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Enjoy a drop of honey

Add a few drops of honey to your warm tea to soothe your irritated throat. Tea hydrates your throat and that also helps with throat irritation. So, next time your throat starts to tickle, have a tea. 

You should choose a green tea as it serves as an antibacterial, pain reliever, and is a rich source of antioxidants.

Honey is beneficial to have when you are sick. It is an effective cough suppressant that works well as OTC cough medication.

Enjoy a drop of honey

My fav stops from Covington to Palmer

Last time I drove to Palmer from Covington this was my route.

Houghntan Memorial bridge
SR 550, Mount Pleasant, IN 47553
Sunset Point
Heritage Trail, Mammoth Cave, KY
The best route to Palmer from Covington

A good trip from Tira to Otis

Last time I drove to Otis from Tira this was the route.

Tesla Supercharger
Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway, Oklahoma City, OK 73169
Farmers' Exchange Elevator
Mc Clure Avenue, Goltry, OK 73739
The best route to Otis from Tira

Why not this trip?

Going to Central from Brilliant make sure to first of all stop at Legghorn's Cafe for a lunch or dinner! Then make a stop at Fausett Farms Horse Trails for some horse back riding.

AL 35548
Legghorn's Cafe
5850 Mall Street, Albertville, AL 35950
Fausett Farms Horse Trails
11336 GA 136, Afton, GA 30534
The best route to Central from Brilliant

All the way to Crafton

While driving to Crafton from Shelbyville this is my preferred way: first of all visit Holiday Inn Express London I-70 for a night! Secondly hit DoubleTree by Hilton for the night. Then visit Vintage Fitness. It's good!

Grace Lutheran Church
Lutheran Drive, Eaton, OH 45320
Holiday Inn Express London I-70
TA London, Deer Creek Township, OH
DoubleTree by Hilton
East Church Street, Newark, OH 43055
Vintage Fitness
West Market Street, Cadiz, OH 43907
The best route to Crafton from Shelbyville

A good route from Bayview to St. Hedwig

Driving from Bayview to St. Hedwig make sure to pay a visit to Junior Varsity Gym to get the pulse up!.

Junior Varsity Gym
Dogwood, Harlingen, TX 78550
St. Hedwig
TX 78152
The best route to St. Hedwig from Bayview

The best route to Centropolis from Shidler

Driving to Centropolis from Shidler this is my preferred way: hit Centennial Trail Wellness Exercise Circuit for a leg stretcher.

Centennial Trail Wellness Exercise Circuit
Centennial Trail, Humboldt, KS 66748
The best route to Centropolis from Shidler

Going to Pleasant Ridge with a stop for a stay

If going to Pleasant Ridge from Town of Koshkonong this is a good way: first visit AmericInn by Wyndham Douglas/Saugatuck for a night. Next make a stop at Country Kettle Café for a little something to eat!

Town of Koshkonong
WI 53538
AmericInn by Wyndham Douglas/Saugatuck
2905 Blue Star Highway, Douglas, MI 49406
Country Kettle Café
Main Street, Nashville, MI 49073
Pleasant Ridge
The best route to Pleasant Ridge from Town of Koshkonong

Going to Pawcatuck with a stop for a coffee-break

Driving from Rawlings to Pawcatuck first of all pay a visit to Starbucks for some sodas! Then make a stop at Crave Cafe for a caffeine kick. After that stop by Kiddie Pool of Juniper Lane Swim Club for a quick swim in in the pool! After that stop at Fairfield Circle Inn for a pause!

MD 21557
Gateway Avenue, Chambersburg, PA 17202
Crave Cafe
Penn Avenue, Lower Heidelberg Township, PA 19608
Kiddie Pool of Juniper Lane Swim Club
Juniper Lane, Green Knoll, NJ 08807
Fairfield Circle Inn
Kings Highway, Fairfield, CT 06834
CT 06379
The best route to Pawcatuck from Rawlings

To Charlotte Hall with a place worth some time added

While going from West Bridgewater to Charlotte Hall a way would be to first of all visit High Bridge Water Tower. It is a great stop. After that look in on Brunini Pool for swimming!

Test it for yourself!

