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Understand your triggers

To develop awareness about your condition, you must learn your emotional triggers. Triggers that make you want to binge like there’s no tomorrow. When you are familiar with your triggers, you could try to avoid them, or at the very least figure out a way to tackle them differently.

Some common triggers that can make you want to binge and purge are stress induced by interpersonal relationships, negative perception toward your physical appearance, or other mental health issues such as anxiety, sadness, etc.

Increase protein intake

Consuming high-protein foods can promote weight loss, muscle growth, and combat belly fat- everything you need to get six-packs. High-protein foods suppress your hunger and keep you full for long hours. Studies report that high-protein foods control appetite by 27% in obese men.

As I train under a professional fitness trainer, I take protein after working out. This helps to repair and build muscle tissues. Moreover, it increases my metabolism rate and does not let me lose my muscle mass.

If you ask me, I take legumes, milk, eggs, meat, and poultry in controlled portions.

Search for coal ASAP

You don’t need to obsess about renewable energy in the game just yet, so go right ahead and burn all the coal you can get your hands on.

Until you get equipped with the coal generator, getting upgrades is critical to getting a good start in Satisfactory. Yes, you can always craft biomass, but it is so much better with coal because it can be fully automated.

Upgrading to coal power saves you a ton of time because you won’t have to keep looking for leaves for making biomass. This saved-up time in the early game enables you to create and discover new things.

Stay Off Beer

It only takes 5 days of regular consumption for the testosterone level to drop. Alcohol can disrupt many parts of your body's hormonal system. Heavy drinkers may have shrunken testicles, thin chest and beard hair, and higher female hormone estrogen levels.

Check the weather condition to choose the right method

Drying is the most important part of milling woods. It requires great supervision and expertise. Any mistake in this process can make the lumber unfit for use. Drying milled woods have different methods. Air drying, Industrial oven heating etc. Air drying is the cheapest way to dry milled woods. But it only works in summer, when the temperature is elevated. In winter, the water inside the wood is frozen. Air dry is useless then. In that case heating is the best way of drying the woods. And in Spring, the weather fluctuates. So before starting to dry your freshly produced woods, make sure to check the weather and choose the right method for drying.

Actively listen

Workplace conflict can be quite troublesome. It’s best to work it out as soon as possible. For a healthy work environment, you will need to work on your conflict management skills. Active listening will be a good place to start. Hear each other out as you sit to discuss the conflict. It’s likely that there have been some misunderstandings or confusion, and only honest communication can help you sort it out. 

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