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Using Adobe XD

Adobe XD is an extremely powerful tool, which is sort of Adobe's dumbed-down version of Photoshop. It can do a lot of the same things as its more advanced counterpart, but with a much simple and easy-to-learn interface. You can design something called a 'wireframe' in XD. A wireframe is a design of the entire interface of the application. Even an amateur that's new to the app can easily use XD to design an amazing interface. XD is free and can be downloaded at this link.

Using Adobe XD

Focus on SEO

A major part of your channel’s success depends on YouTube’s algorithm. Be sure to build your content around a single keyword at the beginning. This will help you construct a thorough information base on your channel. The audience will know to check out your channel regarding that one specific topic. The best way to build your YouTube channel is to prepare a content outline around a particular topic and stick to it. 

Turn to lemons

Lemon contains citric acid that helps with digestion and soothes your stomach. Try adding freshly squeezed lime water and sip throughout the day. The scent of lemons also helps with feeling better. Inhale lemon essential oil if you have, to suppress the feeling of throwing up.

Stick Photos on the Wall

Use photos and pictures to make a memory heart on the wall. Use double-sided tape on the backside of the photos you want to put on the walls. You don’t need photo frames because the pictures, paintings, or photos will go directly on the wall. Draw a large heart on the wall that should fit all the photos. Try to stay within the heart and near the lines when sticking photos. You can also stick them in diamond, circle, or square shapes. 

Step Up the Story Game

There's always so much you want to show off in front of your crush. So just take random shots of your car, your cooking, your tidy room, you’re staying late at the office, or anything you think would attract them towards you. Who would not wish to have a partner who is hardworking, can cook good food, or cleans?

Post pictures that are real and show who you are. Avoid posting pictures of an expensive car or house that you do not own. Be real and be simple. 

Step Up the Story Game

Distract them

While women tend to ruminate on their problems, men find it easier to distract themselves. Maybe you think distraction is not a healthy approach. But guess what? It allows men to move on much more quickly than women, who tend to keep circling around the same thoughts for days.

There are several good ways to distract someone and cheer them up. For instance, playing video games or a board game. Perhaps you could invite your friends over for a small party and have a good time. Or, if your friend is finally feeling they’re ready to talk it out – you can do that too. 

Make a cozy corner

A bedroom is your oasis and you have all the rights to spice it up a little bit. It is your personal space and you can use it to make a corner where you can curl up and feel cozy at the end of the day. You won’t have to find a couch in the lounge anymore.

You can build a cozy theme of your own. Think about all the things you would want to feel the coziest on your worst days. A comforter? Your favorite book? A scented candle? A couch, maybe?

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