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Why not this trip?

Going from Whiting to Williams Bay I suggest you first hit Family Life Center Pool for a swim in in the pool! Then stop at Cedar Valley SportsPlex to get that body going.

Family Life Center Pool
Union Avenue, Webster County, IA 50530
Cedar Valley SportsPlex
Jefferson Street, Waterloo, IA 50702
Tesla Supercharger
South Locust Street, Dubuque, IA 52003
Williams Bay
WI 53191
The best route to Williams Bay from Whiting

My stops to Pennsboro from Harmonsburg

Driving from Harmonsburg to Pennsboro this is my preferred way: hit Wendy's to grab a bite!

PA 16422
205 Three Springs Drive, Weirton, WV 26062
WV 26415
The best route to Pennsboro from Harmonsburg

Let me suggest this!

While going from Forked Deer to Headland first make a stop at Big Star for some hit and run shopping. Then stop at Helena Health Club for a leg stretcher!

Forked Deer
TN 38037
Big Star
4th Avenue SW, Red Bay, AL 35582
Helena Health Club
County Road 52, Helena, AL 35080
AL 36345
The best route to Headland from Forked Deer

Why not this trip?

While driving to Abie from Ferris I suggest you first make a stop at Walmart Supercenter for a leg stretcher. Secondly hit Dinky Diner for a little something to eat! Then make a stop at Nishna Valley High School Track for some exercise!

IL 62336
Walmart Supercenter
23148 Dewey Road, Centerville, IA 52544
Dinky Diner
4th Street, Decatur City, IA 50067
Nishna Valley High School Track
US 34, Hastings, IA 51540
NE 68001
The best route to Abie from Ferris

My stops to Livingston from Omaha

When going to Livingston from Omaha this is a nice way: first make a stop at Arby's for a some food. After that visit Holiday Inn Express & Suites Pineville-Alexandria Area for some food!

TX 75571
North Elm Street, Haughton, LA 71067
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Pineville-Alexandria Area
Monroe Highway, Pineville, LA 71405
The best route to Livingston from Omaha

These were my stops to Goodman from Orangeville

Going to Goodman from Orangeville this is a nice way: first of all stop at Diamond O Horse Ranch. It's great! Then hit Spa for a quick bath in in the pool.

Diamond O Horse Ranch
Blue Trail, Blue Lake Township, MI
Bath House, Pere Marquette Charter Township, MI 49431
WI 54125
The best route to Goodman from Orangeville

My fav stops going to Oxford

When going from Bradford to Oxford this is a nice way: first visit Days Inn for some rest. After that make a stop at Ming Moon for a bite!

RI 02808
Days Inn
East Main Street, Torrington, CT 06790
Ming Moon
3110 State Route 28, Town of Olive, NY 12412
NY 13830
The best route to Oxford from Bradford

Let me suggest this!

When going to Uvalda from Prichard this is a good way: first of all make a stop at Enterprise Shopping Center for picking up a few things. Finally stop by Five Guys for a tasty meal!

Enterprise Shopping Center
Villa Drive, Enterprise, AL 36330
Five Guys
North Westover Boulevard, Albany, GA 31707
The best route to Uvalda from Prichard

My fav stops from Town of Cicero to Knox

If driving to Knox from Town of Cicero I suggest first stop at hotel overlook. It is a great stop. Then visit Bolton Time Capsule for a nice experience! Next look in on Vergennes Community Pool. It's great! After that pay a visit to Robinson Arena Hebron Academy!

Town of Cicero
hotel overlook
Summit Trail, Addison, VT
Bolton Time Capsule
Lake Shore Drive, Bolton, NY 12814
Vergennes Community Pool
East Street, Vergennes, VT 05491
Saint Patricks Roman Catholic Church
US 302, Carroll, NH 03595
Robinson Arena Hebron Academy
295 Paris Road, Hebron, ME 04238
The best route to Knox from Town of Cicero

To Oneida with a stop for some shopping

If going from Liberty to Oneida a way would be to first stop at Sandburg Mall for some hit and run shopping! Then hit Grand Escape Spa for a leg stretcher and some pulse.

Try it.

Sandburg Mall
South Mall Drive, Galesburg, IL 61401
Grand Escape Spa
East Jackson Street, Macomb, IL 61455
The best route to Oneida from Liberty

Going to Galesburg with a stop for some shopping

When driving to Galesburg from Gustine I suggest you first stop at North Hills Shopping Center for some shopping. Then stop by Lodge Pool!

TX 76455
North Hills Shopping Center
Lonnie Abbott Boulevard, Ada, OK 74820
Church of Christ
Pine Avenue, Stratford, OK 74872
Lodge Pool
South 58th West Avenue, Creek County, OK 74050
KS 66740
The best route to Galesburg from Gustine

Drink Lemonade

On a hot summer day when you feel thirsty, nothing can be better than a fresh and chilled lemonade. In a glass of chilled water, squeeze half of a medium-sized lemon. Add a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of salt to your lemonade and sip on the lemonade. 

