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Dermaplaning is the removal of fine hairs on your face, such as on your forehead and cheeks. Dermaplaning has become extremely popular lately, as it helps to remove dead skin and give that desired "glass skin" look. While many people go and get this done at a salon, it can be a little pricey, so some try the DIY route.

First, you need the right tool: Many people use "brow razors" or "dermaplaning razors" as they are designed for use on the face, so they are shaped well, and the razors themselves are quite small. It's not ideal to use the kind of razor you would use on your legs, or a man might use on his beard, as those hairs are much coarser and as such the razors are quite a bit stronger.

Then wash your face with a very gentle cleanser and while your face is damp but not wet, begin shaving, moving upwards from your jaw. Go extremely slow and be very gentle, as if you rush, you may cut yourself and create scars. Make sure you're not doing this while your skin is inflamed or over any breakouts, as that can cause scarring too. Rinse off any excess hair or dead skin as you go.

Then rinse your face gently and moisturize with a very gentle, preferably perfume-free, moisturizer. You just removed what is essentially your skin's first line of defense, so be extra gentle with it. Moisturize generously, use sunscreen, and touch it as little as possible.

Water Bottles

Hiding alcohol in a water bottle is a pretty common tactic that festival management will be careful to check for. So, go the full mile and replace the contents of the bottle without breaking the seal. When security sees that the seal is still on, they won't question the contents of the bottle.

Grill Chicken and Vegetables in Foil

You can grill carrots, corn, bell pepper, and any other vegetables you like with the chicken. Marinate the chicken with some fresh garlic, lime juice, salt, and paprika for 30 minutes. Remove the chicken and discard the marinade. Combine chicken and vegetables and add them in a foil. Drizzle some olive oil on top and add some more salt if you like. Grill for 10-20 minutes until the chicken and vegetables are thoroughly cooked inside the foil.

Do your research

Once you’ve narrowed in on what your interests are, it’s time to do some research on how you could monetize your interests and skills. If you like to write, you can train to become a copywriter and market yourself as a freelancer. If you are interested in sports, you can get certified as a physical trainer and begin working at a gym. It’s all about finding a way to make the topics you are interested in work as employment.

Eat meat, fish, and Poultry

Poultry, fish, and meat do not only provide heme iron but can also stimulation non-heme iron absorption. Science suggests that the addition of fish, cereal-based meals, chicken, or beef in your diet results in 2X non-heme iron absorption.

The studies suggest that adding only 75 to 80 grams of meat to your meal increases non-heme iron absorption by 2.5 times. You can also consume foods rich in vitamin C to improve the absorption of iron from your meals.Eat meat, fish, and Poultry

Well-fed and clean baby is a sleepy baby

Having your children develop healthy sleep habits is not a cakewalk. It will take a great deal of effort on your part. If your toddler is fussing, try to understand the reason behind it. It may be that they’re hungry or need a diaper change. Once they’re full and fresh, try to put them to sleep gently. Reassure that you’re there from time to time. Sing them a lullaby if you can. And watch them slowly drift off. 

T-shirt Marriage Proposal

This proposal idea is one of the best ones so far because it will be confusing and surprising. Invite your close friends and family to your house. You’ll need to invite 9-16 members and make them wear t-shirts. When your boyfriend goes to the bathroom or goes out for a call, bring out the WILL YOU MARRY ME? Or MARRY ME? T-shirts and make your friends and family members wear them. Let him get confused when he comes back and sees everyone wearing a single alphabet T-shirt. In a minute or two organize them to reveal the question and take a photo. Ask the person who is not wearing the t-shirt to take photos. Proposing in front of the family when they are in on it also means that you have their blessing. 

Charting your basal body temperature

Basal body temperature (BBT) charting involves taking your temperature first thing in the morning before you have even risen from the bed. Maintain a chart throughout your cycle and you can detect when a sustained temperature increase indicates you have ovulated. In some cases, BBT charting may even offer a hint of whether you have conceived or not.

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