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From Pleasantville to Gazzaville with a stop for some coffee

When going from Pleasantville to Gazzaville I suggest first of all pay a visit to The Corner Cafe & Bistro for a bite! Finally hit Snap Fitness to get that body going.

NJ 08232
The Corner Cafe & Bistro
Chelsea Avenue, Long Branch, NJ 07740
Snap Fitness
Mallard Lane, Clinton, CT 06413
RI 02839
The best route to Gazzaville from Pleasantville

My stops to Ashville from Reynolds

While going to Ashville from Reynolds I suggest first look in on The Bakery & Cafe at Rose Cottage for a caffeine boost. Finally visit Oxford City Pool for a nice experience!

GA 31076
The Bakery & Cafe at Rose Cottage
111 Broad Street, Pine Mountain, GA 31822
Oxford City Pool
Recreation Drive, Oxford, AL 36203
Abel Bethsaida Church
County Road 24, Abel, AL
AL 35953
The best route to Ashville from Reynolds

From Evarts to Waxhaw

While going from Evarts to Waxhaw this is a nice way: first make a stop at The Mustard Seed Cafe for a caffeine boost! After that look in on ETSU Tennis Courts for a leg stretcher and some pulse. Third hit Tryon International Equestrian Center, it is great. After that stop by Coffee House for a cup of coffee! Then pay a visit to The Palisades Equestrian Center, it is a nice stop!

The Mustard Seed Cafe
118 East Market Street, Kingsport, TN 37660
ETSU Tennis Courts
Boundary Drive, Johnson City, TN 37614
Tryon International Equestrian Center
4066 Pea Ridge Road, Cox, NC 28756
Coffee House
2149 South Sterling Street, Morganton, NC 28655
The Palisades Equestrian Center
19104 Youngblood Road North, Mecklenburg County, NC 28278
The best route to Waxhaw from Evarts

From Ackley to Sodus

When going from Ackley to Sodus this is my preferred way: first visit Earlville Pub & Grub for a delicious meal! After that visit Village Loft of Rockton for picking up a few things.

IA 50601
Earlville Pub & Grub
107 Northern Avenue, Earlville, IA 52041
Village Loft of Rockton
101 West Main Street, Rockton, IL 61072
Temple Chai
Checker Road, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
MI 49126
The best route to Sodus from Ackley

A nice way to Stratford from Magnolia

Driving from Magnolia to Stratford I suggest you first look in on Fox Ridge Farm for some horses! Finally visit Ben & Jerry's for some tasty ice cream.

I welcome feedback!

NC 28453
Fox Ridge Farm
Fox Ridge Lane, Smithfield, VA 23430
Ben & Jerry's
332 Water Street, Yorktown, VA 23690
NJ 08084
The best route to Stratford from Magnolia

From Plain Grove Township to Flatwoods

Driving from Plain Grove Township to Flatwoods I suggest you first hit Giannamore's Pizza for a bite! After that stop by Home Town Health and Fitness, it is good.

Plain Grove Township
Giannamore's Pizza
407 Cadiz Road, Wintersville, OH 43953
Home Town Health and Fitness
435 North 8th Street, Cambridge, OH 43725
The best route to Flatwoods from Plain Grove Township

My stops from Wyocena to Claypool

Last time I went from Wyocena this was the route.

WI 53969
Waukegan Yacht Club
199 North Harbor Place, Waukegan, IL 60085
The best route to Claypool from Wyocena

A nice trip to Penn Lake Park from Addison

Ok!, Driving from Addison to Penn Lake Park make sure to first of all visit ProCare Fitness for training. Lastly look in on Friedenshutten Monument for a great experience!

ProCare Fitness
Roosevelt Highway, North Towanda, PA 18848
Friedenshutten Monument
Moravian Road, Browntown, PA 18853
Penn Lake Park
The best route to Penn Lake Park from Addison

My stops from Fairview to Kingman

Going to Kingman from Fairview make sure to pay a visit to East Entrance Sign for a leg stretcher.

East Entrance Sign
UT 9, Orderville, UT 84755
The best route to Kingman from Fairview

From Waterford to Westphalia with a stop for some swimming

Driving to Westphalia from Waterford make sure to first of all pay a visit to Buffalo Center Municipal Pool. It's good. Next visit Christensen Activity Center to get that body going!

MN 55057
Buffalo Center Municipal Pool
6th Avenue Northeast, Buffalo Center, IA 50424
Christensen Activity Center
7th Avenue South, Estherville, IA 51334
IA 51578
The best route to Westphalia from Waterford

To Paramus from Tamaqua

If driving from Tamaqua to Paramus this is a nice way: first of all stop by Fast Fit Cafe for some sodas. Then hit Cookie House for a nice meal! Next stop by Christmas Tree Shops for a leg stretcher and some shopping.

