Best Ways to Start a conversation on tinder


Read their bio

This will show them you’re not just some creep that crawled into their inbox after taking a look at their display photo. Read their bio and see what they like and learn a little bit about them.

Often, the bio will give you at least one thing that can get the ball rolling. For example, if her bio says she loves to read books, and you also like reading books (I’m assuming as an example), then this is the perfect way to strike a conversation. Discuss what books they’ve read recently, and the conversation will flow nicely.

Read their bio

Written by Mindy Mcdonald
1 year ago

Initiate conversation

A great way to have a conversation on Tinder is to start a conversation. It sounds obvious, but many people on dating apps start the chat with "Hey" and expect rousing conversation to flow from there.

Open with something interesting that will make the other person want to respond. Why did you like their profile? Is there something interesting in their profile picture you want to comment on? Do you have any common interests? Maybe they have a pet in their picture, what's its name?

Another great option for an opener is a question. If you ask a question, the other person knows how to answer, and from there, a real conversation can start.

Written by Cary Crawford
11 months ago

Check your spelling mistakes and slang

This may seem obvious but oftentimes people text with bad grammar and poor spelling. These are huge turn-offs and will decrease your chances of getting a reply. In today’s world where auto-correct is there on every smartphone, a spelling mistake is a poor excuse.

Written by Douglas Johnson
5 months ago

Compliment the other person

If you’re on their profile, you certainly liked something about them. Who doesn’t love a healthy dose of praises? Share what you liked about them and that might strike up a buzzing conversation. Be sure to be genuine and sincere, though. Also, it’s best to compliment something like her dress or earrings rather than her eyes so you don’t appear to be coming on too strong.

Written by Carolyn Mclaughlin
1 year ago

Start by complimenting

Try breaking the ice with a sincere compliment. Make sure it’s genuine, though. Say something nice about their picture so they’ll know you’ve actually looked at their picture.

Preferably compliment things that people put some effort into – like their dressing or hairstyle. 

Written by Gavin Wagner
3 weeks ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Start a Conversation on Tinder?


Open on tinder

Open a conversation on tinder

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