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Use oven for reheating

Pizza hut now serves pastas. Their standard size is for six in an aluminum pan. It is quite difficult to finish it all at once. And no one enjoys pasta when it is cold, so heating the pasta is necessary. There is an easy method of heating the pizza hut pasta in an oven. You will need to preheat the oven to 1760C. Then take the amount of pasta you desire to heat on an oven safe bowl /plate. Spread the pasta in a thin layer style to distribute heat evenly. Then you will have your pasta ready for heating.

Separate dry and wet waste

Don’t collect all of your waste together in a bin. Try to change by separating dry and wet waste. If you don’t know how to discriminate, wet waste is fruit peels, vegetable peels, leftover food, eggshells, and tea bags.

On the other hand, dry waste includes glass, metal, wood, and plastic. While wet waste goes into the compost bin, the dry waste usually ends up in landfills. Separating wet and dry waste is important for the ecology and environment of planet earth. So, be a responsible human and always segregate your waste. 

Separate dry and wet waste

Propose in a Flower Garden

Flowers are lovely and women love them so why not propose in the middle of a flower garden. It is also a great place for taking romantic photos. If your girlfriend is not allergic to flowers, propose to her in the enchanting atmosphere of a flower garden. Take her near the flowers she loves, get behind her and propose to her. Ask a friend to be around disguised as a stranger to take photos when you propose.

Propose in a Flower Garden

Skip Sugar

If you can cut out sugar from the beverages and the foods that you eat in a day, you are on your way to losing body fat. Sugar increases our blood glucose which is a poor form of energy for the body. Most store-bought juices and other beverages are packed with sugar and have little or no nutritional value. Skipping these beverages can decrease the glucose and consequently the fat accumulation in your body.

Although fresh fruit juice is better than artificially sweetened juices. It is better to enjoy fruits and vegetables with fiber when you are trying to lose weight. Fruits such as grapefruit, avocadoes, and berries are good for the metabolism when losing weight.

Leave them Reminders that You Love Them

Notes are the most personal ways to express love. Your wife will be surprised to find a note from you in the closet or inside the refrigerator especially if you are going away for a few days. She’s probably going to miss you and the note will help her cheer up.

Leave them Reminders that You Love Them

Improve Access to Jobs

There are individuals in search of jobs and then there are others who are in need of people who would work for them. Improving the access to jobs means finding a way to help employers meet these unemployed individuals. It solves a huge problem because it helps both parties. At the end of the day, the unemployed finds a job that helps them get out of poverty. Unemployment is one of the major reasons for poverty because when people fail to find a job that helps them pay for the cost of living, they are forced to live in poverty.

Improve Access to Jobs

Set up a mystery

The human brain loves curiosity and has a hunger for solving all the mysteries and coming to a satisfying ending. When you open an essay that includes a mystery that needs to be solved, you already have your reader's attention. The reader will want to close the curiosity loop. Please note that this is a more advanced way of starting an essay. Take some guidance from this example below.

"In the midst of the 1950s reacting to femininity, the image of the madwoman took a startling new form in American popular culture: the female multiple personalities." - Marta Caminero-Santangelo

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