PA 18252
Fast Fit Cafe
306 Delaware Avenue, Palmerton, PA 18071
Cookie House
Hope - Great Meadow Road, Hope, NJ 07844
Christmas Tree Shops
Mount Hope Avenue, Rockaway Township, NJ 07866-2130
The best route to Paramus from Tamaqua

A Fast Internet Connection

When working from home, you might require a faster and reliable internet connection. If you have a slow internet connection because all you did with your internet connection was send messages and watch videos, you may need to upgrade.

A faster internet connection that rarely goes down, would be expensive but it can be more dependable than 2 internet connections that are too slow and risky. If you need a back-up, get an internet connection from a different internet service provider.

A Fast Internet Connection

Let me suggest this!

Ok!, Going from Port Hope to Wellington make sure to first visit Arby's for a something to eat! Lastly visit Randolph for some rest.

Port Hope
1189 Dexter Street, Milan, MI 48160
East Washington Street, Winchester, IN 47394
The best route to Wellington from Port Hope

Let me suggest this!

Driving from Jacksonville to Hickory Grove a way would be to first of all hit 4-L Plaza for getting yourself some small treats :-). Next make a stop at Bettendorf Community Center for some exercise! Then pay a visit to Riverview Hotel for great food!

4-L Plaza
North Broad Street, Galesburg, IL 61401
Bettendorf Community Center
22nd Street, Bettendorf, IA 52722
Riverview Hotel
State Street, Bellevue, IA 52031
Hickory Grove
The best route to Hickory Grove from Jacksonville

A good trip from Fountainville to Montague

If driving from Fountainville to Montague this is a nice way: first visit Camp Tamarack Dining Hall Ruins. I liked it! Finally pay a visit to Kent Pizza Garden for something handy to eat.

A good one.

Camp Tamarack Dining Hall Ruins
Tamarack Road, Oakland, NJ 07436
Kent Pizza Garden
Railroad Street, Kent, CT 06757
The best route to Montague from Fountainville

My stops to Town of White Creek from Colchester

Going from Colchester to Town of White Creek I suggest you first of all make a stop at Addison County Fair & Field Days for some sweat. After that stop by Bittersweet Falls, it is a nice stop!

Addison County Fair & Field Days
1790, New Haven, VT 05472
Bittersweet Falls
Weybridge, VT 05753
Town of White Creek
Town of White Creek, NY 12057
The best route to Town of White Creek from Colchester

I suggest this!

When driving from Merom to Walmart Supercenter this is my preferred way.

Walmart Supercenter
1195 Barret Boulevard, Henderson, KY 42420
The best route to Walmart Supercenter from Merom

All the way to Felicity

Going to Felicity from Tidwells make sure to first visit Anytime Fitness for some exercising! Next pay a visit to Old Gymnasium for a leg stretcher. After that hit Sutton Pool. I liked it. After that look in on Sleep Inn for a night! Next visit Anytime Fitness, it is great.

VA 22469
Anytime Fitness
James Madison Highway, Orange, VA 22942
Old Gymnasium
Bowman Community Plaza, Bridgewater, VA
Sutton Pool
1st Street, Sutton, WV 26601
Sleep Inn
Senator Jennings Randolph Highway, Wilson, WV 25311
Anytime Fitness
US 52, Portsmouth, OH 45662
The best route to Felicity from Tidwells

From Azusa to Foster City with some something to eat added

Driving from Azusa to Foster City this is a nice way: first stop at Carl's Jr. for a some food. Then make a stop at Shafter Community Pool! Next visit Save Mart for a leg stretcher and some shopping. Finally stop at Don Chente's Restaurant for a meal!

From me to you. There you go!

Carl's Jr.
Gorman Post Road, Gorman, CA 92343
Shafter Community Pool
Valley Street, Shafter, CA 93263
Save Mart
East Polk Street, Coalinga, CA
Don Chente's Restaurant
191 San Felipe Road, Hollister, CA 95023-4015
Foster City
The best route to Foster City from Azusa

Email your professional acquaintances

One of the most common ways people learn about open positions at different companies is through mutual acquaintances. Having the right connections can open a lot of doors for you in the professional world. If you're unsure of where to go next in your job search, try emailing old colleagues that may have heard of an open position that you may not know of yet. At the very least, you'll make contact with someone who will keep you in mind if they hear of something in the future.

I suggest this!

Driving from Roy to Garibaldi hit Mt. St. Helens Gifts for shopping.

