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These were my stops going to Maltby

Driving from Adams to Maltby first of all look in on Zingis Mongolian BBQ for something handy to eat. Next hit Best Western - Snowcap Lodge for the night!

Zingis Mongolian BBQ
Factory Road, Sunnyside, WA 98944
Best Western - Snowcap Lodge
West Davis Street, Cle Elum, WA 98922
WA 98072-8018
The best route to Maltby from Adams

My fav stops from Underwood to Cordova

If going to Cordova from Underwood I suggest you pay a visit to Wildlife Foodplot for a leg stretcher!

Wildlife Foodplot
Wehrspann Lake Trail, Sarpy County, NE 60138
The best route to Cordova from Underwood

I suggest this!

While driving from Beechwood Village to Urbana a way would be to make a stop at Basketball to get that body going (much needed when sitting in a car for the whole day).

Beechwood Village
Tavern Street, New Harmony, IN 47631
Tesla Supercharger
Martin Springs Drive, Rolla, MO 65401
MO 65767
The best route to Urbana from Beechwood Village

Going to Brownsboro Village with a stop for a stay

Going to Brownsboro Village from Muir make sure to first of all look in on Quality Inn for a night. After that hit Muncie Mall for a leg stretcher!

Quality Inn
15th Street, Auburn, IN 46706
Muncie Mall
North Granville Avenue, Muncie, IN 47303
Brownsboro Village
The best route to Brownsboro Village from Muir

To Topinabee with some swimming added

Driving from Quasqueton to Topinabee first hit Westbridge Neighborhood Pool, it is a nice stop. Lastly visit Ja Jora for great shopping!

IA 52326
Westbridge Neighborhood Pool
Westbridge Trail, Waunakee, WI 53597
Ja Jora
Central Court, Bellevue, WI 54302
MI 49791
The best route to Topinabee from Quasqueton

From Kalamo to Brockport with some a coffee-break added

Ok!, Going to Brockport from Kalamo make sure to first of all visit Biggby Coffee for a cup of coffee. After that pay a visit to Saker Real Estate, it is great! Lastly stop by Tim Hortons for some sodas!

Biggby Coffee
Pontiac Road, Auburn Hills, MI 48326
Saker Real Estate
Longwoods Road, Middlesex Centre, ON N0L 1E0
Tim Hortons
Industrial Park Road, West Lincoln Township, ON L0R 2A0
The best route to Brockport from Kalamo

My fav stops going to Lott

Ok!, Going to Lott from Slaughter make sure to first hit Gift Gallery At Phoenix for a leg stretcher and some shopping. Secondly visit West Park Pool for great training! Finally stop by Gift Gallery At Phoenix for some shopping!

Let me know what you think.

Gift Gallery At Phoenix
East Texas Street, Leesville, LA 71446
West Park Pool
Park Road, DeRidder, LA 70634
Gift Gallery At Phoenix
East Texas Street, Leesville, LA 71446
The best route to Lott from Slaughter

The best way from London to Petersburg

When going from London to Petersburg I suggest first of all visit Needmore Coffee Roasters for a cup of coffee and something to nibble on. Secondly stop at Homewood Suites for some rest! Next stop at Dutch Pantry for a leg stretcher and some shopping.


IN 46126
Needmore Coffee Roasters
104 North Pete Ellis Drive, Bloomington, IN 47408
Homewood Suites
South Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403
Dutch Pantry
SR 58, Odon, IN 47562
The best route to Petersburg from London

Going to Waukenabo with some some shopping added

Driving from Revillo to Waukenabo make sure to first of all stop by City Center Mall for good shopping. Next stop at Viking Plaza for a leg stretcher and some shopping!

City Center Mall
618 Atlantic Avenue, Morris, MN 56267
Viking Plaza
3015 34th Avenue West, Alexandria, MN 56308
The best route to Waukenabo from Revillo

Get yourself some mangoes

Got a short break? Grab the yellow tropical fruit and indulge in some juicy goodness!

Mangoes contain linalool, the main ingredient found in lavender oil. Can you think of how lavender makes you feel? Serene! Right? It may even reduce your stress and anxiety. 

Get yourself some mangoes

These were my stops from Coweta to Jolly

When going from Coweta to Jolly I suggest you first visit Walmart Supercenter for shopping. After that pay a visit to Wacker Park Gymnasium for great training!

Better than going straight.

