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Never waste a pear

Overripe pears can still be used in the kitchen. It can also taste better with the help of a few pear recipes. Just peel and chop your overripe pears and you have the perfect set of pears for your pie or cake recipe. You can even make a smoothie, or chop and freeze it in the refrigerator.

Know all your angles

When taking a full body picture, it is essential to know your angles, otherwise, the pictures will come out bad even with good lighting. If you do not know your angles, try mine:

Turn at a 45 degrees angle towards the camera. Posing with a straight posture emphasizes your shoulders’ width, waist, and chest. This way, you would look fat in the pictures. If you prefer your curves to look narrow, turn away from the camera slightly. Moreover, turn from the good side, if you have one. Make sure you position yourself in a way that your good side shows more in the picture. Know all your angles


Every time your dog meets another dog or a new person, they’ll be stimulated with the sounds, sights, and butts they’re keen on sniffing.

Socializing your dog is not just beneficial, but a necessity. Without properly and adequately socializing your dogs, he may develop behavioral issues in the long term. Socializing stimulates him and is therefore also an excellent way to tucker him out.

Stay hydrated

Your skin is a reflection of a few different things, including the chemical processes going on inside your body. One of the best things you can do for your skin: drink plenty of water. Keeping your skin hydrated will help keep away any dryness that could cause an overproduction of oil. Producing too much oil can cause your skin to breakout. Drinking water will also help with the processes inside your body.

End it Face to Face

Don’t end it on a message or a phone call. The person you want to remove from your life has the right to know why you are doing this. Meet them in-person at home or in a public place. If your partner can become violent and angry quickly, have a friend near but don’t involve the friend in the conversation. Tell them to wait outside or sit somewhere else.

Share your insights and stories by posting

Sharing your post is a great way of increasing engagement on your profile. You can share your thoughts on the latest invention in your industry. Share your learnings from your job and ask your friends and followers about theirs. You can also run a poll to get insights from your network and use that to start up a conversation.

Share your insights and stories by posting

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