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Work on the next trick

The training sessions with your dog for teaching new tricks provide him a mental challenge that stimulates him. If you’re already past the basic tricks, you can always find more on the internet.

Mental stimulation offers a whole range of benefits for your pooch in the form of less anxiety and a calm temperament.

Work on the next trick

Be Interesting

The funny and interesting guys and girls always perform better. To get your crush's attention, start the conversation with a text like; “So the craziest thing just happened…” or a joke. Start a conversation as soon as you get their number. Take a day or two to get to know them and if you feel you should spend some time with this person, ask them to go out with you. 

Be Interesting

Have a Back-Up Plan

You make an excellent plan to get out of the house but at night you notice that someone locked the front door and you can’t get out now. Deal with these unexpected situations with a back-up plan. For example, if your room is upstairs, and you have a ladder in the garage, put it in front of the window in the evening when everyone is inside. Later, if the door is locked, you can escape from the window. Make sure that the ladder idea is safe, if the ladder is old or your window is too high you may fall and injure yourself. 

Have a Back-Up Plan

Eat less and exercise more

The goal is pretty simple- exercise more and consume fewer calories. 1-pound equals 3500 calories. It means you have to burn 3500 calories more than you consume to lose weight fast. I cut portion sizes to reduce my calorie intake. I also kept track of my calories by reading all the labels. Eating small snacks throughout the day improves your metabolism and prevents your body from storing fat.

To burn fat, I used to go biking, hiking, swimming, and running. These aerobics exercises and intense cardio workouts helped me to burn the calories faster.


Cauliflower is a high-volume, low-calorie food with very little taste, so they've become a popular addition for "hidden veggie" meals. Some add them to mac and cheese by boiling them, blending them, and mixing them into the sauce. They are not entirely undetectable, but if you want more veggies without sacrificing your cheese sauce, give it a try.

There is also no shortage of "cauliflower crust" recipes for things like breadsticks and pizza. To make a cauliflower crust, Boil one head cauliflower, drain, and set it into a kitchen towel. Squeeze out as much moisture as you possibly can into the sink. Then, in a bowl, mix the cauliflower with 1 egg, 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, and any other desired seasonings. Spread it out flat onto a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees until crust is golden brown and set. This will give you a basic cauliflower crust that you can then top with whatever you'd like.

Check Clocks and Read Posters

Small details in the dreams are not real and usually absent or twisted such as what the clock shows or what the book or a poster reads. To lucid dream, you need to know that you are in a dream and if you cannot read the words or check the time in the dream, you can tell that it is a dream.

So the question is how to make yourself look at the small details when dreaming. Well, many things we do in a dream come from our imagination, habits, and daily routine. If you read a book or look at the clock 10 times a day you will probably do it in your dream too. Once you notice something that does not happen in the real world, you will know that you are in a dream and you will be able to take control of what is happening in the dream or lucid dream. 

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