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Take a warm bath

Taking a bath can help soothe your itchy, dry skin and give you some relief. Adding oatmeal to your bath is a great homemade remedy for itchiness. Brands such as Aveeno make colloidal oatmeal packets. This type of oatmeal is made for baths: it's finely ground and won't make a mess. Relax in the water for about 15 minutes. Apply a moisturizer after your bath while your skin is still moistened from the bath. Take a warm bath

Leave the House

Most of us are so tired of working all week that we want to stay in bed all day even when we are not tired. If you don’t need physical rest, don’t ruin your day by staying home and scrolling on your phone.

Pick a place on the map and go out. Ask your friends if they would like to join you. If no one is coming, go alone. You need to enjoy your company too. Go to a field, river, or hike uphill. Observe nature and read a book. Listen to your favorite playlist and have fun. Take pictures of animals you find. 

Host a Zoom Party

It can be very easy to feel lonely in Covid-19 isolation, especially when you're living by yourself. Try combatting this by hosting a party over Zoom. It's not quite the same as seeing your friends in real life, but seeing your friends, even just on a screen, will help to pass the time and lift your mood until restrictions in your area lift.

It doesn't have to just be talking, either. You can watch movies online with your friends or play video games together. Being connected and there for each other is now more important than ever, so video chatting (or talking on the phone!) is a great way to spend your time.

Earn Commissions as a Real Estate Agent

People are always selling and buying properties. If you can help a buyer meet seller and close a deal, you can earn 5-15% of the property’s value, depending on your location, and the property’s worth. Talk to a local real estate agency or network online. People post ads for selling or buying a house on the internet as well, find such people and help them close a good deal. 

Earn Commissions as a Real Estate Agent

Natural lighting

Having the appropriate lighting can make or break any photograph that you try to take. If you don't have fancy studio lights, take pictures of your clothing in natural lighting. This will show off the details and colors of your clothing without making them seem harsh and unnatural. It's also the most real way to present the clothing. You won't always have studio lights shining on you. It gives the photograph a more authentic look.

Be Yourself

Know her likes, interests, and nature. Be genuinely interested in her talks and try to start a conversation that can be discussed. Avoid questions like favorite color or favorite food. These are conversation stoppers.  Instead, you can talk about something that interests both of you, as this will give her a passage to your thoughts as well. Once you know that the feeling is mutual, ask her out. You can ask her casually when you are talking if you are too nervous or go out to a nice place and ask her to make her feel special. 

Be Yourself


Mindfulness can help you anchor to the present moment and forget the stressful thoughts that are causing strain and stress. Mindfulness is effective in combating everyday stressors that stay with us throughout the day. To practice mindfulness, take a deep breath wherever you are and look around you. Focus on what is happening and what you are doing. 


Try Surya Namaskar

Surya namaskar is a yoga routine that is best effective when done at sunrise. Here’s the flow: Tadasana (Mountain Pose), Uttanasana (Forward Fold), Ardha Uttanasana (Half Standing Forward Fold), Chaturanga (Lower slowly down from plank), Cobra or Upward Facing Dog (Gives you energy), Downward Facing Dog, Uttanasana, then Tadasana. Start with 1 or 2 cycles and eventually increase it to 5-10 times in the morning. It helps in debloating and makes you more energetic for the day.

Try Surya Namaskar

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