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Set realistic expectations

People who set very high goals for themselves often feel overwhelmed and give up on their diet plan altogether. Instead, choose a diet plan that that is not extremely demanding for you.

Persistence is the key. Rather than trying to starve yourself, try to prepare a diet plan that you can stick with for the next whole year at the minimum. 

With a kitchen towel

Take your bottle of prosecco and place a kitchen towel over the cork, securing it with your hand. Holding it at a 45 degree angle, twist and gently pull the cork from the bottle while also securing the kitchen towel with your other hand. The kitchen towel catches the cork and some of the foam, resulting in less cleanup and zero risk of popping somebody's eye out.

Prosecco has a bit less pressure in the bottle than champagne does, meaning that prosecco will be a little harder to open without the bubbles helping to push the cork out. Be firm but gentle, and don't get impatient if it's a little harder than you expected.

Admit Your Flaws

None of us is perfect and no matter how hard we try to hide our flaws; we will end up denying our weaknesses. People around you are all human beings and they all have their unique and different abilities and weaknesses. If you can admit your flaws with grace, you can inspire others to be like you too.

Most people today have insecurities related to their appearance, worth and have feelings of self-doubt. What you need to do is to find your flaws and accept them. Our flaws make us attractive and real. Exhibit positivity when it comes to flaws acknowledge them. Those who are around you will have something important to learn from you. 

Random acts of kindness

Sometimes the smallest gestures say your biggest emotion. Do dishes or laundry, take out the trash, fix dinner, walk the dog, etc. Do things for your spouse without them asking and show them how much you care for them. A sweet gesture in the day can lead to a beautiful night as well ;)

Random acts of kindness

Avoid checking the phone

Smartphone screens emit blue light that decreases the melatonin that your body produces. The pineal gland produces melatonin hormone in your brand that further helps to restore your sleep cycles. If you can’t avoid checking your phone in the middle of the night, there are various ways to limit the blue light exposure to your eyes.

Many devices, including your smartphone, offers night mode that changes the screen to a warm tone. Other than that, amber glasses are also a cheap way to limit blue light exposure.

Cutting it like an apple

As I have long nails, I can’t peel them off the traditional way. So, I take an orange and remove its bottom and top by using a knife, just like we cut the ends of an apple. I usually go for thin circular shapes to avoid wasting the fruit.

After that, it cut the orange from the middle to open it up. You would get two semi-circular shaped orange cut in halves. Now, remove the outer covering from two halves. Voila, you are done!Cutting it like an apple

On the stove

If you don't feel like preheating your oven, but you don't want a soggy, molten-hot microwaved pizza, then you may want to use your stove.

First, place a pan that will fit your slice on the burner on medium/medium-high. Place your pizza slice on the pan and let sit for a minute, this will help the bottom to get nice and crispy. Then, once it's started to get pretty warm, place a couple drops of water away from your slice. It should sputter a bit, but not too much. Then quickly place a lid onto your pan. The steam will evaporate and help your cheese to melt, giving you a gooey, warm top and a crispy bottom.

On the stove

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