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Asses Your Dog’s Personality

A dog that was brought up in a safe home environment will quickly adjust to having a new buddy in the house but a rescue dog who has been on his own for a while might not be ready to welcome a cat. If the dog’s or cat’s past experience was not good, they will require your time and effort to get good at socializing with the other animal. A dog trainer or a consultant can provide professional help to improve the behavior of your pets. 

Ask your friends and family

It never hurts to ask the people closest to you if they know anything about the apartments in their area. They may even know somebody looking for a tenant or even a roommate. Friends and family will also have your best interests at heart; they will recommend you places and people that are safe and reliable. Even if it doesn’t pan out, it’s still an easy avenue to try. You can send a quick text, email or phone call to ask around. You could even turn to social media to find your new place by asking your Facebook friends for help.

Harvest at the correct time

Daffodils are a great addition for your flower vase decoration. The cheerful bloom of daffodil makes them a perfect choice for flower arrangements. Unfortunately, daffodils have a relatively less vase life span than other flowers. But there are certain things that you can do to ensure a longer life span. The first thing you can do is harvest/cut them at the right time. The perfect time to cut daffodil flowers is when the tip of the petals reveal itself and the buds start to open.

Make Passata

Passata is Italian for sieved tomatoes – which is nothing but tomato puree with the skin and seeds removed. You can use Passata in stews, soups, and gravies to give it that sweet tomato flavor without the hint of bitterness from the seeds. However, Passata does take a while to make, so it’s best to make a large batch. Here is how:

· Peel and chop the tomatoes and remove stalks.

· Put the tomatoes in a large-size pan and cook them on medium heat. Keep cooking until they are soft. Then, use a potato masher to mash the tomatoes and loosen the seeds.

· Grab a sieve and pass the batch through it to filter out the seeds.

· The remaining puree can be stored in a jar and frozen up for future use.

Clean your sofa and couch every week

It is easier to prevent the bad odor than to get rid of it. Clean your sofas and couch regularly to avoid the smell creeping back in overtime. Wipe down the leather couch once a week. You can vacuum a fabric-covered couch weekly, and sprinkle it with baking soda before vacuuming once a month.

Spend Time in Nature

Humans were not designed by nature to live in houses and busy cities. To reset your body, you need to connect with nature. Go to a place that has fresher air, grass and streams or mountains. Spend some time under the naked sky and sunlight.

Plan a picnic day, hike, or go camping to relax and invigorate yourself. Stay off-the-grid for a day and read, write, or communicate with your friend or partner.

Spend Time in Nature

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