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Steal / Take Inspiration

Before you start calling me out for suggesting to steal, hear me out. 'Stealing' isn't even acknowledged as a bad thing in the world of composing. Composers, even some of the famous ones, are seen to be copying tunes more often than not. It's not a crime to take inspiration from other talented folks if you're willing to put your own spin on it. If you simply copy paste the work of others, you are morally and, at times, legally responsible for plagiarism. But, the best way to learn and improve is to copy others and improve on their tunes.

Squat Jump

A squat accompanied by a jump uses your body to push harder and engage your core. To take the squat jump to another level, carry dumbbells in both hands. You can start with regular jumps squats and when you are ready to get to the next level, start with 0.5 or 1 kg dumbbells. 

Don’t Irritate the Skin

There are hundreds of ways you could be doing more harm to the skin than good. Picking and popping acne, using tools to abrasive tools to remove blackheads, or using chemicals with little or no knowledge can harm the skin. Picking the zits will spread the bacteria from the spot to the rest of the skin which can cause more pimples. Let the body kill and heal the skin on its own. Avoid touching or rubbing the pimple. The swelling and pain of a pimple should go away in 3 days to 2-weeks. 

Refrain from publicizing the matter

It’s essential that you treat these issues as confidential to maintain a positive atmosphere. There will always be colleagues and superiors who want to pry about a disgruntled employee’s situation, but it is important to keep the matter private.

The last thing a disgruntled employee wants is for their colleagues to gossip behind their back. This will only add to their resentment. The information must only be shared on a need-to-know basis so the privacy and integrity of the employee are protected.

Granola Bars

Granola is one of those rare items that can be eaten just the way you like. If you are bored of eating raw granola, you should make granola bars that taste great and are super-energetic. To make granola bars, add some honey, peanut butter, and puffed rice to make the granola sticky.

Grease and line a shallow pan with butter paper and then add the mixture to the pan. With a spatula, spread the mixture evenly inside the pan. Refrigerate to harden. Cut it in pieces or bars as you like. Wrap them in butter paper or plastic wrap and take them with you to snack anytime. 

Granola Bars

Appreciate Something They are Good At

Many guys stay positive and calm in the worst situations. If you like the way a guy does something, appreciate them. Complimenting something they are good at and like to do shows that you observe them.

Next time if the guy is doing something amazing such as an incredible presentation at the office, compliment how good they are at presentations. Find something, the guy is passionate about and compliment their passion. It will help you win their attention and they will think of you as someone who is nice and friendly. 

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