Best Ways to Ask a girl out


Be Yourself

Know her likes, interests, and nature. Be genuinely interested in her talks and try to start a conversation that can be discussed. Avoid questions like favorite color or favorite food. These are conversation stoppers.  Instead, you can talk about something that interests both of you, as this will give her a passage to your thoughts as well. Once you know that the feeling is mutual, ask her out. You can ask her casually when you are talking if you are too nervous or go out to a nice place and ask her to make her feel special. 

Be Yourself

Written by Angelica Garcia
5 months ago

Be Clear

Asking her out to go eat sandwiches or go to the movies will only make her think that you are trying to be friendly. Make it clear that you want to go on a date to avoid giving her mixed feelings. It might make you nervous to ask her out on a date because she might say No to date and Yes to hanging out but it is a chance you have to take. Be honest and let her know that you want to go on a romantic date. 

Written by Nicholas English
3 months ago

Look Good and Smell Good

Girls are attracted to well-dressed men because they know how to take care of themselves and make an effort when a lot of boys don’t. You don’t have to be the most handsome guy in the room, just don’t approach her when you are still wearing the basic you woke up in. Take some time to shower and wear good clothes.

A clean pair of shoes, some accessories, appropriate attire for the occasion is all it takes. It will be hard for a girl to turn down a well-dressed man, so your chances of getting a yes increase if you look and smell good. 

Look Good and Smell Good

Written by Milton Walker
2 years ago

Body Language

Your body language says a lot about you. Women find confident men attractive. If you want to get her attention from across the room, display confidence and keep a good posture. A minor change in your body language can get her to notice you. When talking to her, don’t appear shy or nervous. Take your time to prepare yourself, go to the bathroom or outside to freshen up, and think about what you will say. When you are ready, talk to her and stay determined to get a yes

Written by Jacquelyn Lee
4 months ago

Make Eye Contact and Speak Clearly

When you have her face to face and are ready to ask her out, breathe to calm yourself. Smile, make gentle eye contact and stand up straight. Avoid slouching, looking at the ground, or murmuring. Remember, you don't need to say more than 2 or 3 sentences. 

If you are nervous, practice what you will say in front of a mirror several times.

You can also record yourself asking her out. Play it again to see how it sounds and make any adjustments you need. Do you say "umm" or pauses a lot? Keep practicing until your question sounds natural.Make Eye Contact and Speak Clearly

Written by Shelia Harrell
3 years ago

Select the Right Time

The timing matters especially if you see her every day. If she’s a colleague or you study at the same college, ask her when she appears in a good mode and no one can hear you because if her friends are around, you will only give her friends a reason to tease her. Ask her at a time when she does not have many plans. If you are at college and exams are coming up, she might want to study more and avoid going out so a No is very obvious. 

Written by Faye Cummings
12 months ago

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