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The way to Town of Sugar Camp

If going to Town of Sugar Camp from Poplar this is a good way: first of all pay a visit to Minnewawa Gun Range, it is a nice stop! Next hit Spooner Veterans Memorial. I liked it. Then make a stop at Super One Foods for picking up a few things!

Minnewawa Gun Range
383rd Lane, East Lake, MN 55760
Spooner Veterans Memorial
Hatchery Street, Spooner, WI
Super One Foods
1347 4th Avenue South, Park Falls, WI 54552
Town of Sugar Camp
WI 54521:54562
The best route to Town of Sugar Camp from Poplar

These were my stops to Scottville from Industry

While driving from Industry to Scottville a way would be to first visit Andy's Frozen Custard for some awesome sorbet! Next make a stop at Dogs and Cream for something handy to eat.

Andy's Frozen Custard
3104 95th Street, Naperville, IL 60564
Dogs and Cream
2721 Douglas Avenue, Racine, WI 53402:53404
MI 49454
The best route to Scottville from Industry

A good route from Newent to Lexington Township

Going from Newent to Lexington Township visit Deputy Sheriff Charles E. Smith (1843-1891) Historic Marker, it is good!

CT 06383
Deputy Sheriff Charles E. Smith (1843-1891) Historic Marker
Washington Street, Barrington, NH 03825
Lexington Township
The best route to Lexington Township from Newent

I suggest this!

Driving from Coal Run Village to Cramerton first of all visit Hardy Roberts Memorial Wave Pool. After that stop at Mountain Man Trading Post for great shopping!

Coal Run Village
Hardy Roberts Memorial Wave Pool
Panther Lane, Saltville, VA 24370
Mountain Man Trading Post
5299 Blowing Rock Boulevard, Bailey Camp, NC 28645
NC 28032
The best route to Cramerton from Coal Run Village

Get a prescription

Sore throat is possible because of viruses or bacteria. So, if your sore throat does not go away in a day, or if it gets worse then see a doctor for a strep test. You might need an antibiotic. If your doctor has prescribed you the medicines, ensure that you complete the course. Don’t stop taking medicine even when you don’t have those symptoms anymore. Stopping the course mid-way can leave some bacteria behind and can re-infect you.

A nice trip from Columbia to Grundy

When driving from Columbia to Grundy this is a nice way.

Hawksbill Diner
Hawksbill Drive, Marksville, VA 22851
Ruby Tuesday
Coleman Drive, Lewisburg, WV 24901
VA 24614
The best route to Grundy from Columbia

From Millbury to Cayuta with a stop for some training

If going from Millbury to Cayuta a way would be to first pay a visit to Memmorial Field Rec Park and FIeld for a nice experience! After that stop by Overlook, it is a nice stop.

OH 43447
Memmorial Field Rec Park and FIeld
3986 Center Road, Perry, OH 44081
Kinzua Point, Kinzua Heights, PA
NY 14824
The best route to Cayuta from Millbury

Let me suggest this!

Driving from River Falls to Gilbertville a way would be to visit Caribou Coffee for a caffeine kick.

River Falls
WI 54022
Caribou Coffee
Marketplace Drive Northwest, Rochester, MN 555901
IA 50634
The best route to Gilbertville from River Falls

A good route to Mobridge from Harlan

If going to Mobridge from Harlan first stop at Starbucks to fill up some energy. Then make a stop at Way Station to fill up with some energy!

525 West Cherry Street, Vermillion, SD 57069
Way Station
West 7th Street, Woonsocket, SD 57385
SD 57601
The best route to Mobridge from Harlan

From Bruce to Westfield

If driving to Westfield from Bruce first look in on Huether Family Match Pointe for some sweat. Next visit GrandStay Hotel & Suites Tea / Sioux Falls for a night!

Huether Family Match Pointe
4210 Bobhalla Drive, Sioux Falls, SD 57107
GrandStay Hotel & Suites Tea / Sioux Falls
830 Gateway Lane, Tea, SD 57064
The best route to Westfield from Bruce

I suggest this!

