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Sit in the front row

This might sound scary at first, but it’s not that bad once you do it a few times. When you’re sitting in the front row of the class, you’ll be less tempted to check your phone every few minutes.

The thought of being selected by the lecturer to participate in the discussion will also keep you on your toes because you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of the entire class. This will motivate you to finish all your assignments on time and read through the coursework before you even step inside of the classroom. 

Invest in a running vest

If you’re a running aficionado, you may want to consider investing a running vest. While they are very pricey, it is a great tool you can use for recreational runs, long distance running and marathons. There are a variety of options, including lightweight models that won’t weigh you down while running. If you’re not a devoted runner, you can skip this piece and buy something a little cheaper. However, this is something to consider if you will be getting a lot of use out of it.

Get it out by writing it

Expressing what is on your mind will help you in maintaining a focused mind. After a significant event or a long day, you may feel confused and not be able to make sense of your feelings. By writing it down in your journal, you may be able to think clearer and move forward.

Get it out by writing it

Take a break from social media

Let’s face it, we are hearing all negative in the news since the pandemic started. Social media is no less in spiking our anxiety. The messages that the media is conveying is wrong at so many levels. Therefore, it is best for you to distance yourself from the news and social media for some time.

Instead, keep yourself busy reading a book or trying out new recipes. The more time you spend hearing about the novel coronavirus, the more it is going to mess with your mind. 

Hugs, more hugs, and some hand-holding

Can't express how you feel with words? Many people struggle to talk about their feelings, but you can show you care with physical touch. Hug your partner. There is not much that touch cannot fix. Just hug and hold each other. Find out reasons to touch each other. It can be a long embrace or just touching their waist while you pass by. Hold hands when you are watching TV or just cuddle at night. Let your body speak for you.

Hugs, more hugs, and some hand-holding

How Did you Do that

Show her that you are surprised to look at something she did. It shows that you adore her creativity. When you see her make a DIY box or cook something delicious, ask her how she made it. She’ll happily explain that to you. Don’t overdo the compliment by acting shocked and then ignoring the creative product the next moment. 

How Did you Do that

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