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These were my stops to Forest Hills from Franklin

When going from Franklin to Forest Hills first hit Jimmy John's for a something to eat! Then make a stop at Joy's Hallmark for great shopping. After that make a stop at McDonald's to grab a bite.

Jimmy John's
Jolliff Bridge Road, Centralia, IL 62801
Joy's Hallmark
West Seright Street, Harrisburg, IL 62946:62959
Hopkinsville Road, Cadiz, KY
Forest Hills
The best route to Forest Hills from Franklin

In Office Bleaching

This procedure is often called "in-office whitening" and typically only requires one or two office visits. A strong whitening agent is applied to the teeth, along with a special light to accelerate the effect, as appropriate.

Given the strength of office whitening, patients may notice a two-tone effect after traditional metal braces are removed, in which the exposed parts of the teeth are whiter than the covered parts. Therefore, this procedure may show a more beautiful result if it is done after removing the braces.

A nicer route to ? from Tensed

Going from Tensed to ? I suggest visit Sarsaparilla Ice Cream Parlor for some tasty ice cream.

Sarsaparilla Ice Cream Parlor
Montgomery Street, Idaho City, ID 83631
The best route to ? from Tensed

My stops to Chaseburg from Cortland

While going from Cortland to Chaseburg stop at Hy-Vee for getting yourself some small treats :-).

1111 8th Street, Boone, IA 50036
The best route to Chaseburg from Cortland

Encourage subscription

When users subscribe to your channel, they receive notifications when you upload new videos. The number of subscribers on your YouTube channel is a good indicator of “engagement” that your YouTube channel sees.

Encourage subscription

It’s always a good idea to encourage the viewers to subscribe to your channel at the end or beginning of each video. If the viewers find your content valuable, they’ll definitely “hit the bell icon” and subscribe.

However, never pay viewers to subscribe. That will terribly affect your engagement and hurt your account’s authenticity. 

Let me suggest this!

Going from Centreville to Hudson make sure to first of all visit Wakulla Equestrian Center, it is good. Next stop by Baptismal! Then look in on Gregory House, it is a nice stop!


AL 35042
Wakulla Equestrian Center
Lawhon Mill Road, Medart, FL 32327
Quincy Highway, Laingkat, GA 31715
Gregory House
Torreya Trail, Liberty County, FL
FL 34667
The best route to Hudson from Centreville

My stops to Hawaiian Gardens from Lexington Hills

Going to Hawaiian Gardens from Lexington Hills this is my preferred way: first stop by George Brown Sports Club for some exercising! Lastly look in on Amphitheater Point, it is good.

Give it a spin!

Lexington Hills
CA 95630
George Brown Sports Club
6783 West Herndon Avenue, Fresno, CA 93722
Amphitheater Point
Generals Highway, Pinewood, CA
Hawaiian Gardens
The best route to Hawaiian Gardens from Lexington Hills

A nicer route to Pacifica

Driving to Pacifica from Carson City make sure to first of all stop by Greenstone Arena. It's great! Secondly stop by Hallmark for a leg stretcher. After that hit TOGO's Sandwichs for a little something to eat.

Carson City
Greenstone Arena
Stagecoach Road, Mariemont, CA 95667-8217
Golden Centre Lane, Elk Grove, CA 95628-7416
TOGO's Sandwichs
Hillcrest Crossroads, Antioch, CA 94531
CA 94044
The best route to Pacifica from Carson City

A nicer way to Clinton

While going from Timonium to Clinton first of all hit Speckled Hen Coffee for a cup of coffee and something to eat. After that make a stop at Spring City Hotel for a night!

Timonium, MD 21093-5133
Speckled Hen Coffee
141 East Main Street, Strasburg, PA 17579
Spring City Hotel
North Main Street, Spring City, PA 19475
NJ 08809
The best route to Clinton from Timonium

Let me suggest this!

Driving from Yatesville to Richburg make sure to first pay a visit to Willow Oak Village Pool for a bath in in the pool. After that stop at Body Building, it is a nice stop!

GA 31097
Willow Oak Village Pool
WOV HOA Footpath, Columbia County, GA 308`3
Body Building
West Highland Street, Saluda, SC 29138
The best route to Richburg from Yatesville

To Stanton with some shopping added

If going from Gautier to Stanton I suggest you first hit Rock Solid Gear for getting yourself some small treats :-)! Finally stop by Subway for a delicious meal.

