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Do chores

In many families, parents create a system in which children get paid to do household chores. This can include things like taking the trash out, emptying the dishwasher or dusting a room in the house. For each chore done, the children get paid a small amount. Later on, the kids can use the money they’ve earned to buy whatever you want. This system is a great way of teaching children the value of hard work and how to handle money.

Recognize that you are Procrastinating

The biggest problem of a procrastinator is not knowing that they are procrastinating. In the middle of work or study, they could be doing anything but what they are supposed to be doing. To get rid of procrastination, form a habit of checking what you are doing.

The sooner you catch yourself procrastinating, the sooner you can get back to work. Procrastinators want to change and focus on what’s important but they get easily distracted and start feeling lazy. Acknowledging the fact, that you are procrastinating and important work is pending can motivate you to get back to what you were doing earlier.

Recognize that you are Procrastinating

Sprinkle water and lemon mixture on the couch

Get rid of pet or body odor from your vinyl or leather couch by using a clean cloth and a mixture of lemon juice and water. Lemon neutralizes the smell and leaves a clean, fresh scent in the air. But lemon is acidic and has bleaching properties as well. So, try the solution on the back of the couch to check for any discoloration before using it.

Scrape at 90 degree angle over the Holes

Spackling is a method used to fill out any holes in the wall. To fill them out effectively it requires proper application and the right amount of product. Use larger portions of product if the applied area shrinks away. Use a putty knife and scrape them at a 90 degree angle. When you see the application is smooth, let the wall dry. Now apply the second layer for even better results and then sand the surface with sandpaper.

Right Litter Box

A Bunny litter box is not like a cat litter box. Find the right size of a plastic litter box for your bunny. Line the litter box with unscented newspaper or paper towels that can absorb the urine and throw it away along with the litter. It is important to choose the right height because hopping into a large litter box can be hard for your bunny. A shallow and medium-sized litter box is also easy to clean.

Give surprise gifts

Isn’t it nice to receive gifts out of nowhere? It lights up your face and is a complete mood-changer. Add some dazzle to your spouse’s day with unexpected gifts. Surprising your husband or wife is one of the oldest yet workable techniques to add spice to your marriage. If you two usually don’t show love or affection, it’s a good gesture as the other party will think of it as something that you did by halting your work.

Whether you reveal the gift at home or workplace, just make sure to capture the moment. Record their reaction and see if they really like the gift. Another way is to take them shopping so they can shop their favorite brands.

Give surprise gifts

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