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Ladies Push up

Push-ups can be very hard especially if you are a beginner. Get on all four and straighten your back, try to do a regular push up. If the regular push-up seems hard, touch your knees to the ground and keep the arms and back straight. Lower your body and see if you can comfortably do push-ups now. Touching knees on the ground reduces the weight on your hands and this makes push up easier.

Look for a resume template

Always make sure you're using the resources that you have available to you! The internet is a great way to find information about any topic. They also have a variety of resume templates that you can use to create a brand new document for your job search. Make sure to look for templates that are fitting with the job description you are looking to attain. For example, don't use an overly colorful resume if you're looking to go into an engineering field. On the other hand, don't use a plain black and white resume when you're looking to go into design.

Play around with ingredients

Once you're comfortable making rice, you have the ratios down and your washing technique is impeccable, you may want to start playing around with different ingredients to spice up your rice.

Some good jumping off points are:

Mexican rice - a handful of diced onion and diced tomato, plus a pinch of cumin and chili powder. Replace water with chicken stock or add a bouillon cube.

Cilantro lime rice - Add a squeeze of lime and some chopped cilantro after cooking. Fold in gently.

Sushi rice - Gently fold a splash of rice wine vinegar into any short-grain Japanese rice to give your rice a nice flavor and fluffiness, while making it easier to mold into shapes. Great for sushi.

Get Creative with the Markings

When you want to hang a picture, you should visualize what is the perfect spot and how you should make the pictures appear better. When there is more than one picture involved, you would also need a measuring tape to use the space efficiently. Mark where the nail for each picture should be. To be precise, hold the frame on the wall, and with an erasable pencil, draw the sides of the frame marking the space it will take. This will give you a better understanding of how the result would appear. 

Eat some garlic

Studies show that eating garlic can help keep these pesky pests away. While this bodes well for garlic-lovers, those who are not big garlic fans don’t need to consume it in a large quantity. In fact, if you boil some garlic and spray the mixture at places where you see mosquitoes camping, that should do the trick just as well. 

Be More Forgiving

No relationship is perfect. Oftentimes we find ourselves having arguments with the ones we love. Arguments are necessary for healthy relationships because they help you communicate and express your feelings.

If the person you love is sorry for hurting you, accept the apology. Forgiving the same mistakes over and over again can be difficult but if it’s something you can forgive, don’t prolong the argument or create communication gaps.

Explain your situation to them and express how you felt about what they did or said without showing anger. Then tell them that you are ready to forgive them.

Be More Forgiving


The small details of your car can make it look like a prized possession such as wheel rims. The rims are made of either aluminum or steel. Both of these metals have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, select the one that best suits your car and its needs. Make sure that the design and color of the rims look good on your car. Keep the rims of your car squeaky clean so they add to the beauty of your beast.


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