West Bridgewater
MA 02379
High Bridge Water Tower
High Bridge, New York, NY 10452
Brunini Pool
Park Avenue, Buena, NJ 08341
Charlotte Hall
MD 20622
The best route to Charlotte Hall from West Bridgewater

Embrace ritual

Embracing ritual will provide all the discipline and structure you need to plan your day. Just like a habit, planning your day will take consistent effort. To make it your second-nature, you need to manage your schedule in any way possible.

Build and add new habits into your schedule so you can follow them consistently, without getting bored. Build patterns and ritualistic habits that align well with your values and priorities. Stop procrastinating and stick to a routine for a week or so to practice consistency.

From Urbana to Wolcott with some a stay added

When going to Wolcott from Urbana first of all stop by Parkesburg Arms Hotel for a small treat. Next hit Smoke Rise Riding Rings, it is great!

Parkesburg Arms Hotel
West Street, Parkesburg, PA 19365
Smoke Rise Riding Rings
Perimeter Road, Kinnelon, NJ 07405
The best route to Wolcott from Urbana

Why not this trip?

If going from Hertford to Lumberton a way would be to first stop by Chincoteague Pony Centre for good shopping! Lastly stop at Starbucks for a bite.

Chincoteague Pony Centre
Chicken City Road, Chincoteague, VA 23336
28662 Dupont Boulevard, Millsboro, DE 19966
NJ 08048
The best route to Lumberton from Hertford

A good trip to Alpine

If going to Alpine from Los Ybanez stop at Howard's Drive Inn for a something delicious to eat!

Los Ybanez
Howard's Drive Inn
600 East 6th Street, Monahans, TX 79756
The best route to Alpine from Los Ybanez

From Cameron to Saugerties

When driving to Saugerties from Cameron first visit Milemarker 65. It is a great stop. Next stop by Viewmont Mall for getting yourself some small treats :-)!

Let me know what you think.

WV 26033
Milemarker 65
Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail, Lower Yoder Township, PA 15906
St. Peter's Church
Old Turnpike Road, Hartleton, PA 17829
Viewmont Mall
Scranton Carbondale Highway, Dickson City, PA 18515
The best route to Saugerties from Cameron

From Barkhamsted to Bryans Road with some some saddle work added

While going from Barkhamsted to Bryans Road this is a nice way: first of all stop at Garret Mountain Equestrian Center. It's great. Next hit Christiana Mall for good shopping!

Garret Mountain Equestrian Center
Yellow Trail, Woodland Park, NJ
Christiana Mall
132 Mall Road, Cavaliers Country Club Apartments, DE 19702
Bryans Road
MD 20616
The best route to Bryans Road from Barkhamsted

From Sand Gap to Geiger with a stop for some shopping

When going from Sand Gap to Geiger this is a nice way.

Sand Gap
KY 40481
Jamestown Community Center Pool
North Main Street, Jamestown, TN 8556
Walmart Supercenter
2675 Decherd Boulevard, Decherd, TN 37398
Rickwood Caverns Pool
Rickwood Park Road, Danzler, AL 35180
The best route to Geiger from Sand Gap

A good route from Russell to Nenzel

Going from Russell to Nenzel make sure to first of all stop at GreatLIFE Fitness for some sweat! Lastly hit Taco John's for a meal.

GreatLIFE Fitness
North Rowley Street, Mitchell, SD 57301
Taco John's
Lakeview Heights, Chamberlain, SD 57325
The best route to Nenzel from Russell

To Canastota from Hopewell

When going to Canastota from Hopewell look in on Basketball Court to get that body going!

OH 43746
Basketball Court
South Rock Drive, Rock Falls Park, PA 16057
Grace United Church
99 Maple Avenue, Wellsville, NY 14895
NY 13032
The best route to Canastota from Hopewell

These were my stops from Beaverdam to Aldan

If driving to Aldan from Beaverdam I suggest you first hit Lady Washington Shop for a leg stretcher! Next stop by Domino's Pizza for a tasty meal.

VA 23015
Lady Washington Shop
3200 Mount Vernon Memorial Highway, Mount Vernon, VA 22121
Domino's Pizza
518 Washington Avenue, Chestertown, MD 21620
The best route to Aldan from Beaverdam

These were my stops to Sanborn from Conesville

Going from Conesville to Sanborn I suggest visit Ge-Angelo's for a meal.

823 Wheeler Street, Ames, IA 50010
IA 51248
The best route to Sanborn from Conesville

Let me suggest this!

