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In a cushion

If you want to hide the money so that no one finds it, hide it inside a pillow, not the pillow cover. Fold or roll the cash and put a rubber band over it. Open the stitches of the pillow or cushion and place the folded cash in the middle. Use thread and a needle to neatly sew back the edges. Put back on the pillowcase and voila!

Cheese Grater

A boxed cheese grater is a secret weapon that most home cooks already have in their cabinet. Make sure to use one with the small holes for grating cheese, not the larger holes for grated cheese.

Using a cheese grater:

Place the lemon on the side of the cheese grater that has the smallest holes.

Move it back and forth, paying close attention to the placement of your fingers.

Continue grating the lemon until all the yellow part is removed.

Wear Night-Serums

Night serums work on the skin from indie. They seep inside the layers of our skin and work at night to smoothen the skin, reduce inflammation, hide blemishes, and fight the signs of aging.

Skin brightening serums, Vitamin C serums, and hyaluronic acid serum are best for smoothing the skin. All of these serums can help smoothen skin and reduce open pores. Wear Night-Serums

Wide Drawers

Usually kitchens have average drawers that are not wide enough to store large cookie trays, chopping boards, and wide dishes. If you deal with wide pans in the kitchen and because you can’t fit them anywhere, they lie on the countertops, you should think of wider drawers this time.

Wide Drawers

Move your body

One of the first things I always do when I start dozing off is get up and move around. Your body needs both the mental break and the physical movement to restart. Walking around will help pump oxygen throughout your body. This will re-energize you and prepare you for the task you're working on. Staying seated and trying to muscle through it will only wear you down. Take break and step out for a walk. Move your body

Roast Peanuts

Making peanut butter is extremely easy because the food processor does everything. You can rub the peanuts, blow off the redskin, and put them in the blender to make a smooth paste.

But that’s not it. If you want your peanut butter to taste good, you need to select the highest quality peanuts and roast them well. The fresher the crop, the better it tastes therefore always use fresh peanuts for making peanut butter.

Place them in a shallow pan and let them roast at 350 degrees F for 5-20 minutes or until they look golden to light brown on top. Take them out and shuffle them from time to time.

Throw away the peanuts that could have burned during roasting. Let them cool down completely. If you blend them in a Nutri-blender, the peanuts will release the natural oil and become a paste easily but in a regular blender, you may have to add some peanut oil or olive oil to bring it together.

Roast Peanuts

Add more RAM

While most users will sail through just fine on an 8GB RAM, gamers are better off with at least 16GB, particularly for playing the modern AAA games.

The point is, if you’re going to just edit word documents and watch movies, you don’t need additional RAM unless your PC is giving you a hard time. If you’re getting into some graphics editing, though, you may find that your PC is struggling with performance, and often adding more RAM will solve this issue. 

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