Best Ways to Reroute plumbing


Don’t Put Pipes on External Walls

Plumbing is an intricate part of your home. It supplies water to your kitchen bathrooms and anywhere water is needed. If you decide to reroute the plumbing of your home without professional help, keep the average temperature of where you live in mind. If the area is colder comparatively, putting the pipes on the outside wall can cause them to freeze. Keep in mind that you might need access in the future, place the pipes within the reach.

Written by Sheryl Gray
3 years ago

Opt for a Reroute if Your Slab Leaks

Rerouting is the best option if the slab leaks. A slab is the strong foundation of your house that separates it from water or moisture to get in. When the slab leaks, it requires digging with heavy metal tools. It can be quite an expensive option, it is better to reroute in this situation. Rerouting is less expensive and can be built around the house without tearing the floors apart. Plan the reroute of your plumbing according to the blueprint of your house.

Written by Luz Jenkins
2 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Reroute Plumbing?

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