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Keep a dream journal

Keeping a dream diary or dream journal is one of the best ways to initiate lucid dreaming. When you write down your dreams on a page, you are forced to remember everything that happens in your dream. Dream journaling helps in recognizing dream signs and enhances your awareness of the dreams. For best results, write down your dream as soon as you wake up as it is easier to forget what happened in the dream after a few hours.

Keep a dream journal

Play tug of war

Puppies are extremely energetic and need a lot of exercise to maintain their health and wellness. A lot of puppies will be very interested in toys and things like rope. I’ve never seen any dog walk away from a good game of tug of war with their human. You can find rope toys at most pet supply stores. Be gentle with your pup at first to gauge how they react to the game. Pretty soon, they’ll be pulling you all over the park.

Pest Control

Pest controllers are licensed to catch and kill all kinds of bugs with pesticides that not everybody can buy. If your house has a serious bug problem and you can’t find a way on your own to get rid of the, contacting pest control can be your last resort. Catch a bug and take a photo of it and send it to pest controllers to understand more about how to get rid of them.

Avoid very Long and Hot Showers

A hot, steamy shower is what we all need during the wintertime. Although it feels very good at that time, it can lead to excessively dry skin afterward.

Hot showers not only dry out but also damage the surface of the skin. It causes damage to the keratin cells located in the epidermis(the most outer layer of our skin). Damage to these cells makes them unable to lock in moisture and the skin dries out. Higher temperature can also lead to skin conditions like eczema.

It is advised to use lukewarm water for shower and bath. The temperature of lukewarm water is typically said to be 98.9 degrees Fahrenheit, but it is up to personal preference and tolerance. Many consider the room temperature to be the lukewarm temperature.

Avoid very Long and Hot Showers

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