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Read its body language

Cats have very distinct body language, and once you learn it, you'll be able to better understand what a cat is thinking and how you should approach it.

A cat that initiates contact with you with its tail upright is one that would respond well to being pet. A relaxed posture and interested facial expression is also a good sign, as it shows they're comfortable and are interested in you. Purring is an especially good sign.

A cat that is turned away from you has no interest in you, and would rather be left alone. If it remains passive with no reciprocation to your affection, has its ears flattened, and thumps or swishes its tail, it's best to walk away and try again later.

Using Leaf Rake

There are many ways to collect fallen leaves from your garden. In this box, you'll learn how to collect leaves with a rake and some tips for packing leaves for disposal.

Use a leaf rake to rake the leaves in a pile.

Rake the leaves onto a plastic tarp, and then drag the leaves onto the compost pile.

If you collect leaves to collect in town, throw them in a paper bag. Use a cardboard collar to keep the bag open.

Using Leaf Rake

Banded Kickbacks

You will need a medium size resistance band for this workout. Get on all four and put on a resistance band on your knee. Pull it away and place the other end of the band at the back of your other foot's shoe. Squeeze your buttocks and kickback. Then slowly bring your leg back to the initial position. This will help work the glute muscles and the entire leg. 

Banded Kickbacks

High Yield Savings Account

Keeping your cash in a regular current account won’t benefit you. If you have some idle cash that is sitting in your bank account, open up a savings account that pays a high-interest rate. Do some research and find out, which banks pay the highest interest in your state on the value in a savings account. Transfer your funds to a high yield savings account and earn interest. 

Use an exfoliating scrub

One of the most common ways to exfoliate is to use a scrub during your shower or bath. Physical exfoliators have grain-like beads that act as the exfoliating agent on your skin. When looking for a scrub, look for one that uses sugar or another natural product. Stay away from any scrubs containing plastic beads; these can be too abrasive on sensitive skin. There are various scents and colors to choose from. Use an exfoliating scrub

Eat more fruits and vegetables

A diet filled with nutritious fruits and vegetables is not only good for your body as a whole but also for your teeth.

They’re by no means a replacement for brush your teeth, of course. But raw and crunchy fruits and veggies rub the plaque off your teeth when you chew.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

In particular, strawberries and pineapple have been popular as teeth-whitening fruits.

High risk investments- options, margin trading, and penny stocks

If you find yourself snoring when people talk about investing through mutual funds or investing in government securities, you might just be a person who loves the thrill that accompanies high risk.

Before you put your hard-earned money into these extremely risky avenues, please take a moment and realize that these methods can generate infinite losses. They’re just as capable of wiping out your entire wealth in a jiffy, as they are of doubling your money.

Simple puts and calls are known as options. An option represents a specific number of shares, so for you to make a lot of profit, the price has to move up only marginally.

High risk investments- options, margin trading, and penny stocks

If you’re not too keen on learning about derivatives (i.e. calls, puts, etc.), but would like to leverage some useful information or a hunch – you can opt for margin trading or sell a stock short. These methods enable an investor to borrow money from their broker for buying or selling more shares than they actually own, thereby increasing the potential for profits (and losses). This method is not for the faint of heart.

The final way to double your money through high-risk investments is penny stocks. Before you invest in penny stocks, be aware that these prices reflect the sentiment of investors and the overall market towards these companies. However, if you still believe that the company is about to turn corners, penny stocks have the potential to make you very wealthy.


While cooking rice, things can possibly go wrong; it can either become too hard or gummy. However, with the appropriate step, you are good to go.

Start by filling up a pot with water and then boil it.

Stir in the rice and continue cooking until the rice is soft and chewy - depending on the variety, 20 to 25 minutes for brown rice and 10 to 20 minutes for white rice. ...

Lastly, you can drain it by pouring it through a fine sieve and enjoy

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