Best Ways to Sober up quick


Coffee always works

So you’ve had a little too much to drink and now need to sober up for an urgent meeting. There are several ways you can sober up fast. One of which is coffee. Grab a quick espresso, or double espresso if you need something stronger. This will immediately boost you up and make you alert. You can dash into the meeting completely aware of your surroundings and pretty sober. 

Written by Winnie Fisher
8 months ago

Sleep well

There’s nothing better than a good sleep to sober you up. Proper sleep will allow you the rest and recovery that you need. It restores your body’s ability to kick alcohol out of the system. Your liver will also be better able to metabolize the alcohol. The better and longer your sleep, the soberer you will feel. 

Written by Miguel Roberson
5 months ago

Cold showers

Better yet, cold shower. While the shower will not fully recover you from the hangover, you will feel a lot better. A cold shower can even make you aware for a while. However, you should know that cold showers do not work for everyone. In some cases, it may prove to be counterintuitive as the coldness may cause temporary shock or loss of consciousness. 

Written by Cindy Harris
4 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Sober Up Quick?

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