Best Ways to Heat a garage


Radiant heat systems

You can install a radiant heating system under the garage floor or as panels in the garage’s walls or ceiling. Instead of using the air in the room, the system uses infrared radiation to heat a surface itself. There are several types of floor as well as wall or ceiling radiant heat systems, so be sure to do your homework before you choose one for yourself.

Written by Ramona Terry
2 years ago

Combustion space heater

Combustion space heaters create heat by using a fuel source, for example, propane or kerosene. While most combustion space heaters need to be run only on a specific type of fuel, several models can run on more than one type of fuel source – which can help you save a few bucks because you can buy the source that’s currently the cheapest.

Written by Edgar Johns
2 months ago

Insulate the garage doors and windows

If where you live generally only has mild winters, you can maintain a comfortable temperature in the garage by insulating the door and windows. You may still have to put on a few layers while you’re working in the garage, but the insulation will help keep the garage far warmer than the outside.

Written by Nancy Barton
2 years ago

Use insulation

Heating your garage can be very useful in the cold winter months. However, putting heat into your garage only works if there is sufficient insulation to keep your garage heated consistently. To make sure your garage can stay heated, insulate your garage doors to keep heat from escaping through the cracks. You can also insulate your walls and windows. Before investing in a heating system, make sure your garage is ready to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Written by Jesus Burgess
4 months ago

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