Best Ways to Compliment a guy


Compliment their Smile

Complementing someone’s smile can really get them to smile. If you are interested in a guy or just simply admire their smile, tell them that you like their smile. When you compliment someone’s smile, they often feel an urge to smile at the compliment. The compliment makes them feel good about their smile and they think about your compliment.

Compliment their Smile

Written by Jeffrey Bush
6 months ago

Appreciate Something They are Good At

Many guys stay positive and calm in the worst situations. If you like the way a guy does something, appreciate them. Complimenting something they are good at and like to do shows that you observe them.

Next time if the guy is doing something amazing such as an incredible presentation at the office, compliment how good they are at presentations. Find something, the guy is passionate about and compliment their passion. It will help you win their attention and they will think of you as someone who is nice and friendly. 

Written by Marcus Collins
4 months ago

Compliment a Habit

Many men have a habit of solving problems, supporting, and helping their female counterparts or friends. Next time the guy helps you with something or holds the door open for you, compliment their good habits. Tell them something like; “You have such a good heart” or say “Thank you, you are such a gentleman”. 

Compliment a Habit

Written by Constance White
1 month ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Compliment a Guy?

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