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I suggest this!

Going from Chili Township to Nickerson I suggest visit Baskin-Robbins to fill up some energy.

Chili Township
Church Of Christ
East 9th Street, Carrollton, MO 64633
18094 Southwest Vera Frontage Road, Vera, KS 66526
The best route to Nickerson from Chili Township

To Seffner from Daisy

When going to Seffner from Daisy I suggest you first stop at Nancy Lopez Pool, it is a nice stop. Lastly make a stop at Dink's Place for some awesome ice cream!

Nancy Lopez Pool
Buena Vista Boulevard, The Villages, FL 34491
Dink's Place
117 South Thompson Street, Starke, FL 32091
FL 33584
The best route to Seffner from Daisy

High-interest saving accounts

A high-interest savings account is a great way of compounding interest when you need cash quickly. Gaining interest from a savings account will cost you a bit more than other investments, but you also earn a higher interest rate that makes it worth the extra money. Here, the owners earn interest on their money based on their deposits. Most accounts have a competitive interest rate so you just have to add money and gain interest. While you run the risk of inflation, the investment is pretty low risk.

Avoid exertion

Once the nosebleed has stopped, do not blow your nose for two days. Take it easy and relax. Also, avoid any heavy lifting or physical activities for two weeks. Your nose needs time to heal and recover.

A nicer way from Sierraville to Aptos Hills-Larkin Valley

Going to Aptos Hills-Larkin Valley from Sierraville make sure to pay a visit to Tennis Courts for training!

Simple and sweet.

CA 96126
Tennis Courts
Tennis Court Trail, Cold Springs, CA
Trinity Presbyterian Church
1002 Port Trinity Circle, Stockton, CA 95206
Aptos Hills-Larkin Valley
The best route to Aptos Hills-Larkin Valley from Sierraville

The best way to Beloit

Ok!, Driving from Eufaula to Beloit make sure to first of all visit Dwelling Spaces for a leg stretcher and some shopping. Finally hit Arby's for a quick bite!

OK 74432
Dwelling Spaces
South Detroit Avenue, Tulsa, OK 74119
Winfield Evangelical Free Church
3725 East 9th Avenue, Winfield, KS 67156
2200 East Kansas Avenue, McPherson, KS 67460
The best route to Beloit from Eufaula

From Vienna to Greenfield with a stop for a place worth some time

If driving from Vienna to Greenfield I suggest you first stop by CIM-10 Bomarc SAM Site, it is good! After that stop at Five Guys for something handy to eat.

CIM-10 Bomarc SAM Site
Pinehurst Road, Plumsted Township, NJ 08514
Five Guys
Oxford Road, Oxford, CT 06478
NH 03047
The best route to Greenfield from Vienna

The best way from Bergland to Fond du Lac

When going from Bergland to Fond du Lac this is a nice way: stop at Pink Coyote for shopping.

MI 49910
Pink Coyote
East Wall Street, Eagle River, WI 54521
Tesla Charging Stations
North Westhaven Drive, Oshkosh, WI 54904
Fond du Lac
WI 54935
The best route to Fond du Lac from Bergland

Reality Testing

Reality checking or reality testing is a form of mental training that increases metacognition by training your mind to notice your own awareness. High metacognition when you are awake leads to higher metacognition when you are dreaming. To do reality testing follow these steps several times a day:

Ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?”

Check your environment to ensure whether you are dreaming or not.

Notice your own consciousness and how you are engaging with your surroundings.

A nice route to Bath

When driving from Athens to Bath I suggest you hit Merrill Brook Condominiums for a night.

ME 04912
Merrill Brook Condominiums
Skiway Road, Newry, ME 04261
NH 03740
The best route to Bath from Athens

My stops going to Century

While driving to Century from Benoit look in on The Club for a leg stretcher!

The Club
Woodgate Drive South, Brandon, MS 39042
Tesla Supercharger
Bonita Lakes Circle, Meridian, MS 39301
The best route to Century from Benoit

My fav stops going to Ingalls

If going from Darien to Ingalls I suggest visit Strack & Van Till for some hit and run shopping!

WI 53114
Strack & Van Till
East Commercial Avenue, Lowell, IN 46356
IN 46048
The best route to Ingalls from Darien

A good way to Converse

Last time I went to Converse from Sentinel this was the way.

