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Make your diet heart-friendly

Consumption of saturated and trans fats increases your low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, commonly known as the “bad” cholesterol. Trans fats are often disguised on the ingredient list as “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.” These are generally used in store-bought cookies and crackers. The FDA has decided to ban the usage of partially hydrogenated vegetable oils effective 1st January 2021.

Hang a Picture Frame

Even if you are a minimalist, a large and simple picture frame can make the entire room look vibrant. Go for a colorful painting if you want to drive attention towards the painting. Or you can also hand two medium-sized picture frames with your favorite quotes written on them, just above the bed to keep you motivated. 

Get some sleep

Rebooting yourself is often the best solution. Although alcohol induces sleep when consumed moderately, chronic consumption is known to throw your sleep pattern out of whack. While lack of sleep does not in itself give you a hangover, it sure does make it worse.

Sleep, obviously, is a precautionary measure since hangovers are experienced after you wake up the next morning. So be sure to not let unnecessary phone calls or notifications wake you up in the middle of your sleep – unless you want to regret it the next morning. 

Exfoliating brushes

Dry brushing (using an exfoliating brush on dry skin) can be very effective at stimulating blood flow as well as removing dead skin cells from your skin as you scrub. If you don't like the idea of dry brushing, you can use exfoliating brushes and sponges in the shower on damp skin. Another great option are exfoliating gloves which feature fibers that have the same function as the bristles of exfoliating brushes.

Wash the Entire Surface

Clean the entire surface of your hand and the spots that can be easily left unwashed. Germs stick to the hands because they are the most significant part of the body. To maintain health it is necessary to clean the hands often and completely.

Spaces between the fingers, the area near the wrists and under the nails is often ignored when washing hands. To wash away all the germs, lather with soap and rub the fingers over each other, spread the soap to the wrists, and rub the tips of your fingers on the palm of the other hand for soap to reach the inside of the fingernails. Wash the soap well with water.

If you have long nails that are not easy to clean, file them to a good length so that they may not be hiding any bacteria inside them. 

Read together

Kids won't be interested in reading if they aren't exposed to it every single day. A great way to make sure your kid associates reading with positive memories is to make reading a part of your family's daily routine. Whether it's a bedtime story or reading during homework, kids will learn to love reading with their families. They are also observing everything you do: sounding out words, using specific sounds, even using emotion and emphasis. They will pick up a lot of these actions and mimic them in their own reading.

Keep the Like Apps Together

When you are bored, you would probably swipe and look for apps to help you pass time. To avoid looking for apps in a sea of apps, organize them in such a way that apps stay together. Add the most commonly used apps on the first screen, such as Phone, Messenger, Notes, Wallet, and others that you use often. Apps that you use once in a while such as puzzles, photo editor apps, and online shopping apps should be on the last screen.

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