When going from Allison to Village of Elderon a way would be to first of all make a stop at Drift Mercantile for good shopping! After that stop at 1878 Restaurant for something handy to eat.

Drift Mercantile
211 Pearl Street, La Crosse, WI 54601
1878 Restaurant
701 Yogi Circle, Warrens, WI 54666
Village of Elderon
The best route to Village of Elderon from Allison

A good trip from Quinby to Louisburg

When driving to Louisburg from Quinby this is my suggestion.

VA 23423
Franklin Municipal Pool
West 4th Avenue, Franklin, VA 23851
The best route to Louisburg from Quinby

I suggest this!

While going to Bernice from Raymore visit Tyler's Cafe to fill up some energy!

MO 64083
Tyler's Cafe
East McKay Street, Frontenac, KS 66763
OK 74331
The best route to Bernice from Raymore

Put a love note in his lunch box

Do you pack his lunch to take to the office every day? If yes, spice up this chore a bit and leave him a small love note. He will probably find and read it in the lunch hour and will fall in love with you. You could write anything sweet in the love note – write a dorky message, a naughty joke, a lovely poem, or a simple, ‘I Love you’.

Whatever you write in that note, make sure you have him feeling warm for the rest of the day. I once tried it with my husband and believe me, he brought me roses and a box of my favorite chocolates.

Going to Fairmont with a stop for a coffee-break

When going from Wewoka to Fairmont a way would be to first stop by Brew 66 for a bite. Next visit Guthrie Historic District, it is a nice stop!

OK 74884
Tecumseh Pentecostal Church of God
210 West Washington Street, Tecumseh, OK 74873
Brew 66
416 North Dogwood Street, Luther, OK 73054
Guthrie Historic District
East Harrison Avenue, Guthrie, OK 73044
The best route to Fairmont from Wewoka

From Cape Saint Claire to Winfield with some a place worth some time added

Last time I went to Winfield from Cape Saint Claire this was my route.

Cape Saint Claire
MD 21409
Pete Bond Scenic Overlook
Elk Neck LightHouse Trail, La Plaine Estates, MD 21901
Solly Stables
Tabor Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111
The best route to Winfield from Cape Saint Claire

A good way to Gilberts from Latimer

When driving from Latimer to Gilberts I suggest you hit IGA for shopping!


Tesla Supercharger
South Locust Street, Dubuque, IA 52003
7989 Tisdell Avenue, Warren, IL 61087
IL 60136
The best route to Gilberts from Latimer

A nicer way to Willis from Bradford

Going to Willis from Bradford hit Gifts Galore & More for shopping!


Tesla Supercharger
Bass Pro Parkway, Little Rock, AR 722210
Gifts Galore & More
113 Church Street, Natchitoches, LA 71457
TX 77305
The best route to Willis from Bradford

To Chatsworth from Hartford

While driving to Chatsworth from Hartford I suggest stop by Fort Tyler. It's a nice stop!

AL 36344
Fort Tyler
Lanett, AL 36863
The best route to Chatsworth from Hartford

From Knox Chapel to Allen Park

Driving to Allen Park from Knox Chapel make sure to look in on Rising River Farm. It's a nice stop.

A better one!

Knox Chapel
PA 16023
Rising River Farm
6618 Chagrin River Road, Bentleyville, OH 44139
Allen Park
MI 48101
The best route to Allen Park from Knox Chapel

From Columbus to Spaulding with a stop for some shopping

Ok!, Going from Columbus to Spaulding make sure to first of all visit Boston Tee's for some shopping. Then make a stop at Meijer for getting yourself some small treats :-)!

Boston Tee's
Terminal Road, Dayton, OH 45377
Main Street, Royalton, IN 46077
The best route to Spaulding from Columbus

To Salem Township from Warren

If driving from Warren to Salem Township this is a good way: first hit Forever Yoga to get that body going (much needed when sitting in a car for the whole day)! Secondly make a stop at Anthony's Pizza for a great lunch. Next stop by Jimbob's General Store for a little something to eat!

