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Bring in Nature

The house automatically feels fresh and improves your mood with the addition of plants. They are small supplies of oxygen that reduce stress and improve your productivity as stated by research. To have that fresh feel in your house, bring a small jade or snake plant.

These plants are very low maintenance and are almost impossible to kill because they only require water once or twice a week. If you like the aesthetic feel of the indoor plants in your house, bring in some more plants to make every day rejuvenating.

Bring in Nature

Be ready to fall

Falling is an unavoidable part of skateboarding. So, invest in a helmet and protective gear that will keep you safe and uninjured when you fall. Also, be confident. Don't worry about how you look or how good you are. If you are skating hard, try new tricks and be mindful of others.

Reality Testing

Reality checking or reality testing is a form of mental training that increases metacognition by training your mind to notice your own awareness. High metacognition when you are awake leads to higher metacognition when you are dreaming. To do reality testing follow these steps several times a day:

Ask yourself, “Am I dreaming?”

Check your environment to ensure whether you are dreaming or not.

Notice your own consciousness and how you are engaging with your surroundings.

Avoid exertion

Once the nosebleed has stopped, do not blow your nose for two days. Take it easy and relax. Also, avoid any heavy lifting or physical activities for two weeks. Your nose needs time to heal and recover.

Check Your Heater

Check your car’s heater when going on a long road trip to ensure that your car will stay warm. If your car is not getting warm enough, there can be a few reasons that need to be resolved. The anti-freeze or water in the radiator could be leaking causing the problem. Other reasons could be a faulty thermostat, faulty valve, or a clogged heater core.

Check Your Heater

High-interest saving accounts

A high-interest savings account is a great way of compounding interest when you need cash quickly. Gaining interest from a savings account will cost you a bit more than other investments, but you also earn a higher interest rate that makes it worth the extra money. Here, the owners earn interest on their money based on their deposits. Most accounts have a competitive interest rate so you just have to add money and gain interest. While you run the risk of inflation, the investment is pretty low risk.

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