While driving from Omaha to Freistatt this is my preferred way: visit Kids Pool!

TX 75571
Kids Pool
Squires Street, Alma, AR 72921
MO 65654
The best route to Freistatt from Omaha

To New Hartford from Mattaponi Indian Reservation

When driving from Mattaponi Indian Reservation to New Hartford a way would be to first of all stop by Bird Blind, it is great! Lastly visit 9/11 Memorial. It's great.

Mattaponi Indian Reservation
VA 23069:23181
Bird Blind
Succession Trail, Hockessin, Delaware, DE 19736
9/11 Memorial
Washington Road, Sayreville, NJ 08872-
New Hartford
The best route to New Hartford from Mattaponi Indian Reservation

These were my stops going to Franklin

When going from Old Brownsboro Place to Franklin first of all look in on Hampton Inn & Suites for some food. Then stop by Parengo for a cup or two!

Old Brownsboro Place
Hampton Inn & Suites
Ruby Drive, Madisonville, KY 42431
West Malone Avenue, Sikeston, MO 63801
AR 72536
The best route to Franklin from Old Brownsboro Place

To Lovingston from English

While going to Lovingston from English first stop by Good Scents Home and Body Shop for some shopping. After that make a stop at Pizza Hut Express to fill up some energy!

Good Scents Home and Body Shop
401 West Main Street, Lexington, KY 40507
Pizza Hut Express
Milepost 72 Northbound West Virginia Turnpike, Nuckolls, WV 25083
VA 22949
The best route to Lovingston from English

Why not this trip?

Going to Kirwin from Colman I suggest first visit Bed and Breakfast for the night. Next visit Hallmark for shopping!

SD 57017
Bishop Marty Chapel
West 5th Street, Yankton, SD 57078
Bed and Breakfast
8th Street, Stromsburg, NE 68666
3404 West 13th Street, Grand Island, NE 68803
KS 67644
The best route to Kirwin from Colman

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

The Martingale strategy involves doubling your bets after you take a loss, to recoup all previous losses and gain a small profit at the end. In this, you place all your wagers only on a single color and continue doubling them till you win or till you recover the losses. 

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

To Aberdeen from Cushing

If going from Cushing to Aberdeen I suggest you first visit Laurel Oak Swimming Pool, it is good! After that visit Zesto for some tasty ice cream.

Laurel Oak Swimming Pool
East 49th Street, Sioux Falls, SD 57103
West 1st Avenue, Mitchell, SD 57301
The best route to Aberdeen from Cushing

These were my stops from Ingalls to Spencer

While going to Spencer from Ingalls make a stop at Bullitt County Supermarket for some hit and run shopping!

IN 46048
Bullitt County Supermarket
Old Ky 245 West, Limestone Springs, KY 40110
TN 38585
The best route to Spencer from Ingalls

My stops from Jasper to Dawson

When going from Jasper to Dawson I suggest you first of all look in on High Falls! Secondly stop at Restaurant Overlook. It's a nice stop. After that visit Snap Fitness to get that body going (much needed when sitting in a car for the whole day).


High Falls
Moss Rock Preserve Orange Trail, Hoover, AL 35226
Restaurant Overlook
Bunker Loop, Cleburne County, AL
Snap Fitness
1290 Double Churches Road, Columbus, GA 31904
GA 39842
The best route to Dawson from Jasper

Going to Dinwiddie with a stop for a place worth some time

If driving from Newfield to Dinwiddie this is a nice way: first of all make a stop at Starbucks (in Dover) for a cup and some energy. Also visit Hallmark for a leg stretcher and some shopping! Just a small stop at Sun's Cafe to grab a bite before heading to Dinwiddie.

NJ 08344
30 North Dupont Highway, Dover, DE 19901
Saint Pauls United Methodist Church
Maryland Avenue, Cambridge, MD 21613
Leonardtown Center Parking, Leonardtown, MD 20656
Sun's Cafe
5309 New Kent Highway, Quinton, VA 23141
VA 23841
The best route to Dinwiddie from Newfield

Black Currants

Black currants are natural sources of vitamin C that carry four times the amount of Vitamin C as compared to oranges. They form collagen in our body that fights the signs of aging and regenerates skin cells. Black currants also boost your metabolism and are high in mineral iron. 

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