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Respectfully is a sign off that is tinged with deference, so make sure it suits the occasion. For example, if you are writing to your landlord to enumerate a series of failures and abuses and your closing sentence is something along the line of “Unfortunately, if these deficiencies are not soon remedied, my next step may be legal action,” then ending with “Respectfully” is just awkward.

Set the scene

If you are negotiating for an important deal, then it is important to set a scene. A formal setting creates a professional environment, you should have this when you have an upper hand. On the other hand, an informal setting is rather hostile. In contrast to that, a more informal setting can create warmth and encourage agreement easily. So, depending on the situation, choose a scene for your negotiation. 

Set the scene

Don’t Starve

The first and foremost thing you need to understand about dieting is that it is not starving. If you really want to eat healthy food and shed some weight, you need a healthy and balanced diet. You cannot survive on carrots or lettuce for a week because you are not a bunny.

Make sure that the diet plan you are adopting is not too strict especially when you cannot spend a day without eating fast food. Change your diet slowly by allowing yourself to eat one unhealthy meal a day, to one unhealthy or cheat meal a week. Less pressure to eat healthy meals will help you stay consistent in your dieting efforts.


If you aren’t scared of a little bit of pain and you want lasting results, waxing can be a great option for getting rid of unwanted hair. Many beauty salons and other businesses offer lip waxing services at low prices. If you’re up to the task, you can also buy an at-home kit and do the waxing yourself. Waxing is also beneficial because the hair will grow back finer and slower than with shaving.

Steel Wool

The track of the sliding door might have dirt build-up that would cause friction. Oftentimes, a distorted iron track can be the reason too. To fix these problems use a ball of old steel wool to remove the dirt build-up and sharpen the blunt edges of the track. If the iron track is in a bad shape you might have to call a professional and get it replaced.

Arms Around the Neck

Putting your arms around the neck may seem like a very casual and boring pose but you can make it extremely romantic too. It can make you two close enough to feel the warmth of each other and look at each other. To make the hug more intimate look at him in the eyes and smile. He will have a moment to admire how pretty you look and will be the perfect opportunity for a long kiss.

Arms Around the Neck

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