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Cheese Grater

A boxed cheese grater is a secret weapon that most home cooks already have in their cabinet. Make sure to use one with the small holes for grating cheese, not the larger holes for grated cheese.

Using a cheese grater:

Place the lemon on the side of the cheese grater that has the smallest holes.

Move it back and forth, paying close attention to the placement of your fingers.

Continue grating the lemon until all the yellow part is removed.

A good trip to Roscoe

When driving from Sheldon to Roscoe I suggest you pay a visit to Cafe Pawz for a caffeine kick!

Cafe Pawz
13150 1st Street, Becker, MN 55308
The best route to Roscoe from Sheldon

To Vermontville from Lindina

When driving from Lindina to Vermontville a way would be to make a stop at The Lift Pilates. It's a nice stop.

A better one!

5300 South Howell Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53154
The Lift Pilates
383 West Brown Deer Road, Bayside, WI 53217
The best route to Vermontville from Lindina

The best way to Marble

Driving from Adrian to Marble make sure to first of all visit West Acres Shopping Center for a leg stretcher and some shopping! Next make a stop at The Russell and Ann Gerdin Wellness Center to get that body going (much needed when sitting in a car for the whole day). Next make a stop at Super One Foods for some shopping.

West Acres Shopping Center
38th Street South, Fargo, ND 58103-3400
The Russell and Ann Gerdin Wellness Center
805 14th Street South, Moorhead, MN 56563
Super One Foods
7th Street, Walker, MN 56484
MN 55764
The best route to Marble from Adrian

These were my stops to Gahanna from Cherrytree Township

When going to Gahanna from Cherrytree Township this is my preferred way: stop by Walmart Supercenter for great shopping!

Cherrytree Township
Walmart Supercenter
3200 Atlantic Boulevard Northeast, Canton, OH 44705
OH 43239
The best route to Gahanna from Cherrytree Township

Why not this trip?

When going to Postville from Michiana Shores this is a good way: look in on Castle Rock Scenic Outlook. It's good!

Michiana Shores
Castle Rock Scenic Outlook
IL 2, Grand Detour, IL 61061
The best route to Postville from Michiana Shores

Let me suggest this!

Driving to Avon from District Heights I suggest visit 99 Cents Up Gift Shop for some hit and run shopping.

District Heights
99 Cents Up Gift Shop
6606 18th Avenue, New York, NY 11204
MA 02322
The best route to Avon from District Heights

From Long Beach Township to Surry with a stop for some ice cream

If going to Surry from Long Beach Township this is my preferred way: first of all make a stop at Carvel for some scoops of yummy ice cream! Next visit Aldi for a leg stretcher.

Long Beach Township
NJ 08008
Westbury Avenue, North Hempstead, NY 11514
Albany Turnpike, Canton, CT 06022
The best route to Surry from Long Beach Township

Wide Drawers

Usually kitchens have average drawers that are not wide enough to store large cookie trays, chopping boards, and wide dishes. If you deal with wide pans in the kitchen and because you can’t fit them anywhere, they lie on the countertops, you should think of wider drawers this time.

Wide Drawers

My fav stops from South Hill to Reedsport

While going to Reedsport from South Hill visit Planet Fitness, it is a nice stop.

South Hill
Planet Fitness
1001 Southeast Tualatin Valley Highway, Hillsboro, OR 97123
The best route to Reedsport from South Hill

A nice way to Ullin from Olin

Driving to Ullin from Olin first pay a visit to Los Ranchitos for a little something to eat. Next make a stop at Baskin-Robbins for some tasty ice cream! Then stop by Chicken's for a great dinner!

IA 52320
Los Ranchitos
East Girard Avenue, Monmouth, IL 61462
106 Chatham Road, Springfield, IL 62704
Lincoln Street, St. Libory, IL 62282
IL 62992
The best route to Ullin from Olin

Why not this trip?

If going from Bowling Green to Saltillo I suggest make a stop at Walmart Supercenter for some hit and run shopping!

Bowling Green
MD 21504
Walmart Supercenter
100 Walmart Drive, Jackson, OH 45640
The best route to Saltillo from Bowling Green

Going to Norfolk with some some food added

If going to Norfolk from Canaan first of all make a stop at Dunkin' Donuts for a quick bite. Then visit Title Boxing Club for some sweat!