MS 39553
Rock Solid Gear
4600 Hardy Street, Hattiesburg, MS 39406
West Street, Mathiston, MS 39752
The best route to Stanton from Gautier

From Wellington to Sulphur Rock with a stop for some swimming

When driving to Sulphur Rock from Wellington this is a suggestion.

KS 67152
Westside YMCA
South Olympia Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74107
Crystal Bridges Overlook
Bentonville, AR 72712
Fayetteville Pilates and Barre
3379 North College Avenue, Fayetteville, AR 72703
Sulphur Rock
The best route to Sulphur Rock from Wellington

To Perham with some saddle work added

While going to Perham from Gratiot this is my preferred way: first of all look in on Horse Arena for a nice experience. After that stop at Dairy Delite for some awesome ice cream! Then hit Curves. It's great.

Horse Arena
Rim of the City Road, La Crosse, WI 54601
Dairy Delite
20885 Holyoke Avenue, Lakeville, MN 55044
32nd Avenue South, Saint Cloud, MN 56301
MN 56573
The best route to Perham from Gratiot

I suggest this!

When going from Bechtelsville to Winslow I suggest you stop by Totman Gym, it is a nice stop.

PA 19505
Totman Gym
30 Eastman Lane, Amherst, MA 01003
ME 04901
The best route to Winslow from Bechtelsville

A good way to Barksdale from Sayre

When driving from Sayre to Barksdale stop by Longhorn Ranch Steakhouse for a great lunch!

OK 73662
Longhorn Ranch Steakhouse
10085 US Highway 70, Vivian, TX 79227
TX 78828
The best route to Barksdale from Sayre

The way to Sterling

Going from Maribel to Sterling I suggest you first visit Riverwalk Place for some hit and run shopping! After that look in on Rockwell Lake Lodge for a pause.

A better route.

WI 54227
Riverwalk Place
York Street, Manitowoc, WI 54220
Holy Cross Church
Hamilton Drive, Two Rivers, WI 54241
Rockwell Lake Lodge
North Skookum Road, Ellsworth Township, MI 49656
The best route to Sterling from Maribel

Wash your hands frequently

Your hands, especially around flu season, can be absolutely teeming with disease if you don't wash them frequently enough. Once it's on your hands, the minute you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, you're bound to get sick.

If you're very concerned about getting sick, make sure you're washing your hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds every time. Make sure you're washing often too, as any surface, such as tables, chairs, and doorknobs, can be potential carriers of germs.

Change your Pillows

Allergens and dust particles in your bedroom and your pillows contribute to snoring. When was the last time you dusted the overhead ceiling fan? Or changed your pillows?

Dust mites accumulate in pillows causing allergic reactions leading to snoring. Allowing your pets to sleep on your bed also makes you sleep in animal dander, which also a common irritant.

Keep pets out of your bedroom, and clean your bedroom every couple of days and replace your pillows every 6 months to keep dust mites and allergens to a minimum.Change your Pillows

Catching up

If you already know or have known the person you want to spark a conversation with, keep it simple – just catch up on recent events. It works well without putting the other party on the spot if they’ve been through some major life changes. You can imagine being asked about your work when you’ve recently been released of your duties, right? 

Be honest

If you were in a relationship with someone, chances are that you once had strong feelings for them. Being respectful of their feelings when you choose to end things is the best way to make sure you do things the right way. Be honest about how you feel and what has led you to come to this decision. They deserve to know what has happened between the two of you. Be honest while keeping their feelings in mind to make sure nothing gets miscommunicated.

Home Remedies

There are several home remedies to treat acne. To clean your skin and avoid clogged pores, wash your face with a gentle exfoliating face wash at least twice a day. Use lukewarm water because it can help deep clean the pores. After washing; apply aloe vera gel, rose water, or an ice cube to close the pores. Then moisturize.

Home Remedies

Straighten Your Back

A poor posture when standing or working can be the reason for aches and pains in the body. Tech neck is also a result of poor posture when using smart devices.

To fix your posture, you should try to keep your back as straight as possible. When you are working on your desktop or cooking at home, make a habit of straightening your back.

Find a comfortable position for your back, if you want to fix your posture, you should not be uncomfortable. A straightened back does not mean kneeling forward or bending backward, it means a comfortable position that is natural and suitable.

Straighten Your Back

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