Best Ways to Play with a puppy


Play fetch

It’s the age-old pastime: playing fetch with man’s best friend. Most dogs love running after their favorite toys (or a random stick) and bringing it back to play all over again. To play fetch with your puppy, try throwing one of their toys. While some dogs love playing fetch with a regular tennis ball, other pups may like chasing after a plush bone, a frisbee, or even a stuffed animal. Whatever it may be, your dog will love chasing after it time and time again.

Written by Ana Munoz
5 months ago

Play Catch Me If You Can

Your puppy loves to follow you around and if you go out running, your puppy will follow you. So, when you take your puppy for a casual walk in your garden or to the park, run away for the puppy then slow down so the puppy can catch you. Laugh and give the puppy a big hug and do it again. If the puppy starts running away from you follow her. This will teach your puppy to play catch me if you can.

Play Catch Me If You Can

Written by Holly Ferguson
9 months ago

Hide the Toy

Grab your puppy’s favorite toy and throw it away so that the puppy goes, picks it up, and brings it back to you. Throw a bit further and in a different direction each time so that your puppy takes some time to look for it. If the puppy wants to go on and is enjoying the game. Run to another room and hide the toy in a place where the puppy can reach it, such as behind the door or under the bed. 

Written by Don Moss
1 year ago

Hula Loops

If you have a front lawn or a backyard, buy hula loops and hold them at different heights. Teach your puppy to jump through them. Encouraging your puppy to jump through them will keep him active and happy. Dogs love sports and jumping through hula loops is a great way to cheer up your puppy.

Written by Janis Malone
2 months ago

Play tug of war

Puppies are extremely energetic and need a lot of exercise to maintain their health and wellness. A lot of puppies will be very interested in toys and things like rope. I’ve never seen any dog walk away from a good game of tug of war with their human. You can find rope toys at most pet supply stores. Be gentle with your pup at first to gauge how they react to the game. Pretty soon, they’ll be pulling you all over the park.

Written by Orlando Sparks
7 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Play with a Puppy?

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