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Put a love note in his lunch box

Do you pack his lunch to take to the office every day? If yes, spice up this chore a bit and leave him a small love note. He will probably find and read it in the lunch hour and will fall in love with you. You could write anything sweet in the love note – write a dorky message, a naughty joke, a lovely poem, or a simple, ‘I Love you’.

Whatever you write in that note, make sure you have him feeling warm for the rest of the day. I once tried it with my husband and believe me, he brought me roses and a box of my favorite chocolates.

Get a prescription

Sore throat is possible because of viruses or bacteria. So, if your sore throat does not go away in a day, or if it gets worse then see a doctor for a strep test. You might need an antibiotic. If your doctor has prescribed you the medicines, ensure that you complete the course. Don’t stop taking medicine even when you don’t have those symptoms anymore. Stopping the course mid-way can leave some bacteria behind and can re-infect you.

Avoid exposure to blue light

It’s always irresistible to see who has liked or commented on your picture, or see if you have any other interesting notifications on your phone. But, don’t!

Tuck your iPads and iPhones far away before you sleep so you don’t end up giving in to your temptations.

These screens emit blue light which makes your brain think it is daytime. The longer you expose yourself to blue light, the more awake you will feel. 

Coffee always works

So you’ve had a little too much to drink and now need to sober up for an urgent meeting. There are several ways you can sober up fast. One of which is coffee. Grab a quick espresso, or double espresso if you need something stronger. This will immediately boost you up and make you alert. You can dash into the meeting completely aware of your surroundings and pretty sober. 

Get your hands dirty with DIY wishes

Most people would wish someone Happy Birthday by calling them or sending a Hallmark card. Sending cards will never go out of style. But, it would show much more care and affection if the card is handmade. So, you could go through DIY card making videos available on YouTube and make a Birthday card by yourself. You could add some good pictures of you with the person and nice messages or even a hand-written letter. If you want to do something more, just send a chocolate box that the person loves with the card.

Build a support network

If you don’t feel 100 percent about coming out to your parents and family directly, try to come out to someone who you know will support you first. Build a support network so you have someone to lean on if things don’t go well when you come out to your family. If you want, have a person you trust with you when you do finally decide on coming out to your parents.

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