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Be patient and keep trying

Territorial aggression is pretty common in cats. So introducing two cats may feel like a drag. But bear with them and you will soon find them hanging out on the porch or the windowsill. But remember, you can never introduce two cats right away. You will have to be very patient during the process. There may be some hissing and running, but never let them engage in fights. It is always a good idea to keep them separated for the first couple of days.

Cutlery Wraps

Place a napkin on a flat surface. Put your cutlery diagonally on the napkin and leave a third of the napkin showing at the bottom. Now fold the bottom corner over the cutlery.

Fold one side of the napkin over the cutlery and then fold the other side over. Tuck the edge of the corner under the fold.

You can also securely tie the bundle about halfway down with a ribbon.

Cutlery Wraps

Monitor the Temperature

Adding compost chicken manure to your soil is pretty easy. But, doing it perfectly is the hard part. The most important part of the process is to maintain the temperature of the manure. You'll need a compost thermometer that can be found for about $20 on Amazon . The temperature should be around 140° to 160° Fahrenheit, which kills off most of the pathogens in the soil and will keep it safe for a longer time.

Use a laser

There is nothing more entertaining than seeing a cat run around chasing a laser dot around the room. This is a great choice for even the most shy cats. Watch as instinct takes over in your feline friend. While it is very entertaining, it’s also a great way to make your cats do some much-needed exercise. House cats can get very lazy without exercise. Spice up your cat’s daily routine with a new laser toy.

Don’t Give Advice

It is very hard to take advice from someone when you are suffering from an episode of depression and your thoughts are out of control. Depressed people might not be ready to take any kind of advice when they are suffering. When they are feeling better, they might want to know; what they should eat, wear or do to stop it.

Advise them only when they are in a good mood and allow you to give advice. If they don’t like it or turn you down, don’t argue with them. 

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