Best Ways to Stimulate your dog


Work on the next trick

The training sessions with your dog for teaching new tricks provide him a mental challenge that stimulates him. If you’re already past the basic tricks, you can always find more on the internet.

Mental stimulation offers a whole range of benefits for your pooch in the form of less anxiety and a calm temperament.

Work on the next trick

Written by Pamela Torres
3 years ago

Assign tasks

Dogs are naturally motivated to complete tasks like herding and hunting. When they’re unable to work on these tasks, they may start to get restless.

Keep your dog busy with a frisbee, or have him tag along for long walks, hikes, or swims. If you have a retriever, they’ll absolutely love a wholesome session of fetch with you.

Assign tasks

Written by Glenda Meyer
1 year ago


Every time your dog meets another dog or a new person, they’ll be stimulated with the sounds, sights, and butts they’re keen on sniffing.

Socializing your dog is not just beneficial, but a necessity. Without properly and adequately socializing your dogs, he may develop behavioral issues in the long term. Socializing stimulates him and is therefore also an excellent way to tucker him out.

Written by Rosie Bishop
1 month ago

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