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Add protein to your pancakes

In recent years, protein pancakes have risen in popularity amongst health-conscious food lovers. There are many ways of achieving this. Some people like adding protein powder to their batter while others prefer the prepackaged mixes made by brands like Kodiak Cakes. There's a way to do this with cottage cheese too! Add cottage cheese to your pancake or waffle batter to add a nice protein boost to your breakfast. You can even use it as a substitute for milk. It's a subtle way to include cottage cheese in your diet.

Spend time with family and friends

Being around the people you love can serve as a reminder of all the great things in your life. When you're stressed, it is very easy to feel like that is the only thing that matters in that moment. It can be a very discouraging thought. Surround yourself with people who love and support you. They will make you laugh and remind you that everything will be okay. Regardless of the bad situations, you will always have people who will stand by you. Spend time with family and friends

Lap Hold

This pose works best if you are lying down but you can also hold the baby on your lap while sitting. When lying down, bend your knees and put the baby’s upper body on the legs so that the baby is looking at you. The baby’s legs should be on your belly and the feet touching your chest. Keep both the hand around the baby. Make sure your pants are not hurting the baby, if you are wearing pants that have buttons or pearls, change into comfy pajamas.

If you are lying on a bed and in the middle, it is okay to let go of your hands if you want because the baby will be safe in case you accidentally drop them. The lap hold is perfect for taking amazing baby pictures. 

Expand financial inclusion

Financial exclusion underpins a whole range of challenges that the world’s poor face. Without access to mainstream banking, the poor find themselves unable to avail any credit. Microfinance institutions have been ramping up infrastructure in a number of countries to expand the financial inclusion for the poor population. The governments, too, have been swiftly bringing reforms to promote financial inclusion. Hopefully, things will change soon and the poor will have access to a wider range of banking functions, including loans.

Expand financial inclusion

Sit with the Right Posture

To ride the horse, you and the horse should be comfortable. Adjust your weight on the saddle and your hips should be relaxed. Keep your back straight and do not lean forwards or backward.

If you will be riding the horse in western style, hold the reins in one hand to allow the horse to move easily. The other hand should fall naturally to your side. In English style, reins are held in both hands. Your elbows should be relaxed and not pulling the reins. 

Stay Fit

The importance of a healthy body cannot be stressed enough. Healthy body weight makes you more active so that you can live your life to the fullest. If you are over-weight or you get aches and pains from doing regular tasks, you need to engage yourself in physical exercise.

Start with a simple exercise or yoga to reduce the body’s fat. If you are overweight, talk to a dietician to get a custom meal plan and hire a trainer to help you lose weight with HIIT or Cardio.

Bent wire hanger

This straightforward technique is astonishingly effective. Grab a wire coat hanger and straighten it out. Bend either end of the straightened hanger to create a hook. Push the hanger hook-first past the drain cover and try to fish for all the stuff that’s clogging the drain. You might see a ton of nasty gunk when you pull the hook out.

But be careful – you don’t want to push all the junk further; you want to pull it out. When you feel you’ve reasonably cleaned the drain, run some hot water and you have yourself a clean drain.

Bent wire hanger

Self binding

This is a comparatively less time-consuming method than fabric strip binding. Self binding will show off your exceptionally beautiful backing fabric, but the binding is only a single fabric layer thick. For self binding your quilt, cut your backing fabric to be a few inches bigger than the batting and top on all sides. Make sure it is big enough to show however much of the backing fabric you’d like on the quilt’s front.

Self binding

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