NH 03741
Dunkin' Donuts
Old Concord Road, Henniker, NH 03242
Title Boxing Club
365 Constitution Avenue, Littleton, MA 01460
The best route to Norfolk from Canaan

A nicer trip to Spring Grove

If driving from Twin Valley to Spring Grove I suggest you first look in on Veterans' Memorial. I liked it! Then stop by Old Mill Site. I liked it a lot.

Twin Valley
MN 56584
Veterans' Memorial
Main Street West, Clarissa, MN 56440
Old Mill Site
Humboldt Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55431
Spring Grove
MN 55974
The best route to Spring Grove from Twin Valley

The best trip from Superior to Fremont

Driving from Superior to Fremont a way would be to hit Dairy Queen for something handy to eat.

Other suggestions?

NE 68978
Dairy Queen
South D Street, Milford, NE 68405
NE 68025
The best route to Fremont from Superior

These were my stops going to Royse City

While driving from Joiner to Royse City this is a nice way: first of all pay a visit to Pizza Hut for a bite. Next look in on LA Fitness for a leg stretcher and some pulse! Third visit Hot Springs Mall for great shopping! Then stop at Pizza Hut for a tasty meal. After that visit sweetFrog for some scoops of yummy ice cream.

Pizza Hut
North Main Street, Brinkley, AR 72021
LA Fitness
McCain Boulevard, North Little Rock, AR 72116
Hot Springs Mall
Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 71901
Pizza Hut
South Constitution Avenue, Ashdown, AR 71822
3594 Lamar Avenue, Paris, TX 75460
Royse City
The best route to Royse City from Joiner

A nicer route from Baldwin to Seguin

If driving to Seguin from Baldwin I suggest first of all visit Wendy's for a tasty meal. Then make a stop at Love Star Inn and Suites for a small treat!

LA 70514
Blackhawk Boulevard, Houston, TX 77089
TX 146, Baytown, TX 77520
Love Star Inn and Suites
3933 US 90, Alleyton, TX 78935
The best route to Seguin from Baldwin

Let me suggest this!

Going from Brooklyn to Leshara a way would be to visit Comfort Inn for a pause!

Comfort Inn
Nicholas Drive, Marshalltown, IA 50158
The best route to Leshara from Brooklyn

A nice route from Clontarf to Marshall

If going from Clontarf to Marshall this is my preferred way: first make a stop at Sand Volleyball to get that body going (much needed when sitting in a car for the whole day). Secondly visit Gill Center Two for getting yourself some small treats :-)! After that stop at Taylor Hollow Overlook, it is worth it!

MN 56226
Sand Volleyball
North Main Street, Medford, MN 55049
Gill Center Two
6th Avenue Northeast, Rochester, MN 55906
Taylor Hollow Overlook
Old Settlers Loop Trail, Town of Whitestown, WI 54651
The best route to Marshall from Clontarf

A nicer route from Hudson to Shevlin

Last time I drove from Hudson to Shevlin this was the route I picked.

The S'Cream
301 South Oak Avenue, Owatonna, MN 55060
Tesla Supercharger
Purple Heart Trail/Blue Star Memorial Highway, Monticello, MN 55362
The best route to Shevlin from Hudson

Let me suggest this!

When going to Wilson from Marmaton I suggest first hit Santa Fe Trail Ruts for a leg stretcher with extras :). After that stop at The Pickup Line for a lunch or dinner!

Santa Fe Trail Ruts
South 1400 Road, Helmick, KS 66846
The Pickup Line
North Main Street, Hillsboro, KS 67063
The best route to Wilson from Marmaton

My fav stops going to East Hampstead

While going to East Hampstead from Pittsford I suggest you first of all hit Brownsville Butcher and Pantry for some hit and run shopping! Next make a stop at Mtn. Edge Resort for a pause.

Brownsville Butcher and Pantry
State Route 44, West Windsor, VT 05037
Mtn. Edge Resort
Route 103, Newbury, NH 03255
Tesla Supercharger
Hooksett Rest Area, Hooksett, NH 031063
East Hampstead
NH 03826
The best route to East Hampstead from Pittsford

Add more RAM

While most users will sail through just fine on an 8GB RAM, gamers are better off with at least 16GB, particularly for playing the modern AAA games.

The point is, if you’re going to just edit word documents and watch movies, you don’t need additional RAM unless your PC is giving you a hard time. If you’re getting into some graphics editing, though, you may find that your PC is struggling with performance, and often adding more RAM will solve this issue. 

Why not this trip?

When going from Shevlin to Hampton this is a good way.