Bully's Bar & Grill
8542 Seymour Highway, Allendale, TX 76310
Beaver Creek Bridge
FM 2326, Wichita County, TX
Lowe's Market
West Dallas Street, Llano, TX 78643
TX 78109
The best route to Converse from Sentinel

The best way to Ekonk from Town of Northampton

Driving from Town of Northampton to Ekonk first make a stop at Menchie's for some delightful ice cream! Secondly stop by Full Of Grace Farm for some horse back riding. Next visit Cival war monument, it is great.

Town of Northampton
NY 12134
Clifton Country Road, Clifton Park, NY 12065
Full Of Grace Farm
105 Stockbridge Street, Hadley, MA 01003
Cival war monument
Main Street, Wilbraham, MA 01095
CT 06354:06384
The best route to Ekonk from Town of Northampton

A nice way to Saint George

When driving to Saint George from White Rock stop at Mattos Field for a leg stretcher and some pulse.

Simple and sweet.

White Rock
RI 06379
Mattos Field
MA 128, Gloucester, MA 01930-3540
Saint George
The best route to Saint George from White Rock

I suggest this!

When going to Webster from Barnard this is a good way: first of all visit Veterans Memorial for a great experience. Next look in on Welsh Center, it is great!

KS 67418
Veterans Memorial
M Street, Belleville, KS 66935
Welsh Center
South State Street, Milford, NE 68405
The best route to Webster from Barnard

The best way from Anahuac to Wooster

When driving from Anahuac to Wooster this is my preferred way: stop at Taco Bell for a something to eat!


Taco Bell
Barksdale Boulevard, Bossier City, LA 71112
AR 72181
The best route to Wooster from Anahuac

These were my stops going to Ridgeway

Driving to Ridgeway from Middletown I suggest you first visit Northgate Mall for shopping. Then hit Lima Mall for some shopping!

KY 40243
Northgate Mall
9501 Colerain Avenue, Colerain Township, OH 45241
Lima Mall
Elida Road, Allentown, OH 45807
MI 49229
The best route to Ridgeway from Middletown

Going to Rye Brook with some a place worth some time added

If driving from Winchester to Rye Brook I suggest first pay a visit to Whale Rock for a nice experience! Next hit Dunne's Gymnastics, it is a nice stop.

Try it.

Whale Rock
I 495, Milford, MA 01757-1743
Dunne's Gymnastics
38 Pendleton Drive, Hebron, CT 06248
Congregation B'nai Jacob
Rimmon Road, Woodbridge, CT 06483
Rye Brook
The best route to Rye Brook from Winchester

My fav stops from Iaeger to Tabernacle

Going from Iaeger to Tabernacle a way would be to first of all hit Overlook. I liked it a lot. After that hit Babylon for picking up a few things! Then stop by Pure Barre for some sweat! Finally make a stop at Mullin Pool for a nice experience!

Briery Knob Road, Greenbrier County, WV
South Main Street, Harrisonburg, VA 22801
Pure Barre
24570 Dulles Landing Drive, South Riding, VA 20166
Mullin Pool
Still Pond Neck Road, Echo Hill, MD 21678
NJ 08088
The best route to Tabernacle from Iaeger

These were my stops to Kistler from Brookfield

If going from Brookfield to Kistler I suggest first of all make a stop at Dave Leonard Field, it is great! Finally stop by Burger King for a tasty meal.

NY 13314
Dave Leonard Field
Carol Avenue, Vestal, NY 13850
Burger King
Maynard Street, Williamsport, PA 17701
The best route to Kistler from Brookfield

A nice way from Sulphur Springs to Eagleville

When driving to Eagleville from Sulphur Springs this is my preferred way.

Sulphur Springs
IN 47388
Papa John's
Dixie Highway North, Radcliff, KY 40160
The best route to Eagleville from Sulphur Springs

From Great Falls to Thermopolis

While driving to Thermopolis from Great Falls this is my preferred way: first of all stop by Park County Fairgrounds for some sweat! Finally pay a visit to Rock Creek Vista. It's a nice stop.

See what you think!

