fat around the waist area as well as the belly. This will also mess up your waistline. You might want to quit drinking alcohol on the regular if you’re actively trying to reduce belly fat. I understand that complete abstention can be difficult at first. You can start with moderation and lowering the intake slowly. 

Correct structural problems in your nose

Some are born with or might have experienced any nose injury in childhood giving them a deviated septum. A deviated septum is the misalignment of the soft bone in between the two nostrils that separates them both. Its misalignment causes airflow restriction, causing mouth breathing during sleep that causes snoring.

It may be necessary to get surgery to correctly align it again. Visit an ENT specialist to get a proper examination of the condition.

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