Walmart Supercenter
1500 North Harvey Road, Seminole, OK 74868
Wacker Park Gymnasium
Chickasaw Street, Pauls Valley, OK
The best route to Jolly from Coweta

These were my stops to Monticello from East Brady

Going to Monticello from East Brady I suggest first of all visit Oakwood Square Plazza for a leg stretcher! Next hit Village Square for getting yourself some small treats :-). After that hit Decatur City Pool. It's a nice stop!

East Brady
PA 16028
Oakwood Square Plazza
Heminger Court Northeast, Middlebranch, OH 44721
Village Square
Village Mall Drive, Ontario, OH 44906
Decatur City Pool
315 Maple Street, Decatur, IN 46733
The best route to Monticello from East Brady

My stops to Velva from Collegeville

If driving to Velva from Collegeville I suggest you first of all visit Westridge Mall for picking up a few things! Next visit Rustead Recreation Center. It's a nice stop. Finally hit Stadium '76!

MN 56321
Westridge Mall
Fergus Falls, MN 56537
Rustead Recreation Center
26th Avenue South, West Fargo, ND 58122
Stadium '76
3rd Street South, Carrington, ND 58421
The best route to Velva from Collegeville

To Ocean Isle Beach from Severn

If going to Ocean Isle Beach from Severn first of all visit Chesterfield Towne Center for getting yourself some small treats :-). Then hit Golden East Crossing for a leg stretcher and some shopping!

Try it!

MD 21144
Chesterfield Towne Center
Koger Center Boulevard, Midlothian, VA 23113-4823
Golden East Crossing
1100 North Wesleyan Boulevard, Rocky Mount, NC 27804
Ocean Isle Beach
The best route to Ocean Isle Beach from Severn

A good way from Canton to Slater

When driving from Canton to Slater I suggest you first of all make a stop at Thunder Ridge Mall for a leg stretcher. Then stop at Fareway for a leg stretcher and some shopping!

Thunder Ridge Mall
Magnolia Drive, Cedar Falls, IA 50613
Edgington Avenue, Eldora, IA 50627
IA 50244
The best route to Slater from Canton

These were my stops from Thornton to Enumclaw

Going to Enumclaw from Thornton make sure to visit Micheal's Market and Bistro for a quick bite!

WA 99176
Emanuel Lutheran Church
West 3rd Avenue, Ritzville, WA 99169-1860
Micheal's Market and Bistro
South Beech Street, Moses Lake, WA 98837
WA 98022
The best route to Enumclaw from Thornton

To Howards Grove from Cromwell

When going from Cromwell to Howards Grove a way would be to stop at McDonald's for a something to eat!

IA 50842
15th Avenue Southeast, Dyersville, IA 52040
Howards Grove
The best route to Howards Grove from Cromwell

My stops going to Owens Cross Roads

While driving from Ville Platte to Owens Cross Roads visit Starbucks for something handy to eat!

Ville Platte
Tesla Supercharger
Bass Pro Drive, Pearl, MS 39201:39205
198 Lee Boulevard, College View, MS 39762
Owens Cross Roads
The best route to Owens Cross Roads from Ville Platte

Use Body Language

When you are hugging a close friend, you are comfortable and know that your friend would be happy to hug you. But, when you are hugging someone you don’t know well or someone you have not hugged before, give them signs that you are trying to hug them.

When you are approaching them, open up your arms, if they do the same, hug them. If they shake your hand and then move away, respect their boundaries, and don’t try to hug them. If they ignore you and don’t hug, they might not have noticed that you wanted to hug them, stay graceful and polite in either situation.

Use Body Language

Why not this trip?

When driving from Pembroke to Yemassee I suggest stop by Oakhurst on Monroe for picking up a few things.

I like it. Your mileage may vary.

Oakhurst on Monroe
Oakhurst Commons Drive, Charlotte, NC 28105:28270
SC 29945
The best route to Yemassee from Pembroke

Bleach Your Skin

Bleaching your skin is one of the quickest and easiest ways to whiten skin. Bleaching the skin has very little to no side effects and it can give effective results every time.

Some common side-effects of bleaching are irritation, redness, and a stinging sensation on the skin but they go away after a while. If the irritation is consistent, take off the cream and rub an ice-cube.

Always do a patch test before bleaching. Apply the bleach cream to a square inch section of skin on the back of your hand and take it off. Wait 12-24 hours. If no signs of irritation occur, use it on the face.

A nice trip from Appomattox to Yatesville

When going from Appomattox to Yatesville I suggest you first stop by Days Inn by Wyndham Winston Salem North for a night! Next visit Hounds Grill for a lunch or dinner. Lastly stop at Java Bistro for a caffeine boost!