Great Falls
Park County Fairgrounds
Livingston, MT
Rock Creek Vista
Richel Lodge, MT
WY 82443
The best route to Thermopolis from Great Falls

The best way from Northampton to Buckeystown

If going to Buckeystown from Northampton first of all make a stop at Orange Plaza for some hit and run shopping. Then stop by Abbott's Quarter Horses for a nice experience!

Orange Plaza
Town of Wallkill, NY 10490
Abbott's Quarter Horses
Pine Forge Road, Douglass Township, PA 19512
MD 21717
The best route to Buckeystown from Northampton

A good route to Sulphur Springs from Sunset

Driving to Sulphur Springs from Sunset I suggest first of all visit Sooner Foods for picking up a few things. Then stop by Robbers Cave Stables for some horses!

Sooner Foods
East Neil Armstrong Place, Tishomingo, OK 73460
Robbers Cave Stables
Robbers Cave Stables, OK
Sulphur Springs
The best route to Sulphur Springs from Sunset

Why not this trip?

While going to Deltona from Wewahitchka this is my preferred way: first make a stop at Lily Creek Cafe for a bite! After that hit Cornerside Stables. It's a nice stop.

Lily Creek Cafe
Southwest 351 Highway, Horseshoe Beach, FL 32648
Tesla Supercharger
SW 35th Boulevard, Gainesville, FL 32612
Cornerside Stables
Northeast Jacksonville Road, Oak, FL 34479
The best route to Deltona from Wewahitchka

All the way to Gordo

While driving to Gordo from Wooster first hit Waffle Cream for some scoops of yummy ice cream! Then stop by Campus Book Mart for a leg stretcher.

AR 72181
Waffle Cream
999 South Cooper Street, Memphis, TN 38104
Campus Book Mart
Harned Road, College Vista, MS 39762
The best route to Gordo from Wooster

These were my stops from Stanwood to Farmland

If going from Stanwood to Farmland a way would be to first visit Dairy Queen for a lunch or dinner! Next stop by Scooters Malt Shoppe for some tasty sorbet.

A good one.

Dairy Queen
West State Highway 43, Hastings, MI 49058
Scooters Malt Shoppe
8399 South 36th Street, Climax Township, MI 49088
The best route to Farmland from Stanwood

A nicer route to Norcatur from Cavour

While driving from Cavour to Norcatur first of all visit South Dakota Hall of Fame Gifts for some hit and run shopping. Next stop by John & Carmen Gottschalk Tower for a great experience!

South Dakota Hall of Fame Gifts
South Main Street, Chamberlain, SD 57325
Parkside Berean Church
East 3rd Street, Ainsworth, NE 69210
John & Carmen Gottschalk Tower
Kea West Road, Kearney, NE 68849
KS 67653
The best route to Norcatur from Cavour

To Newcastle from Oak Grove

Going from Oak Grove to Newcastle make sure to first hit Irving Veterans Memorial. It is a great stop. Secondly look in on Fort Worth Boat Club for a nice meal! Then stop by Trading Post for good shopping!

Oak Grove
Irving Veterans Memorial
Rock Island Road, Irving, TX 75061
Fort Worth Boat Club
Boat Club Road, Lakeview, TX
Trading Post
Park Road 36, Palo Pinto County, TX
The best route to Newcastle from Oak Grove

Check Your Heater

Check your car’s heater when going on a long road trip to ensure that your car will stay warm. If your car is not getting warm enough, there can be a few reasons that need to be resolved. The anti-freeze or water in the radiator could be leaking causing the problem. Other reasons could be a faulty thermostat, faulty valve, or a clogged heater core.

Check Your Heater

Be ready to fall

Falling is an unavoidable part of skateboarding. So, invest in a helmet and protective gear that will keep you safe and uninjured when you fall. Also, be confident. Don't worry about how you look or how good you are. If you are skating hard, try new tricks and be mindful of others.

Bring in Nature

The house automatically feels fresh and improves your mood with the addition of plants. They are small supplies of oxygen that reduce stress and improve your productivity as stated by research. To have that fresh feel in your house, bring a small jade or snake plant.

These plants are very low maintenance and are almost impossible to kill because they only require water once or twice a week. If you like the aesthetic feel of the indoor plants in your house, bring in some more plants to make every day rejuvenating.

Bring in Nature

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