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Make word cards

A great way to practice reading simple words with your student is by making word cards together. Flash cards can be a very effective way to practice memorization and build a functional vocabulary. You can start off by writing words with three distinct syllables. When using the cards with your student, make sure to emphasize the three sounds in the word. This activity is great for building knowledge of phonics. This will later transition into being able to sound out difficult words.

Crack a Joke

Everyone likes to have a good laugh. Cracking a joke that is not very lame, stupid, or cheesy can be interesting. Don’t send a vulgar joke or a meme. Say something that makes her laugh and shows that you are an interesting and funny guy. The one thing all women admire about their boy-friends is how they can make them laugh at the most awkward and unexpected moments. If you are the kind of guy who is good at cracking jokes, try sending her a funny message that also shows you would be interested in dating her. If she reads the text, she might reply.

Or she may read, laugh, and ignore you.Crack a Joke

Unplug for a day

The best thing about rainy days is that there's no obligation to other people. Plans get cancelled and responsibilities get washed away with the rain. Now that cell phones are constantly connecting us, though, those responsibilities have become a little harder to escape.

If you can, a great way to spend a rainy day is to put your phone on silent, put on some music, and do something that doesn't involve tech. Brew some tea and grab your thickest blanket and go to town on a puzzle. Or make a cup of hot chocolate, slip on your pajamas, and dust off a board game.

Mix it with granola

Cottage cheese is packed with protein, making it a great food to start off your day. You can incorporate it into your breakfast very easily. You can put your helping of cottage cheese in a bowl and add granola on top. For sweetness, add a golden drizzle of honey and some of your favorite fruit. It's a delicious way to boost your protein intake first thing in the morning, keeping you fueled until lunchtime.

Focus on muscle building

If you’re training for your 500m race and building good muscles at the same time, that probably won’t work out great.

While cardio and weights often make for an excellent fitness combination – stretching them to extremes will prove to be counterproductive because of the contradiction in training physiology and biochemistry. It’s best to give your all to muscle building if that’s your ultimate goal. 

Job fairs

Google for job fairs and similar professional events scheduled in the coming days in your area. If you’re recently graduated, get in touch with your alma meter’s career center and see if they can give you a list of upcoming job fairs. Attend the maximum number of events possible, dress well, and always have a pile of resumes/business cards – and get your networking game on. 

Job fairs

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