Mt. St. Helens Gifts
Buker Lane Northeast, Castle Rock, WA 98611
OR 97118
The best route to Garibaldi from Roy

A nice route from Englewood to New Hope

Going to New Hope from Englewood make sure to first of all pay a visit to Childrens Waterpark. It's good! Finally hit Walmart Supercenter for good shopping.

Childrens Waterpark
West Montana Avenue, Chickasha, OK 73018
Walmart Supercenter
1845 Brookline Drive, Duncan, OK 73533
New Hope
The best route to New Hope from Englewood

These were my stops going to Blanchardville

Ok!, Going from Ishpeming to Blanchardville make sure to stop by Luigi's Italian Restaurant to have some snacks and something to drink.

Let me know what you think.

MI 49849
Luigi's Italian Restaurant
South Main Street, Shawano, WI 54166
The best route to Blanchardville from Ishpeming

Going to Signal Mountain with a stop for a coffee-break

If going from Blacksburg to Signal Mountain first make a stop at Green Cove Station, it is worth it! Then stop at Tipton's Cafe for a caffeine boost. Next visit National Fitness Center. It's good!

Green Cove Station
Virginia Creeper Trail, Grayson County, VA
Tipton's Cafe
127 West Depot Street, Greeneville, TN 37743
National Fitness Center
Montgomery Lane, Maryville, TN 37803
Signal Mountain
TN 37377
The best route to Signal Mountain from Blacksburg

These were my stops to Moriarty from Beaver Valley Estates

Ok!, Going to Moriarty from Beaver Valley Estates make sure to hit Jim Gray's Petrified Wood Company for some shopping!

Beaver Valley Estates
Tesla Supercharger
Navajo Boulevard, Holbrook, AZ
Jim Gray's Petrified Wood Company
147 US 180, Holbrook, AZ 86025
NM 87035
The best route to Moriarty from Beaver Valley Estates

Ask him questions

Sending the first text can be nerve-wracking. The best way to start a conversation that will continue organically is to ask the guy questions. It shows that you're interested in getting to know him and what he's about. On the other hand, make sure to take note of the effort he puts into the conversation. He should be asking you questions to show that he has an interest in talking to you too.

These were my stops from Edmonson to Melvin

Ok!, Driving to Melvin from Edmonson make sure to first of all hit Plum Crazy for shopping. After that stop by The Ride for a leg stretcher!

Plum Crazy
East Main Street, Post, TX 79356
The Ride
Frenchmans Creek Road, Abilene, TX 79605
TX 76758
The best route to Melvin from Edmonson

Don't Get Manipulated

Narcissists have a burning desire to make people do what they want. They manipulate the individuals around them and treat them like they don’t deserve happiness and appreciation. Don’t let the narcissist control your life. The best way to tackle a narcissist is to avoid listening to them at the very beginning. When you feel that your daughter is dictating the rules on when you will leave the house and who you can meet or what you will eat, you need to make it clear that you are a free being and you have the right to do whatever you want. It may trigger a reaction from her, but it is necessary to confront the narcissist in such situations.

Don't Get Manipulated

From Cannonville to Carlin with some some shopping added

If going to Carlin from Cannonville first of all stop at Bryce Canyon Trading Post for a leg stretcher. Then hit Flat Iron Cafe for a some food!

Better than going straight!

UT 84718
Bryce Canyon Trading Post
UT 12, Hillsdale, UT 84579
Flat Iron Cafe
South Main Street, Milford, UT 84751
NV 89822
The best route to Carlin from Cannonville

Unforeseen circumstances

These are events that don’t ordinarily occur, but they do sometimes – and can be used as a way to call out of work. What if your babysitter didn’t show up? What if your friend needed to be driven to the hospital immediately?

Your boss can’t ask you to show up when you have such emergencies hovering over you. But don’t overdo it, because at some point these emergencies might actually occur – and you’ll need to be able to get out of work then, too. 

Don't make sleep another achievement

Studies have shown that people who suffer from sleep problems do not sleep much less than others, but that they do lie awake a lot in bed. If this happens, it will be easy to think that you need to sleep, and even more so when listening to all these sensible advice to follow. This in turn means that the bed is learned as a place where we worry and experience stress. Then it is better to get up for a while and engage in some calm activity in dim lighting: listen to calm music or read something relaxing and then try again when you feel sleepy.

Have him sprint up and down the stairs

Use the stairs at your home to tire out an energetic, active dog. It also benefits the dog because climbing the stairs requires your dog to use different muscles than those used during a walk. Plus, the elevation also adds another layer of difficulty.

Have him sprint up and down the stairs

To use stairs for exercising your pupper, climb up the stairs and from up there, toss a toy down to the dog. As he excitedly rushes to grab the toy, call him up to you with the toy, just like you’d do while playing fetch. A few such sprints should do the job. 

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