Tesla Supercharger
Purple Heart Memorial Highway, Nisswa, MN 56425
125 Lincoln Avenue Southeast, Saint Cloud, MN 56304
The best route to Hampton from Shevlin

Going to Cherrytree Township with a stop for some ice cream

While driving from Barre City to Cherrytree Township I suggest you first of all visit Red Apple for some tasty gelato. Next stop at Arctic Island for some scoops of awesome ice cream! Finally stop by Wellsville Elementary School Tennis Courts, it is a nice stop.

Barre City
VT 05641
Red Apple
Manlius Center Road, Town of Manlius, NY 13057
Arctic Island
West Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse, NY 13207
Wellsville Elementary School Tennis Courts
School Street, Wellsville, NY 14895
Cherrytree Township
The best route to Cherrytree Township from Barre City

Wear Night-Serums

Night serums work on the skin from indie. They seep inside the layers of our skin and work at night to smoothen the skin, reduce inflammation, hide blemishes, and fight the signs of aging.

Skin brightening serums, Vitamin C serums, and hyaluronic acid serum are best for smoothing the skin. All of these serums can help smoothen skin and reduce open pores. Wear Night-Serums

These were my stops to Boston from North Newton

When going to Boston from North Newton this is a good way: first look in on Osage Nation Title VI for a some tasty food. Finally hit Robbers Cave Stables, it is great!

North Newton
KS 67117
Osage Nation Title VI
Senior Drive, Pawhuska, OK 74056
Baptist Church
5th Street, Beggs, OK 74424
Robbers Cave Stables
Robbers Cave Stables, OK
TX 75570
The best route to Boston from North Newton

I suggest this!

While going from Jamestown to Park River a way would be to first of all visit Sunlac Inn for the night! After that stop at The Fitness Edge to get the pulse up!.

Ness Church
Main Street, Griggs County, ND
Sunlac Inn
3rd Street Southeast, Lakota, ND
The Fitness Edge
Main Street, Lakota, ND
Park River
ND 58270
The best route to Park River from Jamestown

A nicer trip from Haysville to Milligan

Driving to Milligan from Haysville I suggest stop at Best Western Plus for the night!

Heritage Family Church
I 235;KS 96, Wichita, KS 67204
Best Western Plus
3800 West Kellogg Drive, Wichita, KS 67213
Spiritual Assembly of Baha'is of Wichita
North Amidon Street, Wichita, KS 67204-4502
NE 68406
The best route to Milligan from Haysville

My stops from Campbellsville to Grover

While going to Grover from Campbellsville I suggest first stop at Clay Fitness Center to get that body going! Next visit Shoney's for a delicious meal.

KY 42718
Clay Fitness Center
S-Mart Road, Manchester, KY 40962
West Andrew Johnson Highway, Morristown, TN 37814
GE WattStation
Honeycutt Street, Black Mountain, NC 28711
The best route to Grover from Campbellsville

The way to Winchester

If going to Winchester from Hubbard I suggest you pay a visit to Seneca War Memorial. I liked it!

IA 50122
Seneca War Memorial
Seneca Memorial Path, Town of Seneca, WI 54654
WI 54947
The best route to Winchester from Hubbard

Roast Peanuts

Making peanut butter is extremely easy because the food processor does everything. You can rub the peanuts, blow off the redskin, and put them in the blender to make a smooth paste.

But that’s not it. If you want your peanut butter to taste good, you need to select the highest quality peanuts and roast them well. The fresher the crop, the better it tastes therefore always use fresh peanuts for making peanut butter.

Place them in a shallow pan and let them roast at 350 degrees F for 5-20 minutes or until they look golden to light brown on top. Take them out and shuffle them from time to time.

Throw away the peanuts that could have burned during roasting. Let them cool down completely. If you blend them in a Nutri-blender, the peanuts will release the natural oil and become a paste easily but in a regular blender, you may have to add some peanut oil or olive oil to bring it together.

Roast Peanuts

In a cushion

If you want to hide the money so that no one finds it, hide it inside a pillow, not the pillow cover. Fold or roll the cash and put a rubber band over it. Open the stitches of the pillow or cushion and place the folded cash in the middle. Use thread and a needle to neatly sew back the edges. Put back on the pillowcase and voila!

Move your body

One of the first things I always do when I start dozing off is get up and move around. Your body needs both the mental break and the physical movement to restart. Walking around will help pump oxygen throughout your body. This will re-energize you and prepare you for the task you're working on. Staying seated and trying to muscle through it will only wear you down. Take break and step out for a walk. Move your body

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