VA 24522
Days Inn by Wyndham Winston Salem North
5218 Germanton Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27105
Hounds Grill
South Battleground Avenue, Kings Mountain, NC 28086
Java Bistro
102 Batesville Road, Five Forks, SC 29681
GA 31097
The best route to Yatesville from Appomattox

My stops from Baldwin to New Buffalo Township

If driving to New Buffalo Township from Baldwin this is a good way: make a stop at The Lakes Mall for good shopping.

The Lakes Mall
East Mount Garfield Road, Norton Shores, MI 49444
First Hebrew Congregation
249 Broadway Street, South Haven, MI 49090
New Buffalo Township
The best route to New Buffalo Township from Baldwin

These were my stops to South Hadley from Salisbury

Ok!, Driving from Salisbury to South Hadley make sure to first look in on Walnut Cheese Nook to have some snacks and something to drink. After that visit The Gandy Dancer for some hit and run shopping! Lastly make a stop at Carvel Ice Cream Bakery for some tasty frozen yoghurt!

Walnut Cheese Nook
PA 35, Nook, PA
The Gandy Dancer
12 Hill Road, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229
Carvel Ice Cream Bakery
New York State Thruway, Town of Newburgh, NY 12568
South Hadley
MA 01075
The best route to South Hadley from Salisbury

My stops going to Ardsley

When going from Derwood to Ardsley a way would be to first of all pay a visit to KX Athletics, it is great! Next make a stop at Giuseppe's Ristorante for a some food.

KX Athletics
Commerce Boulevard, Penn Township, PA 19390
Giuseppe's Ristorante
40 Bridge Street, Lambertville, NJ 08530
NY 10502
The best route to Ardsley from Derwood

The best way to Ellendale

Driving to Ellendale from Callaway make sure to first make a stop at Hats Off Coffee for some sodas. Next look in on Viewing point !

What do you think about that?

Hats Off Coffee
416 Central Avenue, Long Prairie, MN 56347
Viewing point
Bjorkland Trail, Silver Creek, MN 55380
The best route to Ellendale from Callaway

A good trip from ? to West Alexander

Driving from ? to West Alexander hit Walnut Cheese Nook for a bite!

NJ 07461
Walnut Cheese Nook
PA 35, Nook, PA
West Alexander
The best route to West Alexander from ?

These were my stops going to Francestown

If driving to Francestown from Millstone Township this is a nice way: first of all make a stop at Elm Point. It's great! Secondly hit Denmos for some tasty sorbet. After that stop by Cindy's Drive In for some yummy ice cream.

Millstone Township
Elm Point
Sunset Road, Kings Point, NY 11024
Main Street South, Southbury, CT 06488
Cindy's Drive In
455 East State Street, Granby, MA 01033
The best route to Francestown from Millstone Township

A good way to Ingalls

Driving from McLemoresville to Ingalls I suggest you hit Washington Square Mall for some shopping!

TN 38235
Washington Square Mall
Washington Square, Evansville, IN 47750
IN 46048
The best route to Ingalls from McLemoresville

Squat Thrust

Start by standing, then send your hips back and down in a deep squat position with your chest raised, your hands on the floor between your legs, and the buttocks lower than your knees. Transfer the weight to your hands and then jump your feet back to reach the raised plank position. Quickly jump from toe to hand to return to a deep squat position with your chest up. Extend your legs to stand up. Keep repeating as soon as possible.

Chilled Soup

When you’re sweating out under a fan at the office, a hot bowl of soup hardly sounds pleasant. Instead, try the new culinary concept that has stormed the internet with a gazillion recipes – the chilled soup!

Ideally, try to choose soups containing fruits and veggies with high water content, and avoid adding a lot of salt.

Boric Acid

If you're looking for a DIY solution to your cockroach problem, boric acid is going to be your best bet. Mix boric acid with flour in equal parts to create a dough. Roll it into several balls that you can place in the areas that the cockroaches are in most frequently. The cockroaches will eat the dough and the acid will kill them. However, this solution is NOT PET-SAFE! Boric acid can be toxic to pets, so please keep that in mind.

Double cleanse

If you wear makeup, it might be a good idea to look into double cleansing.

Many face washes don't get all the grease and dirt off of your face in one go. If you're wearing makeup, they may be only removing the makeup and none of the acne-causing oils and free radicals that cause acne.

Double cleansing involves first washing your face with an oil-based cleanser. It may not sound like a good idea to be putting more oil on your face, but oil dissolves oil, and when followed up with a decent cleanser, it can rid you of stubborn gunk and sebaceous filaments. Just ensure that you're only double cleansing prior to wearing makeup and using a cleanser strong enough to wash away all that oil.

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