Drink Lemonade

These were my stops to St. Anthony from Young America

If going to St. Anthony from Young America first of all visit Pemberton Fitness Club for some sweating! Then hit Lake Mills Veterans Memorial/ Freedom Rock for a great experience. Next stop by Dows Swimming Pool for a swim in in the pool.

Young America
MN 55397
Pemberton Fitness Club
225 Main Street, Pemberton, MN 56078
Lake Mills Veterans Memorial/ Freedom Rock
North Mill Street, Lake Mills, IA 50450
Dows Swimming Pool
South Burrows Street, Wright County, IA 50071
St. Anthony
The best route to St. Anthony from Young America

My stops from Bradshaw to Oakley

Driving to Oakley from Bradshaw I suggest you visit Hotel Dale for some food.

NE 68319
Hotel Dale
4th Avenue, Holdrege, NE 68949
KS 67748
The best route to Oakley from Bradshaw

Pop a pill

A pain reliever such as ibuprofen can stop coughing which keeps your sore throat from healing. Always remember that ibuprofen must necessarily be taken with food. Also, be sure to adhere to the prescribed dosage that generally appears on the rear of the pack.

Going to Redmond with some a coffee added

Going to Redmond from Ouray this is my preferred way: first hit Starbucks for a bite! Then visit Burger King for something handy to eat.

425 South 100 East, Moab, UT 84532
Burger King
Kane Creek Boulevard, Moab, UT 84532
UT 84652
The best route to Redmond from Ouray

From Hillside to Chelsea with a stop for some shopping

Driving to Chelsea from Hillside make sure to first visit The SoNo Collection for picking up a few things. Secondly stop at 0 Degrees Thai Ice Cream for some delicious sorbet! After that visit Dunkin' Donuts for a cup or two.

The SoNo Collection
100 North Water Street, Norwalk, CT 06854
0 Degrees Thai Ice Cream
Court Street, Middletown, CT 06457
Dunkin' Donuts
1083 Providence Road, Northbridge, MA 01525
MA 02150
The best route to Chelsea from Hillside

These were my stops from Brookfield to Luxemburg

If driving from Brookfield to Luxemburg I suggest first of all stop at Yankee Candle for a leg stretcher. Then stop by Lake Geneva Club Historical Gazebo, it is a nice stop!

Yankee Candle
11211 120th Avenue, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158-1703
Lake Geneva Club Historical Gazebo
South Lake Shore Lakefront Path, Como, WI 53125
IA 52056
The best route to Luxemburg from Brookfield

From Belview to Stella with some something to eat added

While going to Stella from Belview first look in on Red's Cafe for something handy to eat! After that stop at The CREW Center for a nice experience.

A better one!

Red's Cafe
South Central Avenue, Hartley, IA 51346
The CREW Center
Diamond Dr., Woodbine, IA 51579
NE 68442
The best route to Stella from Belview

Eat Less Meat

While there are a lot of complicated elements at play when it comes to producing the food we eat every day, eating less meat has been proven to reduce the production of harmful greenhouse gases that affect Earth's atmosphere.Eat Less Meat Cows actually give off methane emissions which are considered harmful to the environment. The production of meat also involves the use of large quantities of feed, water and land. The best diet for the environment is likely the vegan diet.

Going to Hebron with a stop for a place worth some time

Going from Hersey to Hebron first of all stop by Smith's Grocery & Lunch for some sodas. Secondly pay a visit to Parsons School, it is worth it! Then visit Bartash Card & Gift for good shopping! After that visit Memorial Boulders. It's great.

Smith's Grocery & Lunch
Main Road, Brownville, ME 04415
Parsons School
Middle Road, New Portland, ME 04954
Bartash Card & Gift
98 Congress Street, Rumford, ME 04276
Memorial Boulders
Tin Mine Road, Jackson, NH 03846
NH 03241
The best route to Hebron from Hersey

I suggest this!

If going to Pleasant View from South Charleston I suggest first of all pay a visit to Pool. Finally visit Baskin-Robbins for some scoops of awesome ice cream!

South Charleston
Johnson Road, Gallatin County, KY 41095
910 N Dixie Avenue, Elizabethtown, KY 42701
Pleasant View
The best route to Pleasant View from South Charleston

A nicer trip from Crawfordsville to Mediapolis

Driving from Crawfordsville to Mediapolis a way would be to first of all visit Cat's Paw Overlook for a leg stretcher! Next stop at CDY Fitness LLC for some sweating.

