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Research your favorite artists

One of the main ways to find music that you’re sure to love is to look through your favorite artists’ older work. Many of us are guilty of only listening to the tracks that make it to the charts and play on the radio. However, I’ve found myself really falling in love with an artist’s work when I really delve deeper into the other albums in their catalog. For example, we may all know John Legend for his smash hit “All of Me.” If you like that song, you may really like other hits from his 2013 album, “Love In The Future” and his most recent album, “Bigger Love.”

Learn to stop on a skateboard

Dragging your foot on the ground or foot breaking is the first and most important way to stop a skateboard. Balance your weight on your front and bring your back foot to the ground. Gently drag the sole of your shoe on the ground while keeping most of your weight on your front foot. Apply more pressure if you want to slow down more quickly. Hold the position till you stop.

Wait Until the Dog’s Hungry

When your dog has been running or playing and hasn’t eaten in a while, she will be ready to eat like a beast. Waiting for the right time to eat when she’s actually hungry will develop her appetite. If you feed the dog all the time even when she’s not hungry skipping the food will become a habit. So, present the food at the right time when she indirectly asks for it. She’ll probably eat more when she eats at once and gain weight. 

Bubble Wrap

While it doesn’t quite offer the elegance one would like to see, bubble wrap is an excellent way to insulate the windows in your apartment. Look for bubble wrap with larger bubbles because they provide better insulation compared to the smaller ones.

Spray a mist of water on the inner side of your window pane and press the wrap on to the window such that the bubbled side touches the moist window. Next, seal the edges using double-sided tape. Be careful, though. When you take the bubble wrap off, you might end up peeling off the color too. 

Bubble Wrap

Talk Properly

There's nothing more unattractive than watching a guy write write 'y' instead of 'why' just because it saves time. It might just be the way you type, but this forwards the image that you don't have the time or won't take the time to talk to the girl. This is a major turn off and doesn't be surprised if the message you receive is dull.

Makes Your Bones Stronger by Intaking Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the vital minerals that the human body requires to function properly. Deficiency of magnesium can cause some diseases like diabetes, stroke, heart diseases, osteoporosis and even high blood pressure. It is essential to intake the right amount of this mineral and have it in the diet. Whole grains, various vegetables like broccoli, meat etc are good sources of magnesium. Make sure you have magnesium in your diet to save yourself from these deadly diseases!

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