Forever Yoga
Nashua Street, Milford, NH 03055
Anthony's Pizza
Center Street, Wolfeboro, NH 03894
Jimbob's General Store
43 East Main Street, Denmark, ME 04022
Salem Township
The best route to Salem Township from Warren

To Clarence from Spring Hill

When driving to Clarence from Spring Hill I suggest you make a stop at The Shoppes at Bradley Hall for a leg stretcher!

Spring Hill
The Shoppes at Bradley Hall
519 Drake Avenue, Centerville, IA 52544
The best route to Clarence from Spring Hill

A nice way to Finlayson

Going from Donahue to Finlayson make sure to visit Days Inn for a pause!

Days Inn
420 Cottonwood Drive, Winona, MN 55987
The best route to Finlayson from Donahue

Get your hands dirty with DIY wishes

Most people would wish someone Happy Birthday by calling them or sending a Hallmark card. Sending cards will never go out of style. But, it would show much more care and affection if the card is handmade. So, you could go through DIY card making videos available on YouTube and make a Birthday card by yourself. You could add some good pictures of you with the person and nice messages or even a hand-written letter. If you want to do something more, just send a chocolate box that the person loves with the card.

These were my stops going to Bradfordsville

While going to Bradfordsville from Dickson this is my preferred way: first of all make a stop at Historic Perk for something handy to eat! Secondly stop by Culver's for a little something to eat. After that stop by Gosser Gym to break some sweat.

TN 37055
Historic Perk
704 South Main Street, Springfield, TN 37172
4903 Scottsville Road, Bowling Green, KY 42104
Gosser Gym
Meader Street, Campbellsville, KY 42718
The best route to Bradfordsville from Dickson

Coffee always works

So you’ve had a little too much to drink and now need to sober up for an urgent meeting. There are several ways you can sober up fast. One of which is coffee. Grab a quick espresso, or double espresso if you need something stronger. This will immediately boost you up and make you alert. You can dash into the meeting completely aware of your surroundings and pretty sober. 

These were my stops from Lockbourne to Campbellsport

Driving to Campbellsport from Lockbourne I suggest first visit Holiday Inn Fort Wayne-IPFW & Coliseum for the night. Finally pay a visit to Eastlake Fitness Club for some exercise!

Holiday Inn Fort Wayne-IPFW & Coliseum
Paul Shaffer Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46805
Eastlake Fitness Club
Edwardsburg Highway, Granger, IN 46530
WI 53010
The best route to Campbellsport from Lockbourne

My stops from Alma to Ephraim

When going to Ephraim from Alma this is a good way: stop at Highline Lake State Park for great training!

Highline Lake State Park
T Road, Mesa County, CO 81525
UT 84627
The best route to Ephraim from Alma

A nicer trip to Long Beach from Elkton

Going from Elkton to Long Beach make sure to first make a stop at Pizza Me for a little something to eat. Next make a stop at Papa Murphy's for a some food!

Pizza Me
Old US Highway 20, Toledo, OR 97391
Papa Murphy's
2140 Hadley Road North, Tillamook, OR 97141
Long Beach
WA 98631
The best route to Long Beach from Elkton

Avoid exposure to blue light

It’s always irresistible to see who has liked or commented on your picture, or see if you have any other interesting notifications on your phone. But, don’t!

Tuck your iPads and iPhones far away before you sleep so you don’t end up giving in to your temptations.

These screens emit blue light which makes your brain think it is daytime. The longer you expose yourself to blue light, the more awake you will feel. 

Build a support network

If you don’t feel 100 percent about coming out to your parents and family directly, try to come out to someone who you know will support you first. Build a support network so you have someone to lean on if things don’t go well when you come out to your family. If you want, have a person you trust with you when you do finally decide on coming out to your parents.

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