AR 72327
Cat's Paw Overlook
Tiemann Shut-ins Trail, Lance, MO
CDY Fitness LLC
116 Sarah Ann Boulevard, Troy, MO 63379
The best route to Mediapolis from Crawfordsville

Sign off briefly

The sign-off on any emails you send shouldn't be wordy or high maintenance. There are various phrases that are professional and kind enough for the closing of an email. Some examples of effective signature sign-offs are Best, Warmest Regards, and Thank You. Each of these is professional, to the point, but still kind. Different emails may call for a different energy in the sign-off, but always remember to include one as a way of ending your message.

A nicer trip to East Peru

When going to East Peru from New Minden visit Scenic Overlook Mark Twain Memorial Bridge, it is great.

New Minden
Scenic Overlook Mark Twain Memorial Bridge
North River Road Trail, Hannibal, MO 63401
East Peru
IA 50222
The best route to East Peru from New Minden

The best route to Middleburg

Ok!, Driving from Abington Township to Middleburg make sure to first visit Rise Up for a caffeine kick. After that visit Cold Harbor Visitor Center, Richmond National Battlefield. It is a nice stop!

Abington Township
PA 19001
Rise Up
South Talbot Street, St. Michaels, MD 21663
Cold Harbor Visitor Center, Richmond National Battlefield
Richmond National Battlefield, 5515 Anderson Wright Drive, New Cold Harbor, VA 23111
NC 27556
The best route to Middleburg from Abington Township

Replace alcohol with other enjoyable activities

Instead of grabbing a beer after a long day at work, consider spending some quality time with your family. If you have a hobby such as playing an instrument, painting, a sport – dedicate an hour or more of your time to pursuing them.

As you consistently incorporate these things in your life, you’ll notice how they’re gradually replacing alcohol. You’ll begin to see how large of a social life exists away from alcohol. Over time, you’ll be able to transition into an alcohol-free, fulfilling life. 

These were my stops from Wolf Lake to Preemption

Going from Wolf Lake to Preemption I suggest you first of all pay a visit to Anderson Park Pool for a nice experience! Finally stop by Planet Fitness for great training.

Wolf Lake
Anderson Park Pool
26th Avenue, Kenosha, WI 53143
Planet Fitness
Upland Drive, Rockford, IL 61108
IL 61276
The best route to Preemption from Wolf Lake

Swirl your glass

Swirl your glass

One of the easiest ways to aerate your wine is one most wine drinkers do naturally. If you're drinking an older, more mature wine, it will be able to breathe enough with a simple swirl of your glass. Don't let it breathe too much though; older wines only last about an hour with exposure to the air without turning into vinegar. For younger wines, other techniques may be faster and more effective.

A good way to Conway

If going to Conway from Dry Ridge I suggest first visit Chesapeake and Ohio Railway 2755 for a leg stretcher! Next stop by DQ Grill & Chill to have some snacks and something to drink.

Dry Ridge
KY 41035-7516
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway 2755
Little Buffalo Creek Road, Justice Addition, WV 25624
DQ Grill & Chill
520 Scruggs Road, Westlake Corner, VA 24121
The best route to Conway from Dry Ridge

I suggest this!

When driving to East Rochester from Wappingers Falls this is a nice way: first of all visit Viewmont Mall for a leg stretcher and some shopping! Secondly look in on Volleyball Court for some sweat. After that stop by Next Level Horsemanship for some horse back riding! Next hit Coolspring Power Museum Gift Shop for picking up a few things!

Wappingers Falls
Viewmont Mall
Scranton Carbondale Highway, Dickson City, PA 18515
Volleyball Court
University Drive, Back Mountain, PA 18654
Bellefonte, PA Supercharger
PA Supercharger, 170 Buckaroo Lane, Centre County, PA 16823
Next Level Horsemanship
Shady Dell Road, Flat Rock, PA
Coolspring Power Museum Gift Shop
Coolspring Road, Oliver Township, PA 15730
East Rochester
The best route to East Rochester from Wappingers Falls

From Post to Houston with a stop for some ice cream

Driving to Houston from Post I suggest you first visit Dyess Fitness Center for some sweating! Next visit The Yard Milkshake Bar for some delicious gelato. Next pay a visit to Lakeside Icehouse and Grill for a some tasty food.

Dyess Fitness Center
Avenue B, Abilene, TX 79607
The Yard Milkshake Bar
940 West University Avenue, Georgetown, TX 78626
Lakeside Icehouse and Grill
P4-746, Rye, TX
Houston, TX
The best route to Houston from Post

On an iPhone

Having a messy home screen can bog you down and make it harder to find the things you're looking for, thus decreasing your productivity.

To organize your home screen on an iPhone or iPad, go to your app screen. Then hold your finger down on any app icon until a toolbar appears. Press "edit home screen". The icons will then start to shake, indicating that they can now be moved.

To move an app, press and hold with your finger and drag it to where you want it to go. You can also drag an app on top of another app to group them together. From there, type whatever you'd like the group's name to be (work, games, banking) to organize even further.

You can also delete apps by pressing the "-" symbol in the corner of each app when you're in editing mode. You can purchase or download new apps in the app store.

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