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Celebrate a King's day

For one day, make him the king of your castle. Spend the day anticipating what he wants. He is going to love this so much!

Make his favorite breakfast, and think about what he might want to do when he gets home.

Try thinking about it this way – if he had written down things he would want to do on a perfect day, what would they be? See what you can come up with, and do as many of those things as you can.

Trust the process

As you work towards your goal, you may feel like your manifestation is not working. It is easy to get frustrated and give up on it. But, struggling and wondering when things are going to happen is not trusting the process. When you question your method, you are telling the universe that it does not work. And you get what you give. So, trust the process and work towards it. 

Whenever you find yourself doubting, say this affirmation in your mind or aloud, “I am getting closer and closer to my goals every day. The universe has my back and it is awesome.”

Repeat this mantra till you believe it.

Stay away from junk food

There is a close association between tension and your diet. Stress often makes us reach for sugary and fatty junk foods.

Plan ahead so that you don’t end up with a bag of chips the next time you feel stressed. Instead, always store some fresh fruits and veggies ready to be eaten. 

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